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Quiz #9: The Freddie Prinze Jr. Slaughter Quiz

How do you play the game?

1) Answer all of the questions below.
2) Click SUBMIT and be taken to a page with all of the correct answers.

1- If Freddy Prinze Jr. would be babysitting Andy in "Child’s Play", what would happen to him?

He would get lost in the living room
He would hide in a closet from Chucky
He would get pushed out the window, plunge to his doom and end his stinky career
He would have a naked shower scene

2- Freddy Prinze Jr. opens the box in "Hellraiser: Inferno", what happens?

Sarah Michelle Gellar pops out and bitch slaps him
He’s taken through his own personal hell (watching his own films)
He makes “She’s All That" Part 2
He hears a creepy song

3- Freddy Prinze Jr. plays The Shape in "H20". How does he kill Jodi Lynn O'Keefe?

He crushes her head with the elevator door
He performs a Shakespearian monologue
He stabs a corkscrew in her face
He stabs her to death

4- Freddy Prinze Jr. plays Paul Allen in "American Psycho". Where does he tan?

He tans at “Salon”
He tans at “Espace”
He tans at home
He tans at a gay Sauna

5- Freddy Prinze Jr. gets harassed by rednecks in "Deliverance". What happens to him?

He gets on all fours and squeals like a pig
He gets on all fours and barks like a dog
He gets on all fours and learns how to act
He gets on all fours and lets Paul Walker have his way with him

6- How does the hook man terrorize Freddy Prinze Jr. in "I Know What You Did Last Summer"?

He tries to run over him with his car
He cuts all of his hair while he sleeps
He puts Vaseline up his ass
He sends him a note

7- If Freddy Prinze Jr. was a critter out of "Gremlins", what movie would he be watching with his friends?

Sleeping Beauty
Anal Intruder
Snow White
The Gay Landlord

8- If Freddy Prinze Jr. was an attorney in "Wishmaster 2", what would the Djinn make him do with his evil spell?

He would make him quit acting forever
He would make him sodomize himself
He would make him give himself oral sex
He would make him apologize for “Down To You”

9- If Freddy Prinze Jr. was Ash in "Evil Dead 2", what would he attach to his severed hand?

A dildo
A shotgun
A chainsaw
A good script

10) What horror title would best define Freddy Prinze Jr.’s career?

Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth
Street Trash
April Fool’s Day
All of the above



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