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I’ve been an avid reader of Fangoria Magazine for quite some time now. I believe that it has the best “on paper” horror movie coverage around. I’ve been dreaming of attending a Fango Con for ages and thanks to, my Fango cherry was popped on April 7, 2001. Did I enjoy myself? How could I not to a certain degree? Wuz I let down? Yes, I was.

First off, the people in charge of press relations dicked around for a month. We contacted them early on, got them the information they asked for, they said they would look into it and then basically ignored us. They wouldn’t return phone calls, messages or e-mails. Extremely unprofessional, and on a personal level, just plain rude! Creation Entertainment were the folks handling the event. All that meant no press passes for us, which in turn, meant no backstage interviews with the stars. When all wuz said and done had to buy its own tickets and therefore, the Arrow didn’t get to interview anybody. Schmucks… Joey Baloney and JoBlo

But I put all that behind me and arrived there wanting to enjoy myself. When I got there, we got even more bad news: Rob Zombie cancelled out (Universal dropped “House of a 1000 Corpses” so Zombie didn’t show up). I was looking forward to seeing him. Clive Barker was also nowhere to be found (I remember when I saw their initial ads…he was a headliner). I put that behind me too…I WANTED TO HAVE SOME DAMN FUN!

Then the organization of the event slapped me in the face like an angry date! All the panels took place one after another in the same damn room with no breathing time whatsoever. Didn’t they want me to shop? You know…spend money? Take a break, perhaps? I guess not. To make things worse the sound system was crappy and every time they played a trailer I couldn’t hear jack all because of all the damn gritching. But my biggest pet peeve wuz the fact that there wasn’t a microphone going around the audience. Every time someone had a question for one of the stage guests he/she had to yell it out. I couldn’t hear shite! I would hear the answer (from the guest) but rarely the question. Then there’s the fight I had with the Con guards, the Jason X trailer that never came and…fuck that… just walk down Fango lane with me…

Upcoming Movie Previews:

The Con started by slapping a couple of trailers our way. Here are my thoughts and ratings for your reading pleasure (on a scale of 1 to 4).

CutSoul Survivors: (* ½) Hot teens, lots of flash but kind of choppy and un-exciting. It’s the kind of trailer that tries to fool you into thinking that a lot of shite is going on in the film by using lots of quit cuts of mundane scenes. On the plus side, the trailer had a “Final Destination” vibe going for it and a lesbian shower scene (for some reason the chicks are dressed though). I’ll see it (I see everything) if they can stop pushing its release back. Release Date: August 24

Cut::(*** ½) An Australian slasher about a film crew trying to finish shooting a slasher flick that’s cursed. Every time someone gets started on it, a killer pops up and whacks them out. The trailer had high energy, some kool stalk clips, a “Scream”-like vibe and lots of edge to it. Ex-star Molly Ringwald plays in it and so does Ex-singer Kylie Minogue. Looks like fun stuff. Release Date: May 8

Check out the official CUT website here

Citizen Toxie: ( * ) I’m not a big Toxie fan. I actually hate those damn flicks. That’s my taste but I think fans of the series will appreciate this fourth entry. From what I saw in the trailer, this sequel has the same ingredients as the three previous ones and much more. First off, Toxie battles an evil twin of himself (how’s that for a plot twist), there’s a lot of TNA, a bunch of non-actors, over the top gore and porn king Ron Jeremy. Fans will likely dig it but others won’t look at it twice. I’ll stick to porn.

Arrow reviews “The Toxic Avenger” here

Mummy Returns: (***) Good fun time cheese and a lot of special effects. It’s basically a jacked up variation on Indiana Jones. Mindless entertainment…I’m still not sure about “The Rock” though… Release Date: May 4

Ghost of Mars: (*1/2) I am looking forward to this movie but the trailer they showed sucked. It was disjointed, the sets looked bad and the action clumsy. I was really not impressed. Ice Cube is in the film and he basically plays Vin Diesel’s character from “Pitch Black” but with his well-known “gangsta” attitude. Will someone please tell the Cube to stay out of genre films? I’m not a fan. Release Date: August 24

After the trailers we got some groovy “behind the scenes” previews. Here are my thoughts:

