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Funny People (2-Disc UR)
BLU-RAY disk
11.27.2009 By: J.A. Hamilton
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Judd Apatow

Adam Sandler
Seth Rogen
Leslie Mann


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A lonely comedian who’s made all the wrong decisions in life is diagnosed with a fatal disease, making him want to change things and become a better person. He soon realizes this is easier said than done.
A funny thing happened when I sat down with FUNNY PEOPLE (no pun intended). I originally had zero interest in seeing this film, having been turned off by the premise and the trailers. A couple people I know said it was mildly entertaining after seeing in theaters but for the most part the buzz was cold. I have to say that I enjoyed this film for the most part (going in with no expectations no doubt helped), and though the premise did indeed seem linear to me by way of advertising, the story, characters and overall angle this film used hooked me from jump street and won me over shortly thereafter.

The fact that Judd Apatow was involved is what enticed me back before the trailers came out. That said, Apatow also teamed up with Sandler for YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN, which after the first ten minutes (and seeing Sandler catch a whole fish between his naked ass cheeks) made me rather nauseous. This film is a lot like Apatow’s KNOCKED UP, in the way that its biggest weakness is trying to squeeze an awkward love story (that ends up creating an emotional mess) into the last act and subsequently eradicating the “happy go lucky” comedic tone (which I was loving) this movie worked so hard to create.

Despite my belief that Adam Sandler’s comedy career was resting peacefully in an unmarked grave alongside Eddie Murphy’s, I have to admit he was on his game here. The jokes he and Seth were dishing out were funny, as was their endless banter and penis jokes. Seth looks like he should be doing subway sandwich commercials because of all the weight he lost, but as always delivered the goods. There were also a slew of fantastic cameos (the Eminem and Ray Romano bit was hilarious), but I felt Eric Bana’s role was rather slim despite his extra time in the deleted scenes (he kicked ass in STAR TREK though and I’m hoping it gives him a push in the right direction).

FUNNY PEOPLE was far better than I originally gave it credit for, and despite pacing issues due to the horrible love triangle (and the fact we could have lost a good twenty minutes off this two and a half hour bad boy), I had a solid time with this crew and laughed myself into tears more than once (Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman’s bit about his grandfather going to hell cracked me up). What makes this film especially surreal is how much it almost plays out like a documentary on Adam Sandler’s life, though I’m sure he’s much happier than George in real life. At least I hope so.
The first disc is the feature (the unrated version is nearly identical with the exception of some nudity and more swearing), and the second disc has all the special features.

Deleted Scenes: Nearly an hour of extra jokes, cameos galore, prank calls, stand up and more Jonah and Schwartzman. This stuff was damn funny; I especially loved the Asian sandwich scene.

Extended & Alternate Scenes: Same deal here, only this time there’s an hour and ten minutes worth of extra goodness. Between these two features, we’ve got another full length film only with more comedy and less drama.

Documentaries: There are three short documentaries, but the one that steals the show is the comedic exploits of Randy. “Laugh your dick off media” is priceless as hell. I LOVED the three rules bit and the picture of sixteen year old Apatow and Leno was cool.

Music: There are six live songs by James Taloy, a couple with Adam Sandler and Jon Brian, a podcast session (not that great) and Sandler singing “George soon will be gone”. I’ve never seen such a huge collection of shitty songs.

Stand Up: Here’s another forty five minutes of stand up goodness from the cast of the film. There’s no shortage of laughs here, especially when Randy’s on stage.

From the Archives: A half hour blast from the past with Sandler on Letterman, Sandler and Apatow on Bill Maher, Apatow on the Dennis Miller show and Rogen doing stand up at age thirteen. I’m very impressed by all this added footage.

The Films of George Simmons: A look at footage from Sandler’s spoof films from the movie. These five flicks look a lot like some of the crap I’ve been seeing come out Hollywood lately. Not a good thing.

Prank Calls-1990: Twenty minutes of prank call jokes Sandler did back in the nineties. If you like the Jerky Boys, you’ll love this stuff.

Adam & Judd on Charlie Rose: An hour interview with Adam and Judd on the Charlie Rose show. This is mostly to promote the film (they show a pile of clips), but we still get a couple good moment from the boys.

“Yo Teach…!”: A behind the scenes look at the sitcom Schwartzman and Hill have in the film as well as five clips from different episodes. This stuff is a lot funnier than I expected.

Kids on the Loose: The Sequel: A very brief (and in my opinion pointless) bunch of outtakes featuring the two unfunny kids from the film. Snore.

APR Line-O-Rama: Here we explore a few scenes with various dialogue changes; mostly just dirtier jokes. No complaints here.

George in Love: Two minutes of sex scene outtakes. They keep in the language but censor the boobies!? Boo.

Funny People Theatrical Trailer: As I said in the review, this trailer just doesn’t do the film justice. There is also some BD-Live content if you hook up to the internet.
The unrated treatment does this film some good and it looks great on Blu-ray, but as I said, the love story takes a big dump in the middle of this picnic and for me puts this film in the same category as KNOCKED UP: I liked KNOCKED UP, but could never be bothered to re-watch it.

Extra Tidbit: I loved Adam Sandler's stand up stuff you could get on tape back when I was in High School. Not sure how funny it would be now, but I laughed my ass off back then.
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