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Blade: Trinity (Unrated Version)
DVD disk
04.29.2005 By: JoBlo
Blade: Trinity (Unrated Version) order
David Goyer

Wesley Snipes
Ryan Reynolds
Jessica Biel


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In the third installment of the popular BLADE series, our half-man/half-vamp lead is left to his own devices when his mentor is taken out and he is captured. Thankfully for him, a hot girl and a hot guy from the "Nightstalkers" help him escape and ask to team up with him versus the newest evil in town, an age-old vamp who goes by the name of Dracula (maybe you've heard of him?). What ensues is action, one-liners, down-time, blood and Wesley Snipes' lawsuit versus New Line Cinema.
Having just finished watching the UNRATED VERSION of this film, I have to say that I didn't think it was as bad as people had made it out to be (maybe the R-rated version sucks ass, I don't know). In fact, overall, I had a pretty good time with plenty of cool action, Blade (aka Wesley Snipes) still in cool-ass mode, a nice addition in the Nightstalkers, with Jessica Biel looking sweet and whistling arrows into baddies and Ryan Reynolds showcasing his magnificent physique and smart-ass demeanor, as well as a well-paced soundtrack and blood and ickiness all around (loved those vampie-dogs). That said, you'll note that I left out anything about the story since it was nothing more than "okay", and for a supposed final chapter of such a cool character's trilogy, it deserved something a lot deeper than the return of a lame-o Dracula.

Which brings up my other big problem with the film, which was its baddies, all of whom were pretty forgettable and unimposing, particularly Parker Posey's character, who felt like she was dressed up for Halloween, vamping it up with her buddies. But sadly for us, even less of a presence was the bad mutha himself, Dracula, a character whose been played by the best in the past, a character who should be oozing sexuality, charisma and power, and who is left with very little in this film...not even a friggin' six-pack (dude, work out before shooting...you're Dracula, for shit's sakes!). That said, I liked the pace of the film, many of the action scenes, especially Blade's rescue and the film's final showdown sequences (forget the fact that they were holding Hannibal King in an impenetrable room...with a sunroof?) and the vitality and humor of Reynolds (my favorite line: "You cock-juggling thundercunt!"...sweet).

It was sad that Blade, and Wesley Snipes, seemed to take a backseat in this go-around, especially since he is one of the coolest ass-kickers in movies today, but it was pretty obvious that this chapter was a little more about marketing (the soundtrack, the iPod, the introduction of the Nightstalkers, etc...) than a progression of his character, so I could see why he might've pissed about the whole thing. That said, if you enjoyed the first two flicks and enjoy watching vampires being stabbed and turning into CGI ashes (oddly enough, I do!), rent this puppy and watch the UNRATED version, as it does offer some decent action, along with some humor and plenty of abs, courtesy of one Ryan Reynolds.
Commentary track #1 (writer/director David Goyer, Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel): An enjoyable track with Reynolds continuing his barrage of one-liners and F-bombs, which are always fun to hear. Goyer is also a great host with questions ready to be answered by his two leads, while all three of them are honest enough to admit things they didn’t like about their scenes or the movie, in general. Mind you, they all seem to have really liked the film, so that’s no surprise (easy on all the praise over Posey, folks). I didn’t listen to the whole thing, but I was curious to see what they were gonna say about Wesley Snipes, seeing as the actor is now suing New Line Cinema for his “mistreatment, etc…” during this film. They all praise his performance though, which is undeniably good.

Commentary track #2 (writer/director David Goyer, producers, cinematographer, production designer and editor): This track is obviously a lot more cerebral than the first one, which felt more like a bunch of friends hanging out and talking shit. These folks discuss the more technical aspects of the film, including the effects, the actors, the production design, etc… Goyer and his cinematographer talk for most of the track, with the rest coming in and out with their comments (they don’t seem to be in the same room as the twosome). Still an interesting track though, with no lulls.

