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Night of the Demons (1987)
 Directed by: Kevin Tenney
 Starring: Cathy Podewell/Judy
Sal/William Galo
Hal Havins/Stooge
Linnea Quigley/Suzanne


A group of annoying teens are invited to a Halloween party by goth dame Angela (Kinkade). The snag is that the " soiree" is at "Hull House" a place with a gruesome history. Faster than you can say "cheese whiz", teens get possessed, others murdered and lots of breasts pop out. My kind of party.


This is a fun movie. I know the story isn’t very original but sometimes it’s not what the dish is that counts, it’s how it’s cooked. This one is bloody. What makes this movie work is without a doubt Tenney’s direction. He infuses the film with raw energy and goes insane with the camera. Add some fun nudity, a nasty wrap around story with an old bitter man, some creepy scenes (lipstick scene, Angela floating), ample gore and you get a healthy serving of horror candy. Lots of nods to lots of movies. A little bit of Evil Dead, a sprinkle of Night Of the Living Dead and a dash of Debbie Does Dallas. The movie does have it’s faults, namely the stinky acting and bad dialogue but you won’t really care, too many good things to divert you from the "actors". This movie doesn’t pretend to be anything else than a good time. Nothing wrong with that. Anybody got a condom…I think I’m getting lucky tonight…


Cathy Podewell (Judy) plays the necessary virgin (she thinks kissing is going too far), she’s ok but has some of the worst dialogue. Williams Gallo (Sal) cracked me up. He plays the caricatural "Gino" to one dimensional perfection. For some reason he made me laugh and came across as a dude I’d love to hang with. Hal Havins (Stooge) plays the fat guy and…well he is fat. Linnea Quigley (Suzanne) plays the oversexed blonde ditz and I cherished every second she was onscreen…for more reasons than one. Alvin Alexis (Rodger) is the token black guy and the only character that evolves through out the movie. He does well and is probably the best actor here. Lance Fento (Jay) walks through his part, letting his horrible fashion sense do the acting. Amelia Kinkade (Angela) is better at acting possessed than at acting "normal" but then again she looks like anything but normal…brrrr.


Dig in kids…Lots of it. I hear there’s an unrated version out there but this version still satisfies. Eyes gouged out, tongue bit off and of course the infamous lipstick in the breast scene. Fun times.

T & A:

Like I said, my kind of party. A Linnea Quigley buttshot, frontal shot and breast shot. Some Asian girl reveals her breast implants (so round). Amelia Kinkade shows us her butt…with underwear…still nice. And for u lesbian lovers out there…a kiss between Quigley and Kinkade.


The opening credits pull you in with some morbid animation. Once the film begins Tenney goes ballistic. Lots of steadycam shots (a la Evil Dead), stylish shots, a wonderful strobe light sexy dance scene…the lighting in this film is great.


Some hard pumpin alternative rock. I love the sexy dance Angela does with that Bauhaus tune in the background :"Stigmata Martyr"…great stuff. An eerie score.


Ever notice how in horror flicks, there’s always that girl who has an annoying younger brother. This one has one too and after his appearance, nailguns and chainsaws crossed my mind. God was he despicable and one bad actor. Having gotten this off chest, I can now assure you that Night Of The Demons doesn’t re invent the genre but re interprets it with energy, wit and style. It’s a nasty ride and you won’t regret it. You know how in life there’s two kind of women…the one you marry and the one you keep on the side, re visiting now and then for a quickie. Night Of The Demons is the quickie.


This movie was originally called Halloween Party.

Linnea Quigley married and divorced the guy that did the effects for this flick…Steve Johnson.

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