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The Arrow has had an arrow in his heart for Asia Argento since he saw her in "Trauma". Not knowing much about her orArrow in the Head her career, his heart was forever pierced and has never fully recovered. Today I can say I feel better and the wound has healed, only because Asia agreed to have a little QNA with yours truly.

Born on September 20 1975, Asia was destined to be in the movie business. Her mom is an actress and her dad is director grandiose "Dario Argento". She has over 15 movies to her credit and has acted in French (La Reine Margot), in Italian (Phantom Of The Opera, Stendhal Syndrome) and more recently in English (New Rose Hotel and B Monkey). She has won two "David Di Donatello" (Italian Oscar), two "Clack" (Italian Golden Globe) and one "Grolla Doro" (have no idea what that is…but it's good). Only now are Americans starting to take notice of this sensual, dangerous, exciting actress…and The Arrow thinks it's about damn time. Let's dive in…

1- What's your favorite horror flick, sweety?
Freaks. Texas Chainsaw Massacre..

2- Of all your films which one is closer to your heart?
I like New Rose Hotel by Ferrara because it's the last one that came out.

3- What does Asia do when she's not working?
I don't think there is much difference between life and work. Is that why I'm unable to live? I don't do much when I'm not working. I'm at my best when I can be creative. I like to write. I go to some tiny concerts (last one, yesterday). I buy CDs. I walk with my dog. I read tonz of books. Watch silent films.

4- Are you into other art forms apart from acting?Asia in The Stendhal Syndrome
Like I just said I write. I just published a book and I've written my first film as a "directress" (which I finished acting, directing, editing and mixing- in other words it's ready). I write every month for a magazine. That pays the rent. Sometimes I play live with a band (I talk/sing) called RYLZ. I paint.

5- What genre would your film fit in...horror perhaps?
See A's above. It's not horror, it's not drama , comedy or Porno... It's almost like a DOGMA95 film but with no rules. I find hard to relegate a film into a sobriquet. I leave that to the critics. My film is real. It gives you the impression some scenes might have really happened. And they DID. I stole so much out of my actors and myself. The film is called SCARLET DIVA, and I like to call it Pragma2000 (AS IN PRAGMATIC).

6- What's your favorite Dario Argento flick, honey bunny?
Inferno and Suspiria.

7- Any new projects in the works?
I've just finished a couple of films in France, one is a French-American production, "Les Miserables".
The other one is called "Les Morsures de L'Aube" and I play a vampiresse!

8- What kind of preparations do you do before tackling a specific role?
I believe research is a whole lotta bullshit (even though I always unconsciously research a character). Either you already have the character in you or you're not gonna find it at the supermarket. It's not like something that's gonna magically appear! I believe we all have EVERYTHING we need in us. In a tiny little spot, hidden somewhere we have the whole world. Like in that Borges short story: The Aleph.

9- How is it being directed by that Dario fella?
Well, he's my father! I feel much more comfortable with him. Sometimes it's almost scary. It's a very deep experience.

10- What's the worst horror flick you've ever seen?
I think that there is something to be saved in every film. Even in the stupidest ones. There's a face, a prop, a shot, an idea that makes the worst film a masterpiece for me. My own private masterpiece!

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I want to thank Asia for her time…and for healing my heart. I can now die in peace. You want to know more about this exceptional actress you can by visiting her site at:

The Official Asia Argento Site

Come back any time Asia, you're always welcome.


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