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Who are we?

JoBlo.com is an all-encompassing movie fansite featuring daily news updates, thousands of reviews, trailers, interviews with stars, as well a full-blown network of movie sites including Arrow in the Head, Movie Hotties, JoBlo Video and our fan community with over 100,000 subscribed members, Movie Fan Central. We've been around since early 1998, and kickin' it ever since.

Why advertise here?

Well, if you want to reach a highly targeted audience of movie lovers, entertainment junkies and all-together cool, hip young folk, you've come to the right place. Our site delivers daily updates of fresh content and has developed quite a reputation in the industry and the media, as demonstrated in the various accolades presented to us here, including such well respected publications as "Time", "Entertainment Weekly", "USA Today" and "Variety". JoBlo himself got his first book published entitled "JoBlo.com presents...the 50 Coolest Movies of All-Time" with a special foreword written by writer/director Kevin Smith.

Who visits our site? (demographics)

The majority of our visitors are between the ages of 18-35, cover the globe (although most do settle in North America), 60-40 men vs women, and love movies. Or was that last one pretty obvious? We receive over 5,100,000 visitors every month with close to 15,000,000 page views available for purchase. More specific demographic information is also available. You can see our most recent Net ranking at Alexa.com or ask for our Google Analytics figures.

Advertising Opportunities:

We offer the top-level 728x90 banner option on our site, as well as 300x250 squares, pop-ups, interstitials and more, deliverable in various .gif, .jpg, .html and rich media, with several placement options.

Run of site: If you want to cover the most ground on our site, you can choose this option and reach the broadest scope of visitors.

Run of Channel: If you want to specify a certain "zone" on our site, on which you want to concentrate your advertisements, we offer various channels from which to choose, including JoBlo.com, Arrow in the Head, Movie Hotties and MovieFanCentral.com. Please inquire.

JoBlo.com is represented by Complex Media Network.
Please contact Complex Media Network for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.

Questions: If you still have some questions or would like to discuss any opportunities, please contact Berge Garabedian (aka JoBlo) at joblo@joblo.com.

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