House of a 1000 CorpsesFrom Hell: (***) This behind-the-scene preview didn’t show much but any movie that has Johnny Depp tackling “Jack The Ripper” and yet another accent is good times for me. I expect lots of bloodshed since the Hughes Brothers are directing it (Menace To Society). The after-the-fact cadavers are supposedly in the identical bloody shape as the real corpses Jack left behind in real life. I love it when art imitates life. One question though: will Heather Graham (who co-stars) finally drop her top? Release Date: Winter 2001

House of a 1000 Corpses: (****) Holy moly, Batman! I am so there. This flick will be a real horror flick. The cast is very enthusiastic, some scenes are very creepy (the life-size mannequins gave me the brrrs…and it’s just a clip!) and the vibe is so 70s. Actually, the film takes place in the seventies and looks like a crazy brother of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” but with a lot more sharp colors to it. I remember seeing lots of bright green and red in there. The flick stars genre icon Karen Black, Texas Massacre 2 nut Bill Moseley, Jeanne Carmen, Sheri Moon and cameo freak Michael J. Pollard. Release Date: Looking for a distributor

Arrow reviews “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” here

Read my Bill Moseley interview here

The Forsaken: (**1/2) This one really reminded me of “Near Dark” but with teens. It has the same desert-like vibe, the vampires have no fangs and sunlight is the main enemy. I can’t really say the preview upped my excitement for the film because it really didn’t say much. But I suppose that its good looking cast and bleak approach might make this one a sleeper hit. I guess that only time will tell. Release Date: April 27 (My birthday! The film better be a good gift).

The Forsaken
Check out the official site

Joy Ride: (**)This flick was announced as a “The Hitcher” for the 2k generation. It stars Paul “I’m a Ken doll” Walker, Leelee Sobieskie and Steve Zahn. The preview reel didn’t really give us much juiciness: a car flipping over here, Steve Zahn shirtless there…nothing to brag about. The cast kept on insisting that the flick was not only scary but funny also. I don’t know about you guys, but to me, that’s bad news. Horror flicks that are funny are usually not too frightening (The Hitcher was far from hilarious). But the good news is that offbeat director John Dahl is directing. He helmed the very fun “Red Rock West” and if there’s a director that can balance chills and giggle…it’s him. The verdict is still out. Release Date: September 21

THE MISFITS music video called “Scream”: (*1/2) They also showed us a new Misfits video directed my horror legend: George Romero. I wasn’t too impressed. Yes, some of the shots were nice and some of the gore was aight. But overall the video was cheesy and felt very dated. I guess the song “Scream” by the Misfits didn’t help the images with its pure generic 80’s hard rock feel. Are The Misfits pussying out? I think so. I’d stick to their old stuff if you dig them. As for Romero, well, he wanted the band in his new movie “Bruiser” so he directed the video as a favor. He should stick to feature length films. BTW, is “Bruiser” ever going to be released? I’m looking forward to it.


The Arrow with Danielle HarrisDanielle Harris (aka sweetie): She wuz great. They slapped her up on stage by herself, with nothing to plug and she handled herself like a champ. She was always smiling and always on the ball. She revealed a few Halloween 4-5 trivia bits. Like how the production messed up on H4 and gave the Michael mask blonde hair at some point. They had to go back and re-shoot some scenes, but couldn’t re-shoot everything. So the next time that u watch H4, try spotting the blonde hair (I spotted it and I wuz sober). She also revealed that in H5 when Jamie’s trapped in the laundry shoot, there was a scene of Michael’s knife entering her leg. The scene was too gross and wuz cut out. So that’s why Jamie’s leg is bloodied when she finally gets out of the shoot.

She said that she connected more with Don Shanks (Michael in H5) than with George Wilbur (Michael in H4) cause Shanks treated her like an equal where Wilbur had the fatherly thang going on. But she loves them both.

She also expressed her disappointment with not being in H6 (I heard that it was because they didn’t want to pay her the five grand that she wuz asking for…cheap bastards). And also marveled about how her character was never even mentioned once in H20, and that Laurie had a son.

She also did a “Halloween” scream, at the request of a fan. She was a tad shy so she turned around and did the yell. Quite piercing, I got “Halloween 4” flashbacks.

