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This year we saw the end of the teen slasher trend and we moved on to more intelligent and ambitious horror...THANK GOD! 2001 was the year of the mindfuck flick and I welcomed it with open arms. It was rough but here are my BIG winners...

10 - The Convent
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A throwback to the over-the-top movies of the 80's, The Convent is a fun-filled gore fest that aims to please. Remember when horror used to be fun? Mike Mendez sure does. This one's a blast!

(The Convent hit the festivals in 2000 but was released wide on Video/DVD in 2001. That's why it's here.)
9 - Ginger Snaps
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The werewolf flick comes back with a vengeance! Developed characters, strong visual effects, natural performances, a bleak aura and the lack of the usual "teen flick" ingredients made this one a downbeat, but gripping ride.

(The flick had a limited Canadian theatrical release in 2000 but was released wide in the States on Video/DVD in 2001. That's why it's here.)
8 - From Hell
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Finally a good movie about Jack The Ripper. We get another top notch performance by kooler-than-ice Johnny Depp, some slicker than slick style and a slit throat for the bloody books. This one is a visual nightmare.
7 - Skeletons in the Closet
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This powerful dramatic thriller showcases strong performances by Treat Williams and Jonathan Jackson and is engrossing from frame 1 to the end. A gripping and beautifully shot piece of Cinema.
6 - Horror
Next to "Mulholland Drive", this flick has to be the most confusing (in a good way) mindfuck of the year. Solid directing, a novel structure and a chilling goat (yeah, you heard me) made this one a keeper. It scared the shite out of me! Thank you...I needed that...
5 - Session 9
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Reminiscent of "The Shining", Session 9 plays with our mind and sure is one creepy son of Kubrick...this one gave me the brrrs big time! David Caruso makes a my book anyways...
4 - The Hole
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Not yet released in the States, this somber film will hook you with its topsy-turvy plot turns, a delicious performance by Thora Birch and its exploration of the evil that resides in man's (or woman's) heart. Solid.
3 - Mulholland Drive
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Lynch does it again with this engaging, surreal visual feast. It doesn't make much sense but it put me in a trance that I couldn't shake. Dug the steamy lesbian scenes stuff...
2 - Memento
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This mind rape flick hit me hard with its unorthodox structure, its captivating performances, its sad vibe and its gripping ending.
1 - The Others
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A throwback to old school horror with brilliant directing, subtle scares, intelligence, solid performances and many eerie moments. Finally...we get an excellent ghost film.


Ghost of Mars:

Horror master John Carpenter also remembers when horror used to be fun and he reminded it to us with this excessive, gore filled roller coaster ride. The master's still got the touch and the critics still don't get it. Fuck 'em in the ear!


Props to this edge of your seat thriller for keeping me riveted to the screen and thanks to Steve Zahn for entertaining me with his enjoyable performance.

Jeepers Creepers:

The first half of this film was rock solid. It kind of lost its edge in the second half, but overall this one still had enough to please. The monster sub-genre is back!

Vanilla Sky:

I never got around to reviewing this movie but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't mention it. Solid visuals, great performances (Cameron Diaz impressed me), a brilliant use of music and a kickass ending made this one a confusing, yet engrossing, ride for me. Now when is Diaz gonna do a slasher? COME ON!

Year's Best Visual Effects:

Faust: The film had its faults but Screaming Mad George went all out with the special effects. It was groovy to see the use of old school latex again. The inflatable woman alone made this one memorable. I like seeing creativity in effects and "Faust" delivered just that.


Children Of The Living Dead:

This flick is a clumsy, amateurish and booooring movie. What a waste.

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