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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
DVD disk
10.08.2004 By: Indiana Sev
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle order

Drew Barrymore
Cameron Diaz
Lucy Liu


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Charlie’s three angels are unfortunately back for more. Natalie, Alex and Dylan all work for a secret agency that fights for truth, justice and oh yeah, they also dance a lot and embarrass themselves on a regular basis.
I really think you'll enjoy this movie. That is of course, if you're into: Many, many bad puns i.e: "It's going to be a blast!" There are around 20 others as well. Also, the overused and badly delivered sexual innuendoes, which were, not only boring...but downright annoying.

Embarrassing and lazy dialogue: "It's raining white women!" - Is that supposed to be funny, Bernie Mac?

Unfunny, but even more importantly, unnecessary cameos: Pink (ugh!!) & John Cleese in particular. Cleese is officially the man to go to when in need of a cameo in any movie, be it comedy, action or drama. As long as the script sucks...he'll do it!

Matrix-like stunts and choreography that are about as fresh and original as this movie's script.

Out of left field sentimentality sequences between these "angels". I was brought up in believing that angels were pretty, classy and sweet. The only one of these actresses that comes close to that is Lucy Liu. Basically, if you like girl power between dumb chicks, you'll love the sisterhood moments in this trash.


The first CHARLIE'S ANGELS movie.

But Indiana, isn't there anything worthwhile in this shit?

Justin Theroux (the badass director from MULHOLLAND DRIVE) and the great Crispin Glover are as brilliant (albeit wasted) as ever in this dud. Theroux, in particular, playing an Irish Max Caddy-type leader of a gang of criminals was perfect in his role. Good job in a shit movie sir!

The soundtrack was okay, a lot of cool & hip tunes that livened things up during the many lulls and pointless scenes. The song "A Girl Like You" was well utilized in a mob gathering scene near the end of the film as well.

Demi Moore still has a nice ass.

All in all, ladies and gentlemen, I felt like a jerk while watching this movie and that usually means that I'm being subjected to a movie that is so childish, uninspired and ridiculous that it's downright obnoxious! Fuck off!!
Two audio commentary tracks: The first track has the director McG on it and it’s actually a little different, seeing as you have the option of choosing him using a telestrator during the commentary. This allows him to pin point and circle parts of the screen that refer to what he’s talking about. Pretty cool for trivia fans.

The second track features the three writers of this turkey. What? This movie has writers? Yes, in fact, one of the writers says that exact same thing at the start of the track. A little self-deprecating humor on his part, I suppose. I think they all know deep down inside though how bad a job they did writing this. Skip this track, it’ll just piss you off.

Angel-Vision Trivia Track : This feature allows you to access little known facts about the stars and the movie whenever an icon appears on the screen. Great for trivia fans. I personally don’t like to be bothered during a movie, unless it’s a boring one. Wait a minute…

Cameo-Graphy : A feature that lists all of the cameos from the film, taking you to their scenes and listing a bunch of fun facts about them. If you’re dying for some fun facts about Eric Bogosian, Eve and the rest of the gang, then dive right in!!

Full Throttle Jukebox : Choose a track from the film and you’re transported to director McG and the music supervisor discussing why it was chosen. Then, you’re whisked off to see the scene in its entirety. Semi-interesting.

Pussycat Dolls : A feature that focuses on the real-life burlesque dancers “Pussycat Dolls” that are featured in the film (in one of the many unnecessary and “filler” dance scenes in CHARLIE’S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE). Sexy chicks are always a gas, so check this out if you’re so inclined.

Rolling With The Punches : McG, the angels and the bad boys of the film all talk about the high level of the fight scenes in this sequel. If you’re curious about training, choreography and all the rest of that jazz, then this is another feature you might want to check out.

XXX-Treme Angels : Approximately 9 minutes of cast, crew, stunt men and professional motocross riders talking about the motocross scene in the film, how it was filmed, how exciting it was, etc. I was bored out of my head. SKIP THIS!!

Full Throttle : 17-minutes worth of talk about the fancy sports cars and bikes used and featured in the film. I’m not a car guy so this did not interest me. If you’re into “throttle”, then you’ll have a good time with this feature.

Designing Angels : A feature that explores the locations, cinematography, fashions and look of the film. Basically, the all-around style of the film with an emphasis on McG and his method of directing. I hate McG’s style of directing...‘nuff said. Nevertheless, if overkill is your bag, then this feature will do.

There Is No Such Thing As A Short Shot, Only An Overworked Producer : A featurette in which they discuss the trials and tribulations of the production team on a big budget disaster. It’s funny to watch this feature because I don’t think the producers were aware that the movie would sink at the box office. All for nothing boys, all for nothing. Good for a laugh…only.

Angels Makeover: Hansen Dam : How they used CGI to make that dam sequence at the start of the film look real. That looked real? Yeah right. This feature runs about four minutes and I’m beginning to wonder if a lot of these features are useless in and of themselves. They could have easily tacked this on to another feature. I don’t like when they try to fool the public by packing a DVD full of unnecessary extras. They lose points on this one!!

Dream Duds : The fashion side of CHARLIE’S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE. I thought they looked like prostitutes most of the time. To each his own, I guess.

We also get Pink’s Music Video “Feel Good Time” , some Trailers and DVD-ROM Features .
A slap in the face to any serious action or comedy fan. There is no comedy: period. As for your suspension of disbelief, it has to be astronomical if you want to enjoy any of the action scenes. The extras are good but many are unnecessary. Don’t rent it, don’t buy it, don’t talk about it and don’t acknowledge that this film exists, even if it’s casually brought up in a conversation. It’s rotten to the core. Phooey!
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