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Quiz #8: The Halloween Series Trivia Quiz

How do you play the game?

1) Answer all of the questions below.
2) Click SUBMIT and be taken to a page with all of the correct answers.

1- Who was John Carpenter's girlfriend when he shot Halloween?

Jamie Lee Curtis
Debra Hill
PJ Soles
Moustapha Akkad

2- How many days did it take to shoot Halloween?


3- How much was Nick Castle (The Shape) paid a day for his work on the shoot?


4- What was the original location idea for Halloween 2?

A highrise building
A sailboat

A shopping mall
New York City

5- Who does the voice-over during the "Silver Shamrocks" commercials in H3?

John Carpenter
Tommy Lee Wallace
Moustapha Akkad

Donald Pleasance

6- Is there a tit shot in Halloween 4?

Yes, and it's yummy!
No we get two
Not at all
We get a bra shot

7- After the great, good and fun H1, H2, H4...who cursed the Halloween series with a putrid sequel?

Dominique Othenin Girard
Hack job Girard

Lousy director Othenin Girard
All of the above

8- What was the original title for Halloween 6?

Halloween 6: The Rebirth Of Michael Myers
Halloween 6: Thorn
Halloween 6: Othenin's Curse Lives On
Halloween 666: The Origin Of Michael Myers

9- Who was cast as a detective in H20, until his part got written out in the rewrites?

Treat Williams
Ben Affleck 
Charles S. Dutton
Richard Roundtree

10) What word does Loomis (Pleasence) like to extend when he pronounces it (and we all love it when he says it)?




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