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2 Fast 2 Furious
DVD disk
04.02.2009 By: Aaron the H
2 Fast 2 Furious order
John Singleton

Paul Walker
Tyrese Gibson
Eva Mendes


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Paul Walker is back as racing enthusiast Brian O'Connor, but this time he’s on the wrong side of the law. That’s until the FBI nabs him and forces him to do one last undercover job... (Hint: it involves fast, tricked out cars).
In honor of the upcoming release of the fourth Fast & Furious film (wow), allow me to share with you four things I never thought I'd say in my lifetime:

1) “Wow, this tofu is delicious!” 2) “Hey, that Chihuahua is kinda cute.” 3) “No thanks, I don’t feel like drinking tonight.” 4) “I really enjoyed 2 Fast 2 Furious.” But ashamedly, after watching this film, I must now admit that I've said all four. Sighhh.

That may seem a little harsh, as surely there are worse films out there (Epic Movie, Date Movie, Disaster Movie come to mind), but as a pretext to this review, let me state that I absolutely loathed the first film in this series. For starters, the writers heartlessly and blatantly ripped off the plot of one of the greatest action films of all time, Point Break. Secondly, the film just seemed to take itself WAY too seriously. I mean c’mon people, we’re making a movie about street-racing truck robbers and our heroes are Captain Scowl & Growl (Diesel) and a dude who makes Keanu Reeves look like Marlon Brando (Walker), so save the drama for yo momma. Sadly for us, the Diesel doesn’t return this time, but Keanu Jr. does. Thankfully, director Rob Cohen decided to step out and the far more talented John Singleton stepped in.

Lets get something straight here: 2 Fast 2 Furious is one of the most ludicrous, far-fetched films I’ve ever seen (coincidentally, Ludacris is one of its stars). No seriously, as far as realism goes, it makes the first film look like City of God. But hey, that’s totally fine with me! I don’t need to see Paul Walker emote (he literally can’t anyways) and nobody's coming here looking for a relationship drama. What I love about Singleton’s take on the material is that he just plain gets it. This kind of flick should be pure popcorn fare, and Singleton knows that. Good acting? Don’t bother. An intricate plotline? Who cares. Wicked car-related action? Yahtzee!

Right from the get-go, the driving scenes in this film are balls-to-the-wall intense and, dare I say, revolutionary. Singleton pulls some crazy theatrics with the camera, often flying over and under and in-between the vehicles in a single take-- truly fun stuff to watch (and occasionally laugh at). Accordingly, visuals are colorful and eye-popping. Singleton holds nothing back here, although there is a sad lacking in the T & A department. Eva Mendes has shown her ta-ta’s before, and we are afterall in Miami, so I don’t know why she can’t at least get down to her skivvies. Seriously, her character is useless in this film. In fact, the only skin we get to see (other than Tyrese’s bulging biceps and 30-pack) is the body of freakshow Devon Aoki, who I’m sorry to say looks [and acts] like she flew straight out of an Anime cartoon. If this chick revvs your engine though, you'll have something to stare at.

I’m not going to bother summarizing the plot or providing any character info, cuz there are none. Let me just say Cole Hauser does fine as the film’s drug kingpin villain (the rat scene gave me chills) and Tyrese, who has never really impressed me, actually steals the show as Walker’s [literal] partner-in-crime. He steps up to the plate big time and fills the void Diesel left behind, even if he and Walker do mix like oil and milk (that was not a racial joke!).
Commentary by director John Singleton - He doesn’t have the most exciting voice, but he comes off intelligent and passionate about the project, and articulates well. He gives us a detailed breakdown of how he pulled off some racing scenes and really seems like he’s recording this commentary for us and not to hear himself speak. Thanks man.

Inside 2 Fast 2 Furious (10:03) - The cast and crew sit around and talk about why they made the film, interspersed with some behind-the-scenes footage. Decent stuff, worth seeing for the scene in which Eva Mendes tries to rationalize why all the girls in this film (other than her) dress like whores.

Deleted Scenes (6:07) - A few quick scenes that didn't make the cut, with explanations by director John Singleton and editor Bruce Cannon. Some scenes are so pointless they shouldn’t even have made this DVD. Check out the laugh-out-loud scene where Tyrese tries his best Gladiator impression.

Outtakes (2:44) - Tyrese is one crazy, hilarious son-of-a-bitch. Watch this featurette for the only intentional laughs you’ll find on this DVD.

Tricking Out a Hot Import Car (3:22) - Inexplicably (but awesomely) hosted by Playmate of the Year Dalene Kurtis, this is a featurette about the process of tricking out one of the films rides. Like the cars they’re pimpin’ out, this featurette moves lightning fast (for a second I could have sworn I was at a Rave).

Supercharged Stunts (5:29) - Rather than briefly exploring all the films stunts, they wisely choose to go in depth on one (the car/boat jump), and it pays off. A very cool, very interesting, no-nonsense anatomy of a stunt.

Making Music with Ludacris (5:00) - Behind the scenes of the music video for an awful Ludacris song. For some strange reason, said video isn’t included on this disc.

The Fast and the Furious Video Game Trailer (1:19) - A horrid trailer for a game that came out in 2003. Lame with a capital LAME.

The DVD menu of this disc gives you the option of viewing it from the POV of Brian's car, Roman's car, or Suki's car. Each one gives you access to different special features, which, unless you're a HUGE fan of this film series, is kind of annoying.

Spotlight on Paul Walker/Devon Aoki/Tyrese Gibson: Three separate featurettes on each of the actors. Blah blah blah we know who you are. Tyrese‘s is the only one worth watching just cuz the man is a riot.

Suki’s/Roman’s/Brian’s Car: Quick little featurettes about Devon, Paul and Tyrese’s cars in the film. Devon Aoki’s has an anime drawing of herself on the side of her car. I thought it was a photo.

Driving School (sponsored by Mitsubishi!): More short featurettes about the actors learning to drive. Sadly, just more footage of them driving rather than showing how or what they learned, probably so the kids at home won’t try to emulate it. Bummer. Also, after watching all of these featurettes, I’m convinced Paul Walker is in fact made of cardboard (though I'm sure he's a nice guy!).

The disc also comes with some Cast Bios and DVD-ROM features that I couldn’t access cuz I own a Mac. Teardrop.

You also get a Digital Copy for your laptop in case you feel the need to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious during Astronomy class.
Is this a good film? Nooo. But you knew what you were getting yourself into. It's easy to have a blast with 2 Fast, all you have to do is leave your logic pants at the door. (In fact, ditch your logic undies too).
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