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Halloween 3 (1982)

 Directed by: Tommy Lee Wallace
 Starring: Tom Atkins/Daniel
Stacy Nelkin/Ellie
Dan O’Herlihy/Conal Cochrane


Michael Myers was in the Bahamas getting a tan so Halloween 3 is about an Irish Halloween mask company called : Silver Shamrocks run by a nutso Irish dude named Conal Cochrane (O’Herlihy). His masks are the hottest thing, the commercial plays all the time and kids love em. What the brats don't know is that on Halloween the commercial will trigger the masks to do something real gross to them. Nosy doctor Daniel (Atkins) and dumb bimbo Ellie (Nelkin) are on the case, trying to figure out what’s going on and how to stop the evil mask maker.



What starts off on a promising foot, degenerates very fast into one of the most boring, tedious movies I have ever seen. The first five minutes pulls you in, with a man being chased by human looking androids. It’s scary and violent. But the setup is the only good thing about this film. The "Shamrock" commercial had me singing along to it at first but after hearing it a zillion times, the mute button on my remote never looked better…ANNOYING!!! Not much really happens here, the characters are boring, Cochran’s motives have to do with druids or some crud like that, the story lags and never really pays off. Let me put on my mask and sing my own song…


Tom Atkins (Daniel) sleepwalks all the way to the bank in this one. Stacy Nelkin (Ellie) is not playing a dummy but boy does she come across as one. Dan O’Herlihy (Cochran) is the only one who seems to be having fun in this drivel.


Some skull crushing, beheadings and neato mask effects.

T & A:

If there is, I didn’t notice…signs of a very bad movie.


Wallace is no hack and the movie looks good but good looking shite is still shite.


Great, Carpenter did it and it’s in the same vibe as the other Halloween flicks.


The only good things about this movie are: Nice looking masks, good effects, some violence a great score and a clip from a "Michael Myers" Halloween on a TV set...that's it. It’s too bad the script sucked cause the idea was pretty good. Skip the movie and buy the soundtrack


This film cost 2.5 million dollars. The reason it was made, was because Debra Hill and John Carpenter didn’t want another Shape entry, they wanted to take the Halloween series in the "Twilight Zone" direction, different story every film…they failed.

The voice in the commercial is the director’s Tommy Lee Wallace.

SPOILER: I would have liked the movie if everyone died in the end by "mask" infection.

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 An ok way to KILL two hours
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