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Yes, he played in Wishmaster and Silent Night Deadly Night 4, but we all know and love him for his portrayal of horn dog, badass Reggie in the Phantasm series. Reggie took some time off from running after balls to talk to The Arrow, here it goes…

1- What's your favorite horror flick?

The one that scared me earliest in my youth still sticks on me. That would be "the Mummy's Tomb," third installment of the original Mummy movie (Boris Karloff) wherein the Mummy (Lon Chaney Jr.) winds up in a swamp carrying the beautiful Elyse Knox in his arms, she grows incredibly ancient in his moldy grasp as they both sink into the quick sand and eternity. Wow! Elyse Knox...what a babe!

2- What's your favorite Phantasm entry?

The first one for the incredible originality. The second for the incredible special FX. The third for
incorporating all the good stuff from the first two with a great ensemble cast and IV 'cause it's so inside and moves so sweetly to some other conclusion.

3- You're the Vice President of Production Magic Inc. What's the company about?

My partner (Gigi Porter) and I can fill any hole in any production whether it's a live event, TV or film. Need a crew, DP. casting, location, special FX?...name it! We can provide it. All we need to know is your budget (you gotta' have one) and what you need. That's it.

4- What's the weirdest thing that ever happened on any Phantasm set?

We were filming in a Mausoleum in Compton California during the making of Phantasm III. It was the first night we (the original cast members, Angus, Michael, Bill and myself) had worked together since the original film in '79. In the scene, I was to approach the crypt that I had just seen Michael talking to the Tallman from and  place my hands on the wall trying to figure out why it was transparent but was now a solid, dense piece of marble. It was somewhere between midnight and 1 o'clock in the morning. The shot was MOS (without sound) unfortunately, so you can't here the unbelievably loud crash of thunder that occurred just as I put my hands to the very real crypt marble. The ensuing storm pounded us for two hours with buckets of rain and hail. I thought that was a trip!

 5- Any new projects in the works? When will we see you again?

There's a film I did last year that they're threatening to release. There's a lot of films being shot through the end of the year so I may get involved in two or three before we sing "Auld Langsine" (sp).

 6- Have u ever thought of writing or directing a flick?

Wrote a script with my friend Todd Mecklem called "Horror Hood." It's about life and death in Washington D.C. and no, Paula, Monica and Bill didn't make the story. I've had a taste of directing with our cable show "Nightmarz Cafe" but yeah, I'd like to direct a film with the right people in place.

 7- What kind of music do you dig?

I like a lot of different styles but I'd have to say that classic rock is the best most creative, stuffed with talent and ability music on the the planet.

8- Have you ever seen a horror flick that gave you nightmares?

No, but I've had some relationships that did.

9- Will there be another Phantasm flick?

We're trying our best to get the next one financed right now.

10- The eternal question: Captain Kirk or Captain Picard...who rules?

KIRK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for showing up on Arrow Reg, you’ve made me and lots of fans happy. Come back anytime. Keep kicking that ass baby….

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