As for her future plans, Danielle doesn’t currently have many high profile movies coming up. There’s “Poor White Trash” coming out on video soon. “Killer Bud” is also on the way. She seems to be doing a lot of independents. That’s fine but I think she’s a very good actress and deserves to be in the spotlight. Hollywood, are you listening?! Cast the girl! She rocks!

Arrow also did the fan boy thang and waited in line for an autograph. Man, wuz that line long. I was amazed with how friendly she was with everyone and yes, on how short she is (approx. 5”1”). Once I got to the table, I blubbered something about and an imminent interview and she responded positively. God, was I nervous (that’s rare for me). Then she got up, we snuggled and a picture was taken (made it all worth while). Although one question does still remain for me…why was I so shy around Danielle Harris…could it be the big L?


The cast of the ForsakenThe Forsaken cast (aka pretentious?): I was outside when Kerr Smith, Brendan Fehr, Jonathon Schaech, and Phina Oruche stepped out of their limo. The paparazzi swamped them and everything was going great. Then I noticed that Brendan Fehr (of Roswell fame) had an unusually pretentious air about him. I thought to myself: “This guy really thinks he’s hot shit!” I let it go thinking I was maybe jealous of the guy and erased it from my memory.

I continued to the main room and waited for them to show. They finally came out (Jonathan Schaech is one great looking dude BTW), sat down and chit chatted with the fans. I do have to say that not much of what they said marked me though. They didn’t talk much about "The Forsaken", but did mention how hot it was filming down in Arizona and gave some tips on how to make it in the biz (“Perseverance, hard work and making contacts”).

But the funniest moment of the entire Con, probably occurred during this panel as one dude in the audience (no, it wasn’t me) raised his hand and asked Brendan Fehr: “What is it that you think makes you so special?” Ouch! The whole crowd broke out into a major “oooooooh” moment, as everyone felt uncomfortable for the guy. Fehr replied with a simple: “Nothing, but I’m glad that you think I’m special”. I guess I wasn’t the only one that perceived Mister Fehr’s humongous ego. But apart from Schaech being a very kool dude and Kerr Smith coming off as the most “down to earth” of the group that was the most interesting thing that was said at this panel. Forsaken this!


Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell (aka koolest dude on earth): This is where the shite hit the shan. I got in to see Bruce “The Man” Campbell. The crowd wuz going wild. Bruce was there to plug his upcoming book: 'If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor’ (and when I say plugging, I mean plugging, as every other response from him was followed by a “Oh yeah, and it’s also in the book!!” All in good fun, of course). He had total control of the crowd, using his brash humor to put a spell on them. I went up snapped a pic of the man (wearing a flashy Hawaiian shirt no less) and then rushed out for a long overdue pee hoping to get back before the real fun started.

When I came back to re-enter the room, these two butchy looking chicks guarding the door wouldn’t let my pointy arse through. It didn’t matter to them that I had an assigned seat, my ticket and a stamp on my hand…they just wouldn’t let me in. Well, I got pissed, got in a shouting match with them and they still wouldn’t let me in. Their reason: it was too crowded. BUT I HAD AN ASSIGNED SEAT FOR THE LOVE OF ASH! I wasn’t the only one pissed off because a crowd of people was also outside the room shouting and yelling. What kind of Mickey Mouse operation was this I wondered? Why sell all these tickets and not let the people in? They paid for it, for god’s sakes!

So I wound up outside the hall trying to listen in over many angry fans, but as you could imagine, no dice. I gave up in anger and went outside to get a smoke. Man, was I pissed. Lucky for me JoBlo and the “regular movie news” dude Joey Baloney got to attend the Bruce speech and told me what I missed.

Bruce has a cameo in Sam Raimi’s upcoming “Spider-Man” movie as the ring announcer of Spidey’s first wrestling match. He announces him as the Amazing Spider-Man, even though Parker wanted to be known as the human spider (which he thought was lame). He also said that he would do an “Evil Dead 4” but that a studio has to give them the financing first. He was also excited about his part in “Phantasm 5”, although they too are waiting for financing, and noted how much he liked Roger Avary’s script for the movie (of “Killing Zoe” and “Pulp Fiction” fame).

