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The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
 Directed by: Jonathan Demme
 Starring: Anthony Hopkins/Hannibal Lecter
Jodie Foster/Clarice
Ted Levine/Buffalo Bill
Scott Glenn/Jack


FBI trainee Clarice Sterling (Foster) is on the hunt for a nutso killer named Buffalo Bill (Levine) and turns to incarcerated murderous ex-shrink, Sir Hannibal The Cannibal (Hopkins), to help her catch him. Will she catch the seriously f**ked up Bill before he skins his next victim?



The first time I saw this flick I didnít like it but I couldnít figure out why. After my second viewing, I nailed the answer: This movie repulses me. If itís not the sperm being thrown at Jodie Fosterís's the dead, skinless, chubby chicks. If itís not a psycho transvestite mouthing the words "f**k me" straight to the camera (brrrrrr)...itís him stuffing his ding-dong between his legs. This flick is gross and not in a good way (for me anyways). Now I donít know if it was the state of mind that I was in when I watched it (Iím a little stressed these days), or maybe my hormones are all f**ked up, but this flick hit me hard. Itís very rare that I get queasy watching a movie (the only other flick that comes to mind is "I Spit On Your Grave")

But despite my weak stomach towards this flick, I canít ignore its strength and power. I mean weíve got it all here: good directing, great dialogue, awesome acting (Hopkins and Foster are so on), solid suspense (the elevator scene and the finale were kick ass!), fully developed characters (I loved the way Clariceís past is covered and her relationship with Lecter is very layered) and icky gore (he really is a cannibal!!!). There is no denying that this is a well-rounded horror flick.

One thing I didnít dig is Buffalo Billís motive for doing what he does. I mean the guy never heard of press-on nails? Maybe buying more dresses? Implants? Why would he want to do what he does?? On the other hand people like him do exist in the real world. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer (real life fruitcake who use to f**k, boil, and eat his victims)? I mean whatís wrong with these damn people?? I just donít get them and therefore didnít understand what drives Bill to do his thang (I know itís a messed up world Arrow, live with itÖ).

I guess thatís my problem with Silence Of The Lambs. Itís a piece of fiction but it echoes real life to a T. "Seven" (my fav serial killer flick) was harsh too but David Fincher (the director) put lots of high style in his film. "Silence" is played straight for the most part, to the point that I actually forgot that I was watching a movie. Yes, itís that good! Anybody up for Chianti??


Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lecter) made me forget that in real life heís an a-hole who keeps on bashing the acting profession. Heís really good here and gave me chills. What a great psycho. Jodie Foster (Clarice) is dead-on as the tough but vulnerable FBI trainee. Her softer moments really hit home. The scenes between Foster and Hopkins are an "acting" treatÖwow! I wouldnít want to meet Ted Levine (Buffalo Bill) in a dark alley. He gives himself totally to the partÖ very convincing. Scott Glenn (Jack) wears glasses in this oneÖgreat acting! I didnít buy Anthony Healdís (Dr. Chilton) performance. I felt it was a bit too over the top. He acted like a parody of an a-hole doctor instead of a real a-hole doctor.


Plenty. Severed head in a jar, chicks with their skin removed, man with his face chewed up. The violence and the gore look very real. This isnít "Dead Alive"!

T & A:

Hopkinsí bald head and Levine playing hide and seek with his pecker. We also get pictures of a heavy gal in her bra and underwear. Nothing popped my cork.


Demme loves those traveling shots (and I did too). He handles the suspenseful and dramatic scenes like a champ. He shows off great scene transitions (loved Clariceís flashbacks) and the play with lighting is dead on!


A powerful score by Howard Shore and some rock songs. At one point, a certain 80ís pop song is used, and I guarantee that you will never forget that scene.


I will never watch Silence Of The Lambs again. Thatís a great compliment. It does its job so well that I will avoid this film at all cost in the future. If youíre looking for a solid horror film that covers all its bases and then someÖthis is it. But if youíre looking for a good fun timeÖwellÖrent "Bill And Tedís Excellent Adventure" instead. 69 dude!!!!


This flick won the five main Oscars at the Oscars: Best Picture, Best Director (Demme), Best Actress (Foster), Best Actor (Hopkins) and Best Screenplay.

Horror director George Romero has a cameo in the film. Heís in the scene where the cops and docs pull Clarice away from Lecterís cage during their last meeting.

Am I the only one who noticed the "swastika" bed sheets Buffalo Bill had? Whatís that all about?

Don't blink otherwise you will miss singer Chris Isaac in a small role as one of the FBI agents during the "elevator scene".

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