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Dexter (Season 6)
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08.24.2012 By: J.A. Hamilton
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Michael C. Hall
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Our favorite serial killer is back...and trying to find Jesus? Dexter's inner struggle with his dark passenger has led him down many roads, but none of them have been toward the light. And as Dexter does some soul searching, the apocalypse draws near as the Doomsday Killer tries to bring about the end of days.
Let me start by saying I love this show, Dexter as a character is flawless when it comes to capturing the essence of good and evil. The first season was stellar, a bold move in the right direction. The show's gone up and down since then, with season four being the epitome of epic, starting with the confrontation between Trinity and Dexter at the Miami department (Hello Dexter Morgan), down the to the jaw dropping finale that had us all in a tailspin of chills and tears. Now that season was hard to top, and I'll be honest, season five didn't cut it. Many wondered (myself included) if Dexter had anything left in the tank. This season put him back on the map and started (or I guess I should say ended) with a chain of events that will change the game forever, but I'll get to that later.

As always, Michael C. Hall is mesmerising as Dexter Morgan and although I was unsure of how things would go with his impending fatherhood, it fit the mold rather well and I'm cool with it. His supporting cast are as tight as ever with Deb leading the crew and the rest in tow. Quinn was all over the place this season, but still remains one of my favorites. New arrivals gave us Batista's younger sister Jamie, who helps as Dex's nanny, Brother Sam, who helps Dex find religion, Mike Anderson, the new cop in town, and Mesuka's intern Louis, who has a thing for Batista's sister. Obviously there's a lot of cast, old and new, and I was happy in that department, of course Louis has his own seemingly dark agenda that we're not privy to yet but I'm sure we'll see this coming season (also a shout out to Dex's brother who makes a unique appearance).

Now let's say hello to the bad guys. First, I have to say I'm disappointed by the Doomsday Killer, not his style or artistic vision as they were both deliciously sick and twisted, but more of his endgame. Sure, a serial killer like that isn't all there, but what the hell did you think was going to happen when this doomsday clock ran out? Did you really think the world would end? C'mon man, seriously? They sure aren't making them smarter are they? Tom Hank's son was golden in the creepy department though, I dug him and believed he meant business. The Gellar mystery was cool too. Aside from that, I really wish they hadn't revisited Trinity territory, that bit was drawn out and felt forced (and when his son used the same line, I wanted to reach through the TV and rip out his voice box). Bad call there, but I can look past it. The god stuff felt preachy at times too, but I can look past that as well.

DEXTER's sixth season pulled the show's head off the chopping block season five lowered it onto and I'm happy as hell for that. I still feel season four was the high point and although this season's killer didn't do much for me, the ending moments sure as hell did. I mean damn, we all saw this coming at some point, but nothing quite prepares you for it. Deb catching him in the act was a hell of a way to end it. Now, aside from that, what led Deb there in the first place had me scratching my head. The idea of Deb being infatuated with Dexter and falling in love with him felt very wrong. This isn't GAME OF THRONES people, so if it ain't broke don't fix it. Their brother/sister relationship has been the glue holding both their lives together. I get the confrontation and I'm sure it's going to be sweet, but the love part was brutal and hopefully died with the Doomsday Killer. This coming season looks like it'll be one for the books. I can't wait.
Interviews: Sadly, many of these "seasons of shows" don't come as fully loaded with extras as you'd hope. This is one such occasion. Yes, we have hours of interviews with the cast; Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Colin Hanks to name a couple, but all they do is answer questions pertaining to their character and mostly only about this season...which we all know already from watching the damn show. I like hearing extra bits and pieces as much as the next guy but these interviews don't tread any new paths and therefore come up a bit short in my opinion.

Californication: We get the first couple episodes of this show's fifth season. I love Hank Moody, he's the man and that's all there is to it.

The Borgias: We also get the first couple episodes of this show's second season. I personally don't watch it, but it looks interesting.

House Of Lies: You guessed it, we get the first couple episodes of this show's premier season. Also, never watched it until now and it looks alright but nothing I'd rush out to watch.

Previews: All the above features are viewed through BD-LIVE along with many different show related trailers.
This is one of those shows that you're either dedicated to or you're not, and despite some ups and downs Michael C. Hall keeps this party going episode after episode and with the ending we all knew was coming, this next season promises to be a hell of a road for Dexter.
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1:12AM on 08/24/2012
Psst. Colin Hanks is Tom Hanks' *son.* ;)
Psst. Colin Hanks is Tom Hanks' *son.* ;)
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