When someone asked how he felt about the USA channel cutting out the word “Ash” in “Good Ash, bad Ash”, he replied “Well, they’re ignorant fools!” and laughed off to the next question. He also mentioned how a recent film he was working on was shut down when its star, Matthew Perry (of “Friends” fame) had to check into rehab once again. When asked about the Evil Dead video game, he remarked about how well it had done, how happy he was that it was available for people to buy, and that they are going to be releasing a sequel to it.

Bruce CampbellHe also didn’t seem to have any problems with musicians using his quotes in their songs (as samples) since they were more like “homages”, but did say that he didn’t much appreciate when other video games used them to accentuate their characters, since that was sort of riding the line of copyright infringement, since they were the words used by his character from the Evil Dead movies. He didn’t mention any particular video games, but I think we all know what he was talking about (Duke Nukem, baby!).

He's also working with Don Coscarelli (director of the Phantasm movies) on a movie called 'Buba Ho-Tep', in which he plays a 70-year old Elvis in a resting home. But my favorite part (which I didn’t see, of course) was when he basically ignored Pina Oruche (of “The Forsaken”) who was on the balcony listening in, when she wouldn’t stop joking around with him and asking for his phone number. I would have killed to see that. Needless to say, Bruce always stands up for his fans, and was too busy trying to answer their questions to deal with her.

Another funny thing was the same dude who basically insulted Brendan Fehr in the Forsaken panel, asking Bruce Campbell the same thing: “What is it that makes you so special?”, to which Bruce quickly deadpanned: “People like you!”. The man is the king. Brought the house down!

Another quip which was enjoyable for me (JoBlo told me about it) was when Sergeant Kabookie-Man of Troma movie fame asked him which one of the several Troma films he mentioned were Campbell’s favorite, and Bruce said: “I would have had to have heard of those movies before I could choose a favorite”. Once again, the crowd roared.

But even as we speak and as I write these very words, I am STILL quite angry with those two bitch guards! With their penciled-in eyebrows and bad attitudes. They fucked me and a lot of people over. Bruce was the main attraction and lots of people who paid for tickets with their hard earned cash, missed it. TO BITCH GUARDS: I know that I already told you this on the spot but I’ll say it again just in case you guys (yes, you look like men!) are reading this: GO FUCK YOURSELVES…BEEYATCH!

You can pre-order Bruce Campbell's sure to be masterpiece
"If Chins Could Kills: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor" here


The Arrow with Felissa RoseSleepaway Camp Reunion (aka Happy Shiny People): Webmaster Jeff Hayes from the official “Sleepaway Camp” site made this happen by tracking most of the actors down and getting them together for our viewing pleasure. On hand were: Paul DeAngelo (Ronnie), Robert Hiltzik (the director), Felissa Rose (Angela), Jonathan Tiersten (Ricky), Desiree Gould (Aunt Martha), Tom Van Dell (Mike) and John Dunn (Kenny). Everybody was in great spirits, as most of them hadn’t seen each other for 18 years.

The big announcement was that the financing was finally secured for “Sleepaway Camp 4: Return To Sleepaway Camp". The film would star Felissa Rose (Angela in the original) and would be a direct sequel to Part 1 (ignoring the Pamela Springstein sequels). The script is written by Robert Hiltzik who will also direct (for the uninitiated, he wrote and directed the first one).

You guys should know this: since my first interview with Felissa Rose we have kept in touch (via e-mail). So we both knew we were gonna be there.

Here’s the kicker! Felissa actually propped The Arrow by giving me a “shout-out” from the stage. She said: “Johnny Handsome (my e-mail name tag), Arrow In The Head, where’s my boy??” JoBlo and Joey Baloney were flipping’ out, trying to figure out where the f**k I was, but alas, I think you all know where I stood. I MISSED IT! DAMN IT TO HELL!

Lucky for me, I caught Felissa afterwards and finally met her in person. She was all that I expected and more. All smiles, high energy and full of positivity. And yes, she’s a hottie. We met up at the bar at the end of the night and chatted it up. It was great and it was such a pleasure to finally meet her. I also chit-chatted with Webmaster Jeff Hayes and the rest of the cast who were all good people. At a certain point, I turned around and there was Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in the original) standing there with a beer. I turned back and looked at Felissa, a smile on my face. In my head, my thoughts were saying: “Can it get any better than this?”

