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Galaxy Quest
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11.17.2009 By: J.A. Hamilton
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Dean Parisot

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Sigourney Weaver


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A crew of has-beens still milking the popularity of their long since canceled TV series, are sought out by a race of aliens who mistake episodes of their show for historical fact and as a result enlist their aid in fighting a war.
When GALAXY QUEST first hit theaters some people thought it was a spoof of all things STAR TREK (which in a way it is), and others thought it was a film you could only enjoy if you were a fan of all things STAR TREK (not entirely accurate but it certainly helps). I grew up watching Jim, Spock, Bones and the rest of the crew kick ass and take names, but the leaps further into space with NEXT GENERATION, DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER never really did much for me, with the exception of the theatrical series of films. I mention this simply because those shows and films are the backbone of this movie and in my opinion were covered and paid tribute to in a wonderfully hilarious fashion.

The story was a lot of fun; I love the idea of Comic Con style conventions and itís always the outer space themes that draw in the most interesting crowds. This film has the feel of what I would imagine a STAR TREK convention with the original cast would be like (some actors being alive and well in Hollywood, whilst others would be clinging to whatever attention they could get). The aliens picking up reruns of the GALAXY QUEST show and thinking it real, thus coming to Earth and asking the crew for help was the perfect plotline. And the recreation of their ship (including all the ridiculous stuff like the hall of death and baridium spheres) was classic.

The effects were rather decent considering the comedic backdrop and like all space flicks look great in HD. The cast is spectacular led by Tim Allen (back when he still had game), Alan Rickman (whoís always a treat in my book) and a surprisingly entertaining (and hot) Sigourney Weaver. The chemistry was exactly what youíd expect from a group of individuals who have supposedly worked together for years in a TV series, and I absolutely loved the underrated Sam Rockwellís comic relief character (here comes the gratuitous mention of MOON and me telling you to watch it because it kicked ass). And lest I forget the Justin Long cameo. He plays a very convincing Sci-Fi geek.

GALAXY QUEST is a guilty pleasure for me, despite the fact that it may come off as cheesy to others. On that note, this to me is what a spoof of a film SHOULD be, not the asinine bullshit weíve come to expect from spoofs these days. Sure, our villainous race of aliens may not look as scary as the stuff in ALIENS or THE THING, but for a PG flick, Iím happy with how things were presented and found this film to be an entertaining presentation overall. Should you double dip? Well, there are new special features, the movie looks better than ever on Blu-ray and I think itís just as funny as ever. But one thing is for certain, if you donít already own it this is the one to buy.
Galactopedia: This interactive feature lets you get more bang for your buck by allowing you access to more info on the various elements of the film as they pop up in each scene. Itís the same concept from DODGEBALL, when you pushed a button every time Ben Stiller snapped his fingers to bring up another menu.

Historical Documents: The Story of Galaxy Quest: Director Dean Parisot, Screenwriter Bob Gordon and the cast go over how fun and zany the story is. We learn Alan Rickman was the original villain idea, which might have been cool.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender: The Intrepid Crew of the NSEA Protector: A look at the leader of our unique crew, Tim Allen. They production crew felt Allen was perfect for the role as heíd just finished HOME IMPROVEMENT and they felt heíd relate to the character. He can certainly relate now days.

By Grabtharís Hammer, What Amazing Effects: The boys explain how they really tried to go the distance with the effects in hopes of living up to STAR TREK. I think they did a fantastic job.

Alien School: Creating the Thermian Race: Here we get the thought process behind the Thermians. Aside from their mind grating way of speaking, they werenít that bad. You get used to it eventually.

Actors in Space: The cast and crew explain the difficulties of playing has-been actors. There are so many ways to attack this, but Iíll go with Tim Allen is STILL the leader in that category.

Sigourney Weaver raps: The title says it all, and let ME say that you DONíT want to hear this. Ever.

Deleted Scenes: A decent bunch of footage, funny but not necessary. Loved the bit about their quarters and thereís nothing wrong with more Sigourney Weaver cleavage.

Thermian Audio Track: It took me a couple minutes to figure this one out, but this feature allows you to play through the entire film with Thermian dialogue. I canít imagine the horror of actually doing it.

Theatrical Trailer: A not so enticing trailer for the film. It does the movie no justice whatsoever.
I consider this film a hidden gem of a comedy that ended up being far bigger than anyone anticipated. There is much to enjoy here, especially for fans of the Sci-Fi universe. If youíve never seen it, I suggest you give it a chance, and for those of you who love it, this Blu-ray is a worthwhile investment.

Extra Tidbit: Tim Allen tried so hard to recreate this comedic performance in the craptacular flick ZOOM.
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