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"For the past 3 years on this site, I've heard countless fans ask me where "the good horror movies are at?". Well, once more, 2002 was a good swim in the horror pool for me and for the 3 years that I've been hustling this site, I've never had any trouble finding enough movies to crowd my TOP 10. In fact, usually it's the total opposite: I always find more than 10 flicks and have to make tough choices. The groovy horror movies are out there dudes and just have to find them and watch them! HERE WE GO!"

10 - Jason X
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My favorite goalie came back to "body count" the future. Groovy kills, Kane Hodder rocking the house, sly humor and a fast pace made this one the perfect "beers" and "homies" horror party of the year. Ki Ki Ki Ha Ha Ha
9 - The Mothman Prophecies
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Smart, flashy, subtle, emotionally charged and mind-toying, "The Mothman Prophecies" had me at "hello" and creeped the shite out of me. Richard Gere is the Mack!
8 - My Little Eye
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Big Brother took the fear route in this UK flick shot in Canada. Although the film took a lot of time to build up, the conclusion brought it all home by giving me an overdose of horror brutality. OUCH!
7 - Dog Soldiers
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Hang on to your "Kibbles 'n Bits" because "Dog Soldiers" is an explosive, old fashioned genre flick that's smart enough to use known horror conventions in its favor to deliver a rollicking, werewolves vs soldiers pow-wow.
6 - Blade 2
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All-around badass Blade exploded back on the screen this year in a sequel that topped the original in terms of gore, horror and edge of your seat action. This is red wet soaked popcorn fun at its best!
5 - Resident Evil
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Inspired by the video game of the same name, Paul Anderson came through in this stylish, balls to the walls, fun-times shoot-Zombies-up flick. Can you go wrong with a scantily clad Mila Jovovich kicking undead ass? Not in my book of fetishes.
4 - May
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Not yet released wide in the States, I was lucky enough to see this "wild child" at the Montreal Film Festival and totally fell in love with it. Combine quirky humor, enthusiastic performances and in your face gore and you get a fly girl named "May".

NOTE: This film is to be released in early 2003, but since I saw it this year, it's on my list.
3 - Donnie Darko
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"Donnie Darko" is a stylish, Lynch-ish, depressing, heartstring-tugging and yet very clever film that gives us an eyeful from a visual standpoint and definitely wins my award for "mindfuck" of the year.

NOTE: Although released limited in 2001, Donnie Darko got its wide release on DVD in 2002. That's when I got to see it and that's why it's here.
2 - Signs
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Shyamalan always seems to find his way on to my Top 10 Lists and this year is no exception. "Signs" is a well-written, character-driven, suspenseful, circumstantially funny and touching film. It was great to see an "alien invasion" flick played from a different and more humane angle.
1 - Frailty
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Bill Paxton proves to us that he's as "money" behind the camera as he is in front of it. "Frailty" is an intelligent, daring, atmospheric, absorbing genre gem with powerhouse performances all around and one hell of a twist.


The Ring:

If only I hadn't seen the original and known all of its plot turns in advance, I'm sure that coming at it fresh, this film would've made my TOP TEN.

Devil's Backbone:

This movie was released in 2001, but I only got to see it in 2002. A potent movie with amazing style, a refreshing creative streak and solid acting.

Best Special Effects:

Blade 2 is the winner due to its effective mix of CGI, animatronics, puppetry, unique creature designs and its buckets of plasma. What a gooey movie!


Mangler 2:

Easily one of the most inept horror films ever made in every cinematic aspect: be it technical, writing, soundtrack acting, what not. PUKE!

Teenage Caveman:

Larry Clark once again proves that he's a one trick "perv-pony", doing the same thing here that he's done in his previous films: jacking off through his lens to his teen actors. He also confirmed that he knows jack-all about what makes a GOOD horror movie tick. PATHETIC!

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