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Dracula III: Legacy
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07.12.2005 By: Quigles
Dracula III: Legacy order
Patrick Lussier

Jason Scott Lee
Jason London
Roy Scheider


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The count is back (for about ten minutes) in this final installment of the Dracula trilogy, starting with DRACULA 2000, moving on to the non-theatrical DRACULA II: ASCENSION, immediately followed by this film. It follows two men, an ass-kicking vampire killer, and a goofy sidekick (shocking, right?), as they travel across the war torn land of Romania to beat the shit out of that old bastard, Dracula. Let the feast begin!
I first checked out the lackluster DRACULA 2000 when it hit theaters, so naturally, I wasnít too thrilled about receiving this direct-to-video (or in this case, DVD) sequel of a sequel. In my experience, Iíve learned that thereís only one thing worse than a direct-to-video sequel, and thatís a sequel of a direct-to-video sequel. But, surprisingly, this little sucker (no pun intended) wasnít half bad. If nothing else, it was an incredibly entertaining, schlocky B-horror romp with lots of the red goop splattering every which way. It wasnít nearly as ďcheapĒ as I thought it was going to be, either. Itís in no way a flawless masterpiece of a movie, but it does satisfy the normal B-movie lover by tossing countless kills, nudity, and coolness our way. It takes off directly where the DRACULA II: ASCENSION finished, showing a super-quick (and badly edited) flashback of the events prior, just before things get going in this next installment. I havenít seen the first sequel, but now I actually might go ahead and check it out. Either way, having not seen it didnít affect my viewing pleasure.

Probably my favorite aspect of the movie (which sets it apart from the hordes of other vampire movies) is its setting. In a change of pace from the previous two Dracula movies, substituting the casual contemporary setting, weíre taken far away to Romania, where villagers are casually picked off the streets by vampires. Uffizi, played by Jason Scott Lee, is the badass ex-priest who is currently fighting the infection of being a vamp (a la BLADE). His performance is horrendous at times, but thereís something so damn likable about the guy with his slick shades that I didnít really care. His sidekick (played by Jason London) is more so likable, and was also quite funny at times. Rutger Hauer as Dracula was a spot-on choice, and he plays his part with fervor, but his late appearance and lack of screen-time made him feel almost unimportant.

Unexpectedly, the movie actually has some side-structure to go along with the vampire mayhem. Most notably, there are the two love-story subplots. I would normally thrash this type of thing, especially in a vampire movie, but the writing for these scenes were rock-solid, so my groans were limited. There is also a small portion of the flick devoted to Uffizi dealing with the vampire within, as he struggles with all his might to conquer the infection. I liked where they were heading with this, but Leeís acting made it hard to get connected. Heís great at being a super-cool mofo with humongous muscles, but... not much more than that. All in all, DRACULA III proved to be an enjoyable 90 minutes of blood, guts, and vampire orgy goodness, so if thatís what you are looking for, be sure to hit up your local video store. As long as you watch it with low expectations, you will probably enjoy yourself.
There is a nice heaping of extras to check out, although a small portion of it is superfluous.

Commentary (with the director, producer, and makeup designer): A very active and entertaining listen. Lussier (the director) never runs out of fun, cool things to say to keep the audience interested. Worth a listen.

A Conversation with Patrick Lussier (4:37): A very interesting interview with the director in which he explains how he combines several variations of the Dracula stories into his trilogy. Also discussed are the filmís setting, where the character originated from, and the mythology of vampires.

A Conversation with Gary Tunnicliffe (8:04): This extra is separated into five sections, each very brief, but also somewhat entertaining. Tunnicliffe is the movieís makeup artist; can you guess what he talks about? Other than that, he also tells a little about him playing the small role of Tommy in the flick.

Cast Auditions (13:31): There are 4 different auditions, all from people who had incredibly minor roles in the film. They range from hilariously bad to moderately impressive. Worth watching just for the heck of it.

Deleted Scene (2:26): A very brief deleted scene involving the two leading men getting a flat tire in the middle of vamp territory. It doesnít add anything to the picture, so it got deleted for good reason.

Alternate Ending (1:19): A much more uninteresting and dull conclusion compared to the much slicker original ending. Donít even bother with it.

Original Treatments: A never-ending series of pages revolving around the script treatments for all three films. Whatever.

Dracula Trailers: The trailers for the first two movies are included, but the preview for LEGACY is oddly absent. While I did initially hate DRACULA 2000 upon viewing, the trailer leads me to believe I may enjoy it now more than I did five years ago (seeing as my tastes have changed immensely). I bet if I had watched this flick in 2000, I would have hated it too.

Easter Egg!!! (4:48): Click to get to the Special Features menu, and then press UP. A symbol between the words NEXT and MAIN MENU should be highlighted. Click it, and you will get to explore several of the films many locations via a guy walking around with a digital camera.

There are also 5 Previews and a Chapter Insert for the DVD itself.
For a direct-to-DVD sequel, this film was surprisingly high of quality, and more importantly, fun as hell. Itís the kind of flick you watch, enjoy, and forget 30 seconds later. The extras are also fairly meaty, so thatís something else for you to dig your fangs into (puns rule!). If you are a fan of B-movies with vampires and/or liked the previous DRACULA movie (I didnít say Ďmoviesí because I loathed DRACULA 2000), then you should be sure to check out this final installment, which satisfyingly finishes out the trilogy.
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