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Joseph StefanoJoseph Stefano (aka Mr. Cranky): When Joseph Stefano came on stage, Bruce Campbell was still tackling an immense line-up for autographs in the same room. So you had the audience talking to Stefano and the people in line for autographs talking amongst themselves. It was a tad chaotic. At a certain point, Stefano got pissed at the people in line for the autographs and rudely told them to shut up. What was that all about? This situation shouldn’t have been happening!

First off, the people waiting in line for like 40 minutes shouldn’t be in the same room as the guest speaker. Second of all, how can you not expect them to talk?! I felt like I was in high school with a mean teacher bitching and moaning.

They showed a reel to commemorate Stefano’s work. For some reason the reel only had clips from “Psycho” and “The Outer Limits”. I mean the guy also wrote “The Black Orchid”, “Psycho 4”, “Eye Of The Cat” and the abysmal “Blackout”. Where were the clips from that?

Stefano talked about “Psycho” and the remake. He said that he had urged Gus Van Sant to take more liberties with the remake and not do a shot by shot re-telling. But doing the shot by shot remake was a long time dream of Van Sant’s and he was not about to back down.

He also said that Hitchcock made him change one word in the PSYCHO script...

I can’t say that I learned a lot during this back and forth. I was way too distracted by what was going on in this circus. Stefano was communicating real well with the people in the front row but since I was in the back and no microphone was being passed around to the audience, I couldn’t hear the back and forth very well. At least he stopped yelling at the autograph line…


Jason XKane Hodder (aka American Badass): Kane Hodder did manage to put a smile back on my face. He is the shite. He came in and took total control of the room, not being afraid to refuse answering stupid questions and telling some people to shut up and sit down. He revealed that his favorite “Friday the 13th” kill is the sleeping bag death in F7. He revealed that “Jason Takes Manhattan” had a misleading title (more sequences in New York would’ve helped) and that the ending sucked (his own words). He also thought that “Jason Goes To Hell” didn’t have enough Jason for his liking.

The cherry on top wuz supposed to be the “Jason X” trailer but somebody didn’t bother bringing it. So they slapped a slide show our way, which was to say the least…underwhelming. I mean, I was expecting to see the damn trailer!!!! The slides revealed what the Uber-Jason looked like (kind of like the Terminator on steroids) and we also saw some other shots of Jason which I had already seen on the net. Another letdown…

Kane also talked about the cameo Betsy Palmer was supposed to have in “Jason X” (it’s in the script) but it seems that a deal could never be finalized with Miss Palmer’s people, so her cameo was written out.

He also revealed that the sleeping bag murder was repeated in “Jason X”, but this time there was more than one person in the sleeping bag. FUN TIMES! And that Jason does an homage” to Michael Myers in Jason X, as Jason will rise in the background, much like Myers at the end of the original “Halloween”.

The imminent “Jason vs. Freddy” movie also came up. He said that Robert Englund and him were ready to go but that they were still waiting for the perfect script. He also slapped in there that he would kick Freddy’s ass, no problem.

Last but not least, he said that the original Crystal Lake would be back in “Jason X”, but he wouldn’t get into more details about it (I know how but I won't tell).

Kane really seems to dig his Jason persona (he has the word “kill” tattooed inside his lower lip) and seems to be a pretty aggressive guy. I don’t know if his badass attitude is all show but personally I wouldn’t fuck with him. He’s a big motherfucker.

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And that was it for me. I went to shop around a bit after that, looking for the “School’s Out” DVD (Fango’s distributing it) and maybe “Anatomie”, but to my unpleasant surprise, nobody was carrying either one of them. Actually most of the shops only sold videotapes. I guess that some people are not hip to the times yet…

Looking back, I learned a lot of things at this con: 1) I learned not to drink anything because bathroom excursions can make you miss all kinds of shite 2) I learned that having paid for your ticket doesn’t mean jack-all and that next time I’ll bring my machete 3) I learned not to attend conventions that take place in the New Yorker Hotel cause A) There’s not enough room and B) The place is a shithole with wallpaper hanging from the walls and 4) The last thing I learned is that “Scream Queens” are great. Thanks to Felissa Rose and Danielle Harris I had a smile on my face at the end of the night.

The Weekend Of Horrors was not exactly what I hoped it would be, but I still had a blast. I met some stars and then partied hard in New York City. Can you really go wrong with that? I think not...

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