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The year was good for the genre and this is my top ten. It took me a while to narrow it down but here's what I came up with...

10 - Final Destination
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Original, scary and fresh. A teen flick that adults can like.
9 - Hellraiser Inferno
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It’s not a real Hellraiser flick but apart from that this one had me by the throat from the get go and wouldn’t let up…engrossing is the word.
8 - Crow Salvation
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A return to The Crow's dark roots, a kool performance by Eric Mabius and slick visuals make this one a must see. Release it already!!!
7 - Ricky 6
Character driven flick that plays it down to earth and hooks you with its lead character.
6 - The Ninth Gate
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A good script, Johnny Depp and Roman Polanski make this subtle thriller a winner.
5 - The Cell
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A mind blowing acid trip, wow!
4 - Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
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Underrated and misunderstood, this one creeped me out with its balls on approach and novel storyline...loved the gore and TNA too...
3 - Unbreakable
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I got a lot out of this one. The film totally consumed me with its unique storyline and compelling characters. Willis and Jackson rule the screen.
2 - Requiem for a Dream
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Crazy directing, awesome score, great acting and without a doubt, the bleakest movie of the year.
1 - American Psycho
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Christian Bale rocks, the film is witty, well shot and faithful to the spirit of the book.


Exorcist (The version you never saw):

Still great after all these years, the extras ruled!

Dracula 2000:

For entertaining me, big time! It was like my last date: Dumb and fun.

Year's best visual effects:

Hollow Man: Did it for me...amazing!


The St-Francisville Experiment:

is pure, putrid crap.

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