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08.18.2006 By: Sturdy
Adam Sandler Collection order

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50 First Dates: A womanizer ends up falling in love with a woman diagnosed with a rare disease. She canít remember anything that happened to her the day before, so every date they go on is like a ďfirst dateĒ.

Big Daddy: A lazy, independently wealthy bachelor is suddenly burdened with the responsibility of caring for a little boy. At first itís an inconvenience, but soon they teach each other valuable life lessons.

Mr. Deeds: A nice, small town man inherits a distant relativeís fortune. He must learn to cope with others trying to take it from him and a woman who is not who she claims to be.
Iíd like to preface these reviews by saying I donít mind Adam Sandler. I wouldnít say Iím a fan, but I donít hate the guy either. I think he has some good, funny films and of course he has some stinkers.

50 First Dates (3.5): This is the best of the three, but thatís not saying much. I like Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler together and this is a cute, romantic reunion. The star here is Drew since she gets most of the comedic responsibility, but Sandler gets a few gags too. This is a perfect date movie since it has enough comedy to keep the guys interested and enough romance to keep the ladies tuned. Itís hard to find an original romantic comedy and this one comes pretty close. However, how much you like it is totally dependant on how much you like Drew Barrymore.

Big Daddy (2.5): BIG DADDY is a little too sappy for its own good. However, audiences everywhere fell in love with Cole and Dylan Sprouse and they play the part pretty well. Sandler just showed up for work and played himself with his usual charisma. How much he has is up to you. Despite the lack of acting from Sandler, the rest of the cast puts in a decent performance and the result is a well-rounded comedy. It wonít make you fall out of your seat, but itís definitely enough to keep you entertained.

Mr. Deeds (1): In my humble opinion, this is hands down Adam Sandlerís worst movie and performance. It has no redeeming qualities and the worst part is that he took down the great John Turturro with him. Winona Ryder irritated me the entire film and I kept looking at the clock to see when the misery would stop. This was nothing more than an easy paycheck for Sandler and this movie is why you should not buy this set.

This set seems like a waste of time. I can only assume that it was a money decision on the part of the studio because other than that, thereís no reason to put these films together. Theyíre not his best films, his most successful, or even his worst. Die hard Sandler fans will probably already have these films and everyone else has already learned to avoid them.
50 First Dates:

Commentary with Drew Barrymore and Peter Segal: I donít know why Sandler didnít show up. Perhaps no one told him this was going to be in the ďSandler CollectionĒ. However, Drew and Peter yuck it up and keep it going. Iím a pretty big Barrymore fan, so I donít find her annoying. Of course, I might be in the minority on that one.

Deleted Scenes (5:04): These are all pretty decent and they feature more cuteness from Ms. Barrymore. Definitely worth the five minute investment.

The Dating Scene: Making of 50 First Dates (20:13): I was surprised that this little featurette managed to cover so much ground in under 30 minutes. Itís pretty decent and covers the making of the film from the casting to the production. Not bad, and fans of the film will enjoy seeing some of the actors do their interviews in character.

Comedy Central Reel Comedy Special (19:38): This is hosted by the always unfunny Rob Schneider, so I didnít enjoy it. What makes it worse is that he does it in character. The cast shows up to talk about the movie, but thereís nothing out of the ordinary here.

Gag Reel (7:04): This is typical line flubs that seem to accompany every Sandler film.

Talkiní Pidgin Featurette (4:54): This reminds me of Jay Lenoís ďJay-walkingĒ but without the inferred insults. The featurette goes around and talks to natives about Pidgin talk. Itís decent enough, but nothing you have to check out.

There are also Filmographies and Music videos

Big Daddy:

HBO First Look (13:03): I never seen a decent HBO First Look and this one is no exception. Most of it is cut-scenes from the movie and the only redeeming quality is that you get to see the two boys together and theyíre pretty funny.

There are also some Music videos.

Mr. Deeds:

Commentary with Steven Brill and Tim Herlihy: This track is misleading because after listening to these two guys, you might think the movie should be funny. But it still isnítÖtrust me. This is a pretty good track because these two are pretty funny. They go back and forth and keep it rolling pretty well.

Deleted Scenes (3:10): The addition or subtraction of these short scenes did not help or hurt the film. Theyíre worthless little scenes that I couldnít honestly remember if they were in the film or not.

Outtakes (1:44): A couple of minutes of the actors flubbing their lines. Yawn.

Clothes Make the Man featurette (6:45): I have no idea how an entire feature dedicated to costume design made it on here, but here it is. I donít even think this film needed a costume designer, but there was one, and this is their story.

From Mandrake Falls to Manhattan featurette (18:21): This is a comparison to the original Gary Cooper film and it will probably leave some old schoolers pretty upset. Obviously, no one will ever confuse Sandler with Cooper, but this featurette attempts to compare the two. Overall, this is a waste.

Spare No Expense featurette (6:30): Again, not sure why an entire feature is needed for set design and photography, but here it is again. I found this boring because the movie was so boring. I also didnít feel that much effort was put into any technical aspects of the film and this featurette didnít change my mind.

There is also a Music Video and some Greeting Cards.
Slapping three average movies together and calling it a ďcollectionĒ seems to be the trend in DVD. In this case, I see no reason to pick this set up since youíll suffer the indignity of owning MR. DEEDS. If you must, buy the other two separately and save $10.
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