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 "The Arrow wears his passion for the genre on his sleeves. His reviews are insightful, smart,
witty, come straight from the heart...and oh, they're also funny as hell!
James Wan -Director/SAW

What's going on! This is my story. I studied 2 years in film school and graduated. Then I studied acting for 3 years and got my diploma there too. I’ve been acting for six years here in Canada but my career is starting to broaden to the US. I've also expanded throughout the years to professional screenwriting, producing and am set to hop on the directing bandwagon "one day" via my film "The Red Hours". Website wise: when my good friend JoBlo asked me if I would run a horror section on his site, I said "why not". I’ve loved the genre forever and dug the idea of me getting my two cents in there. I never appreciated the mainstream critics' approach to horror reviews (yeah, Maltin I mean you bitch!) and thought it would be gnarly for people to get an opinion from a dude who actually loves the type of movies that he’s reviewing. “Arrow In The Head” was born. Hope you guys and dolls enjoy the site…now I got to go bury a few ex-girlfriend's in my backyard.

"The Arrow is a full blooded horror site with some of the most intelligent, hip and on-target reviews of genre films on the internet"

Eric Red- writer/director The Hitcher/ Bad Moon.

"Arrow's reviews are as sharp as his name. The guy knows his shit, he's a real movie fan who isn't afraid to criticize the films that suck, yet one who can see the beauty in shitty movies that have great deaths and hot girls. My kinda reviewer."
Eli Roth- writer / director - Cabin Fever

"Arrow is a gleefully opinionated site that picks up where “Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In” left off. An obsessive' guide to horrors both A and B."
 Mick Garris
- writer/director Sleepwalkers/The Stand