Alternate ending: This lasts about a minute and features the Nightstalkers strolling into a Shanghai casino and looking for a vampire/werewolf. A pretty cool scene actually, with Reynolds delivering karate chops and one-liners galore (note the David Goyer cameo as well). It’s an obvious set-up to a possible Nightstalkers spin-off movie, so I’m surprised they didn’t leave it in the film. Fun to see though.

Blooper reel (11 minutes): A good time. Not so-much “funny” as it’s just entertaining to watch, particularly if you’re a fan of Reynolds (who keeps cracking them jokes) and Biel (who keeps being hot). If you’re looking for Snipes cracking up between takes, you’ll have to look elsewhere though. Natch.

“Inside the World of Blade: Trinity” (106 minutes): You gotta give it up to the filmmakers and the creators of this DVD, as this 16-part behind-the-scenes documentary really gives you the goods on everything you wanted to know about the movie and maybe even…stuff you didn’t really want to know (let’s face it, the film wasn’t exactly a classic). You get almost 2 hours of everything from casting choices to special effects, stunts, training, music, etc… If comprehensive documentaries twist your tittie, you should definitely watch this whole thing, which much like the rest of the disc’s extras, unfortunately, includes very little participation from Blade himself, Wesley Snipes, who shows up only in little interview snippets here and there (and oddly, looks to be in a good mood). My favorite part: This sorta goes without saying, but the section focusing on the actors’ training (with shots of them working out in the gym) – and Ms. Biel, in particular. The casting stuff and the actual behind-the-scenes production shots were also very cool. A definite watch for fans of the film, or anyone interested in knowing about all of the elements that go into making an action movie.

Goyer on Goyer (5 minutes): This is a cute interview session between the writer of the film, David Goyer, and the director of the film, David Goyer…yup, the same guy. It’s a fun special effect-laden session which shows one man asking the other man a few questions about the movie and any future BLADE flicks (like any great movie geek, he doesn’t give away any spoilers on that front). No major news here, but cute.

Galleries: This is separated into 2 sections, one entitled “Visual Effects Progressions” and the other “Weapons”. The latter is a pretty cool breakdown of all of the weapons used in the film, with pictures and descriptions to boot. The former section is broken down into 3 smaller clips of visual effect shots from the movie, and how they looked during each step of the computer imaging process. Not all that exciting.

Exclusive comic created specifically for the BLADE: TRINITY DVD: This is a cool addition to the DVD, a tiny 24-page comic book entitled “Blade: Nightstalking” featuring the back-story on how Abigail Whistler and Hannibal King met and hooked up to become the “Nightstalkers”. As per most of the DVD extras, once again, Blade himself barely makes an appearance in this story, as the entire focus is on the two kids. What’s cool is that the final shot has them walking into the police building to rescue Blade, just like in the film. The artwork is great, with plenty of hot shots of Abigail, and the action stuff is cool, but the story is obviously limited, with very little space to cover everything. Incidentally, it’s rated “M” for Mature and features plenty of F-bombs, many of which felt gratuitous. That said, still a very cool idea and great addition to a comic book DVD.

We also get the film’s teaser and theatrical trailers, as well as DVD-ROM and online features.
Despite the film itself coming through the least of the 3 BLADE movies, I still managed to get a kick out of it, and maybe that’s because I saw the UNRATED version, which is about 10 minutes longer than the THEATRICAL version of the film, which is also on this disc. It wasn’t a great movie, but featured enough fun sequences, entertaining new characters and the badass that is Wesley Snipes, to consider watchable and enjoyable.

The DVD itself is also stacked to the brim with cool extras, including an original comic book, that provides you with more background on the new characters, a nifty alternate ending, an exhaustive 2-hour documentary on the film, as well as 2 commentary tracks and more. The only major disappointment was the lack of Wesley Snipes, but as per his recent suit against New Line Cinema, one could see why that is (that doesn’t mean that I have to like it though). For fans of the series…this DVD is a must!
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