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General Horror Sites:

Guts and Glory: Host to the Official M-Boards of Andrew Bryniarski, CJ Graham and more! Groovy site that concentrates on the B movies we all love
Beyond Hollywood: Kick ass site that covers a wide range of genres.
Chuckyholics: This fine site is all about "Don't f*ck with The Chuck!"

Dread Central: One of the best horror sites out there, bar none!
DVD Resurrections: Well rounded horror DVD site.

Doomed Moviethon: Insightful horror reviews by a dude who knows his stuff!
Dr. Geoff: The Doctor is in as to everything horror!

FabPress: Find you horror books and more here.
The Film Asylum: Horror reviews, news, trailers and more!
Flesh Farm: Cultivate your horror needs on this farm! Film reviews, Festival reviews and more!
Guinea Pigs: If you like bloody and crazy...hit this pig!
Hack 'n Slash
: All slashers, all the time...
The Horror Stew: Get your hefty serving of ALL HORROR here.

Horror Art: Get your horror art stuff here!
The Horror Review
: A massive horror review site
Horrorview: Well-written horror reviews and more! Check out the hilarious "Hall Of Shame" section
Hysteria Lives: They’re back in all of their slasher loving and giallo glory!
Iron Maiden's Official Site: The greatest band ever is now on the web. Up the Irons!
The Joe Bob Report: The one and only JB Briggs, horror and B-movie critic extraordinaire!

Monsters at Play
: A horror DVD review site.
: Genre films and beyond!
Pit of Horror: A complete, good looking horror site. This one's a keeper!
Poltergeist 3: All you want to know about the cursed film
Racks & Razors: Covering all that is HORROR!
Rue Morgue Magazine: If you love your horror, this mag's a must!
Savage Cinema: A horror site with a horror "Zine" in tow.
Sleepaway Camp Movies: All about the Angela slasher franchise.
The Terror Trap: Full horror page that's sure to satisfy with its grisly content. You can
 spend days on this page
TCW Reviews: reviews galore!
Terror Watch: Horror reviews, news and more
Unrated: All those extreme films your momma warned ya about are here. Yeah!

Specific Horror Film Sites:
Halloween: The Website of Michael Myers: Complete page about the Halloween movies
The Ultimate Friday the 13th Site: Jason will never die...

Specific Horror People Sites:
Andrew Bryniarski: The new Leatherface’s website!
Bianca Barnett Official Site: Site for the sultry actress & model
Christian Viel: Site for Montreal-based writer, director, producer and overall kool muchacho!
Katherine Leis: Model, actress, director, writer, hot dame!
The Official John Carpenter Site: Visit one of the KING's of horror
Dark Dreams: The best Dario Argento site on the net...period.
Clive Barker: The official Clive Barker page

Peeps Arrow digs:
Sylvester Stallone: Sylvester Stallone's official website
Dolph Lundgren: Dolph Lundgren's official website
Jean-Claude Van Damme: Jean-Claude Van Damme's official website 
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Arnie's official website
Mickey Rourke: Unofficial Mickey Rourke fansite

Know of any other kool horror sites which you think deserve to be in here?

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