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04.05.2005 By: JoBlo
Elektra order
Rob Bowman

Jennifer Garner
Goran Visnjic
Terence Stamp


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The hot chick from the DAREDEVIL movie, better known as Elektra (love her last name....Natchios!), is now living by herself in "Vancouver, British Columbia" and making a living by killing bad guys for money. That's right, she's a hired assassin with an ass that will have you wishing that she was going to assassinate your ass. Sorry folks, there's not much to this plotline, so I'm trying to liven things up. Anyway, one day she decides to grow a conscience when she is paid to kill a good looking man and his 13-year old daughter, after which point, she and the twosome hit the road, to escape the baddies. Action and fun is supposed to ensue, but not much really does.
A pretty bad comic book movie, if I do say so myself. There are obviously tons of ways to create a kickass motion picture translated from the world of comic books, as showcased by the many such cool movies made over the past decade or so, but ELEKTRA is a great example of how one could truly muck it all up with a limp story, a lead character that feels more like a robot than a human being, lame bad guys, so-so action sequences, horrible CGI effects (and why did the baddies *poof* into thin air upon dying again??) and plenty of corny dialogue, which if placed in a better film, might not have felt so corny (although I absolutely loved Elektra's line to her Obi Wan-Kenobi mentor: "You talk in riddles, old man". Classic!). I still can't believe that Rob Bowman directed this thing. Wow. I usually really dig on his stuff.

But if you really want to break it down, at the end of the day, the film really had no heart with zero investment in the lead character, who we get to barely get to know, as she spends much of the film's first hour flashing back to her childhood (okay, we get it already...she has "parent issues"...can we get back to the present?!), muttering a couple of words here and there, and looking damn hot (that was the only good part about it all). In the meantime, a straight-to-video "bad guy" group called "The Hand" injects themselves into sequences, bringing even less to the table, while a father/daughter duo, are given more depth than anyone else.

The relationship that develops between Elektra and the little girl was probably the film's only semi-success, as well as the addition of ninjas into the plotline (although they barely do anything), Typhoid Mary (once again, she looks hot, but barely does anything) and its runtime of 88 minutes or so. Action-wise, other than the stuff in the forest, which was so-so (although too much CGI), much of what we're given was neutered to the point of boredom, with nothing memorable or truly exciting to report (although that scene with all the blankets floating around in the air during the fight was hilarious...are they ghosts or something? Who knows and who cares!). Honestly, I think Elektra's character had more depth in her 10-minute appearance in DAREDEVIL, and that's saying a lot. Which reminds me, where the heck was Ben Affleck in this thing? (see EXTRAS section below) C'mon folks, you know comic geeks love cameos and shit. Bah. Thumbs down all around.
Deleted scenes: We get 3 excised sequences from the movie including the infamous Ben Affleck cameo!!! That's right, Big Ben shows up in all his might as Matt Murdock, the alter-ego of Daredevil in a small 30-second dream sequence that doesn't shed any light on anything, but certainly would have been cool for comic geeks to see. Why did they take it out of the movie? I have no idea, but it makes total sense when you consider that the movie as a whole was badly handled, hence, this issue being messed up as well. The 2 other scenes also add nothing new to the story, which basically tells me that there was no real movie here to begin with-- the studio just wanted to bang something out after the "success" of DAREDEVIL and Jennifer Garner, and once again, hoped that audiences would follow. In this case...they didn't.

The Making of Elektra: Lasting about 12 minutes, this your basic behind-the-scenes stuff with plenty of scenes from the film intertwined with interviews with the likes of Jennifer Garner, director Rob Bowman and producer Avi Arad, all trying to convince us that the movie doesn't actually suck. Sorry folks, no dice! There are some cool behind-the-scenes shots of Garner training though, which might be of interest to some.

Comic Con presentation: I remember seeing this 3-minute presentation at last summer's San Diego Comic Convention and being quite impressed by it. Up until that point, everyone had the impression that the ELEKTRA movie was going to be dogshit, but this little clip with a cute intro by Jennifer Garner, saying all the right things to the fanboys in the audience, changed many people's minds. Then...the movie came out and well...turned out to be dogshit after all. Oh well.

"Inside the Editing Room": This featurette is divided into 4 sections entitled "Only a Warrior", "I Died Once", "The Way" and "Don't Force It". They last about 2 minutes each and basically just feature director Bowman sitting in his editing room and discussing a certain scene from the film, before showing it to us. Weird, since...well, we've already seen the scenes in the movie and he doesn't exactly say much about them, other than to announce what they're about. Not worth a dime, but Bowman looks like a cool guy. Too bad his movie didn't come out good.

We also get the film's theatrical and teaser trailers, a small soundtrack plug, as well as two pushes for TV's "The Family Guy" and "American Dad".
Overall, both the film and its DVD extras can be skipped entirely, and chalked up to a project that honestly didn't have much going for it, once all was said and done. With the DAREDEVIL following, Garner's "Alias" following, the success of her 13 GOING ON 30 project and quite the hype for this movie, you would have thought that audiences would have flocked to this shite, but apparently they can smell a dud when one comes through theaters and there really wasn't much about this movie that excited, entertained or would give anyone a reason to rent or buy it (other than the fact that Garner looks hot in certain scenes, but even then, there are way too many shadows blocking the goodies).
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