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Another year and more celluloid horror/sci-fi/action slapped our way! The quantity in terms of big screen releases was again (much like in 2006) vast this year and the amount of genre bon-bons we got straight to DVD was ridiculous! Now I did get a couple of hard to digest bummers on my end as a horror fan this year.

Films I was REALLY looking forward to, that had the potential to kick some serious ass on varied levels wound up not meeting my expectations. Prime examples of that: HOSTEL II, THE MESSENGERS, SAW 4, RE3, I AM LEGEND, SKINWALKERS, AVP REQUIEM (man did that one hurt) and MOTHER OF TEARS (this one hurt more) were all top priorities, I couldn’t wait to sink my claws into them, but they fell in the slightly above average mark at best

Thankfully I found all kinds of random genre gems to hold on to throughout the year (lots of 3 on 4 ratings) and they helped wash down the lets downs and the pure trash that was force fed to me. And obviously as per my TOP 10 OF 2007, a handful of CLASS-A flicks wound up rocking my cock clean out of its ZipLock bag and beating me senseless with it... in a good way (don't ask what that means, am not sure yet)!

Now 2008 promises more original American horror which I’m all for! CLOVERFIELD, MANDY LANE (That one made my Top 10 of 2006), CASE 39… I hope them suckers do well so we can keep getting more of them! Sadly for me, more remakes are on the horizon as well (they still want to do FRIDAY THE 13TH...bugh). I know many of you love them remakes, personally though, I find little enjoyment in tackling films that I’ve already seen.

I mean do I really need to see ONE MISSED CALL or THE EYE? I ALREADY HAVE DAMMIT! But hey that’s how the whore crumbles… what can you do? But enough of my whiny bitch-whining, lets focus on the positive! Here are the 10 genre films of 2007 that thought me lessons that I will not soon forget.

10 - Death Sentence
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Death Sentence didn’t stray far from its old school vigilante roots and that was great news for this schmuck. Heavy on riveting drama, to the core violence and wild shootouts; I couldn’t get enough! And it had Kevin Bacon as the anti hero to boot i.e. an actor that managed to tap into the likeability and darkness of his character like a champ.
9 - Severance
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SEVERANCE was a deluxe genre pizza with all of the "groovy horror shite" toppings in check! Gore, laughs, raunchiness, tension and surprises all executed in a tighter than Mandy Moore’s mouth kind of way.
8 - Zodiac
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What Hollywood filmmaking should be all about. Strong writing, stellar acting, an hypnotizing pace and much talent in front and behind the camera.
7 - 300
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300 did it all and with panache, bold style and a big set of “couillons” too boot! It touched me and inspired me with its themes. It wowed me and gave inimitable goodies via its novel settings and totally out there eye candy. Finally, it got my blood pumping in overdrive with its aggressive demeanor, its furious battle scenes and its eager reveling in ample bloodshed.
6 - Stuck
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STUCK was a breath of fresh dead air for this movie fan. Fast paced, funny, daring and unique while being filled with all kinds of surprises, last time I had this much of a good time was when I decided to knuckle shuffle with my left hand for a damn change.
5 - 28 Weeks Later
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28 Weeks Later was Children of Men for the horror genre! It's now one of my top films of the year thus far! I’m talking a horror film with depth, heart, courage, an unrelenting demeanor and enough “shock grenades” to whoop you stupid! And it was a sequel at that! Who knew? It so showed that care was at play on every level here; script, acting, directing, visual effects etc.
4 - Sunshine
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SUNSHINE was a winner! It had the depth, heart and smarts to hit me right here (points at heart) while being a visceral and eye popping ride that rarely let up. Sure some of the characters/relationships could've been fleshed out further but that qualm is a minimal one when taking into account the gold that this expertly acted, intelligent and utterly involving film gave me. I
3 - The Mist
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Being a fan of the novella, my expectations were set high for this one and essentially THE MIST met them. Appealing characters, thought provoking themes, some truly bloodcurdling moments and a visceral finale that sent me to the mat to count my broken teeth, I couldn’t ask for more! Sure the CG was weak in places and the rapidity in which some of the peeps segued from average hick to “human sacrificing” religious zealot wasn’t entirely convincing, but them flaws never bankrupted my experience.
2 - Planet Terror (Grindhouse)
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On the whole, Grindhouse delivered the smutty, gory and un-PC goods with vigor, high wit and a big set of balls. Planet Terror was my main event, the reason for my high rating and was alone worth the good bad-trip. The film constantly succeeded in what it aimed to do, resulting in a buck and a half of trashy, warped and gruesome enjoyment.
1 - Inside
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INSIDE was the most rewarding horror film that I've seen in the last 5 years. It potato mashed my noggin on every level; aesthetics, characters, tension, audio/visuals, ingenuity and a swaying disregard for political correctness. What else can I ask for?


THE ORPHANAGE: A mature, fleshed out, smarter than the norm and mucho frightening watch. Not only did it work as a horror film and a mystery but it also whooped hard as a poignant drama.

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR: The Girl Next Door was a very well acted, shot and paced flick that for me acted as a metaphor for what happens when you drop something positive into the “negative by norm” world we live in; sooner or later it gets destroyed.

THE LAST WINTER: I was hooked, lined and body-slammed throughout by The Last Winter due to the spellbinding situation at hand, the compelling characters, the awesome actors who interpreted them, the potent chills and the striking visuals.

TEETH: TEETH was a gross, daring, bleakly humorous and somewhat horn-dog inducing little film that rarely held back and delivered the goods as it should.

THE SIGNAL: Part art film, part gore party, part dark comedy; THE SIGNAL pulled all my right strings and acted as a firm reminder as to why I love to watch genre efforts that are created outside the Hollywood system.


I KNOW WHO KILLED ME: I Know Who Killed Me was part art film, part low budget effort and part Studio quickie-dish... too bad it was all garbage.

HILLS HAVE EYES 2: How anybody can make soldiers pitted against psycho mutants so damn dull, lazy and predictable, is beyond me! They should’ve cast Chuck Norris in this one; he at least would have livened things up with his moustache lips and death defying round kicks.

AVP 2: They didn’t get it right with AVP and they made utter fools of themselves with AVP 2. Time to watch ALIENS and PREDATOR again to wash away the filth that was this movie off my noggin. AVP Requiem can kiss my white ass!

MOTHER OF TEARS: It spits a big, sticky loogey on the genius that was Suspiria and Inferno. Simpleton script, atrocious dialogue, Pre School acting and mostly flat directing – this is NOT what I was hoping for from this twat.

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