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Game Of Thrones S3
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02.25.2014 By: J.A. Hamilton
Game Of Thrones S3 order

Peter Dinklage
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Based on the first half of, A Storm of Swords, the third novel in George R.R. Martinís, A Song of Ice and Fire, the many houses of Westeros continue to wage war over the iron throne, ignorantly oblivious to the dangers closing in on them from the both the north and the south.
I love GAME OF THRONESóthe books and the TV series, and since I write the weekly review column when itís one on, it should be obvious that Iím more than willing to gush over the brilliance that George R.R. Martin and HBO have given us. That said, Iíve gone over every detail in the columns, so Iíll focus on my favorite aspects of this season for this review.

The characters. Obviously Tyrion is a fan favorite, and why the hell not, dudeís magnificent (and portrayed magnificently by Peter Dinklage), and although heís having a rough go of it right now, there is still lots of to love this season, most importantly, his brewing hatred of Joffrey. Aria, Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister are my favorite characters. Aria didnít have much to do this season, though her standoff with Melisandre was very cool. Jon Snowís false integration into Mance Rayderís ranks was fun, if not a little rushedóbut Iím very much looking forward to the coming battle with the Wildlings. The standout performance for me this season was all about Jamie Lannister. Nikolaj Coster-Waldauís interpretation of the character is downright flawless. Jaimie is such a unique character with one of the most interesting story arcs. You want to think heís a villain. You want to think heís a one-dimensional prick. But youíd be wrong. Sure, he bangs his sister, but hey, nobodyís perfect.

One of the underlining threads of this season is betrayal, and the ramifications of such. Theon gets an ungodly taste of it (truth be told, his torture scenes got old fast), the Nightís Watch is shaken to its core, but the most horrifying betrayal comes at the hands of Walder Frey and Roose Bolton at the Red Wedding. Having read the books I knew what was coming, but even then, it was a ghastly sight to behold. David Bradley was perfect as Frey, a real slimebag to his very core. I saw the internet buzz of peopleís reactions, and rest assured, it is a moment of TV history that will never be forgotten.

GAME OF THRONES S3 is everything you loved about the first two seasons brought to the next level. What David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have created here is pure magic. George R.R. Martin must be proud, because this complex world heís created has been brought to life in the most amazing way possibleówe have show runners who arenít afraid to go above and beyond what most people would argue is possible, we have a tremendous cast of actors who showcase these intriguing characters like theyíre family, all combined with jaw-dropping set pieces, luscious locales, superior special effects and topnotch writing (I know, Iím really laying it on thick here, but what can I say, I love this show). Yes, Iím a little worried about how theyíre going to splice all the characters into the show when, as Iíve mentioned before, the fourth and fifth book run parallel to one another but donít include everyone at the same time. Iím sure theyíll figure it out, but if you were wondering why some of the characters this season didnít seem to accomplish much, well, thatís why. This small tidbit aside, I canít wait for next season, which promises to up the ante even higher.
Commentary: There are 12 in all, mostly featuring David Benioff and D.B. Weiss alongside various cast members depending on who had the most to do with what episode. These are all great because everyone involved is so passionate about their work, but as can be expected, episode 9 is quite the treat as well as having George R.R. Martin sitting in. Each episode also features an In-Episode guide (think pop-up video) to offer up some juicier details about whatís going on.

Histories and Lore: Much like it sounds, we get an in-depth look at Westeros and all who dwell there. A must for hardcore fans of the show.

Roots of Westeros: I feel this should have been included with the previous segment as it goes hand-in-hand with it, but here we just get more details focussed primarily on the many houses battling for the power.

ďThe Rains of CastamereĒ Unveiled: A documentary of how this explosive episode came to be. This is a true gem, as David and D.B. planned this bad boy out from the start, hoping the show would take off and last long enough for them to create it. Well it did boys, and you knocked it out of the damn park.

A Gathering Storm: A fourteen minute recap of S2 for those who want a quick jolt before setting slicing into S3. I love a good recap.

The Politics of Marriage: We explore what marriage means to the various families and gods of Westeros. Clearly, marriages in this show are about claims to power rather than love, but hey, it makes for some good entertainmentÖand thereís always brothels.

New Characters: There are a slew of new characters this season, and this is part to watch if you got confused, havenít read the books, or simply want to know more. I was very impressed with Tormund Giantsbane, as well as Jojen and Meera.

Inside the Wildlings: Like Jon Snow said, the Wildlings have gathered on marched on the wall many times before, and always lost. This feature explores Wildling lore and history to help us better understand the realm beyond the Wall.

Deleted/Extended Scenes: Unlike most films, these were all pretty juicy. Sure, I can see why the Tywin and Pycelle bit was taken out, but in all honesty, I could have had all these babies stay in ďas isĒ.

Previews: There are some HBO trailers, as well as DVD and Ultraviolet Copies of the complete seasonóa true bonus if ever there was one.
GAME OF THRONES isnít for everyone, but itís a damn good time if this is something youíre into. Itís exhilarating to see how far fantasy has come over the years, and to finally see it being taken seriously and given its proper due. Thereís no reason not to pick this up if youíre a fan, the Blu-ray transfer is pristine, and thereís hours of extras to enjoy. Go get it now!

Extra Tidbit: I was standing behind and old woman (she looked to be about seventy) in the express lane at the grocery store yesterday. She didnít have a basket or cart, just one single item clutched to her chest like a babyÖthis Blu-ray. ďIs that for you?Ē I asked. She turned and smiled. ďIt sure is, my husband and I love this show!Ē I smiled ear to ear. And all is right with the world.
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1:52PM on 02/25/2014
Perfection. I knew the Red Wedding was coming too, but man did it ever make my stomach do back flips. Awesome season. I can't wait for April.
Perfection. I knew the Red Wedding was coming too, but man did it ever make my stomach do back flips. Awesome season. I can't wait for April.
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