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Arrow in the HeadI remember seeing the stunning Laura Harring for the first time in "Silent Night, Deadly Night 3". The movie was awful but she stood out. Now she stars in one of the years best films (in my opinion) "Mulholland Drive". I recently had the chance to toss a couple of questions Laura's way and this is what she had to say:

1- How did you get into acting? Was it a lifelong dream or was it a fluke?

I was discovered by a producer who saw me on television. It wasn't a dream until after working with Raoul Julia.

2- I first saw you in a little horror movie called "Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 3". Looking back, how was the experience of working on that film?

I forgot that film.

3- Congratulations on your performance in "Mulholland Drive". I really enjoyed the movie. How was the audition process for the flick? Was it odd taking into account that it was for David Lynch?

I met with David for an hour and we talked about lots of things and then a month later, I had to screen test for the network, but David made it very comfortable. He held our hands and gave us a little pep talk.

4- Was it uncomfortable doing the extensive sex scenes that are in the movie? I hope it was a closed set.

I was very shy and started becoming teary eyed, but there was respect in the air and it was fine. Closed set, of course.

5- I'm sure you've seen the film. Now be honest: do you understand the last 26 minutes? They baffled me (but in a good way).

I have my own interpretation. I think I understand it. I feel that the first part may be a dream.

6- You were a regular at some point on "General Hospital" and "Sunset Beach". Did playing the same part for a long period of time ever get boring? Did you ever feel restless while doing TV?

I definitely love filmmaking more, but I have never done an evening drama for an overly long time. The worst part is not having so much input on your character.

7- Of all the parts that you have played, which one do you hold closer to your heart?

Rita. (her role in "Mulholland Drive")

8- You have a role in the upcoming Denzel Washington movie: "John Q". How did the shoot go?

"John Q" was a lot fun. We were freezing up in Montreal at 5:00AM and still managed to giggle between takes. Robert Duvall, Ray Liotta and I laughed to the point of tears at one point. We wouldn't take our coats off until they yelled "action!

9- Any other projects in the works? What can we expect from Laura Harring in the near future?

I'm working on my first action film. I fly 50 feet up in the air!! (in the Van Damme flick "Derailed")

10- What's your favorite David Lynch film?

"The Elephant Man". No other movie rips your heart open like that one.


I'd like to thank Laura for her time and encourage you all to check out her Official Site by clicking the "Mulholland Drive" thumbnail below. Her site is very friendly and personal. Come back anytime Laura!

< click to see her official website >

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