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Grandma's Boy (Unrated)
DVD disk
05.16.2006 By: Jason Coleman
Grandma's Boy (Unrated) order
Nicholaus Goossen

Allen Covert
Linda Cardellini
Shirley Jones


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A 35 year old video game tester finds himself evicted (his roommate spent all the rent money at a massage parlor!) and decides to move in with his grandmother. Throw in a wild monkey; half a pound of pot and multiple gratuitous fake boob shots and you got a new comedy from producer Adam Sandler.
GRANDMA’S BOY is a comedy that suffers from ADD, too many subplots, not enough humor. I don’t know if it originated in the script stage, but besides the story of the “boy” (the guy looks 40!) moving in with his Grandma (which also becomes secondary) there is no real direction to the film. It’s as if someone went through all the footage, took some funny bits, a lot of unfunny bits and strung them together in no particular cohesive order that tells any sort of story. So as a movie, GRANDMA’S BOY makes for a hard viewing, after all, who wants to really pay attention while watching a fart and titty comedy? Plus it doesn’t help that the film steals (and not the funny parts) from other comedies; the rival videogame programmers at war reminiscent of ANIMAL HOUSE, the young man sleeping with a hot Grandmother is direct from AMERICAN PIE, and a little chimp and hemp courtesy of ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE and UP IN SMOKE respectively. The film seems to follow the golden rule - if you’re going to steal, steal from the best - but ultimately deviates by taking the worst moments and it ain’t pretty. (And neither is the gratuitous shots of fake melons, but I must give props, as anyone who can take a guy who has his face buried in a pair of double D’s and make it neither sexy nor funny, takes awful to a whole new level!)

Lead Covert, who has played so many wonderfully funny side characters in various Adam Sandler films, is an awkward leading man. He feels and looks out of place and he doesn’t have the ability to carry a film, even one with humor as base as this. The rest of the cast, with the exception of other Sandler regular Peter Dante (bro, why are you always naked?!), are your typical cardboard cutouts; the momma’s boy best friend, the geeky oriental dude with a low self esteem, the fat guy who needs to get laid, and the most annoying, the foil to our lead who is wracked with jealousy and talks to himself. (It’s a gag that wasn’t funny the first time, hey Joel Moore, you were so great in DODGEBALL, what happened?) Even the older ladies, played by Jones, Doris Roberts, and Shirley Knight, are nothing more then Golden Girl rip-offs. I must say that only Sandler would help green light a script this bad and contrived, as no one with a modicum of intelligence would have. (Plus I sense that maybe Sandler owed Covert a favor!) Let me put it this way - when the geeky Covert wins the heart and body of uber-luscious, Freaks and Geeks hottie Linda Cardellini, the film crosses over from being a comedy to a fairy tale. Grandma should have given this boy a good, hard spanking.
The DVD version of GRANDMA’S BOY gives the original Theatrical Version, plus a Totally Hilarious… And Now Totally Unrated Cut, which just adds bigger knocker shots, but not much more funny! (Death to false advertising!)

Audio commentary by Actor/Writer Allen Covert, Actor/Writer Nick Swardson and Actor Peter Dante: Stoned or not, I dare anyone to get through more then five minutes of this. Chocked full of useless and unfunny facts, this is slow torture of the worst kind. Swardson talks a lot, which is much to the detriment of Covert and Dante, who by themselves usually produce gold. (Guess a good script is necessary after all!)

Audio commentary by Director Nicholaus Goossen: Apparently Nick has nothing better to say then introducing everyone in the film and their relation to him. Plus his drawl delivery only adds to the snooze fest that is this track - some things are best left unsaid.

Covert Whacks It (4:09): A mini-doc on the infamous (if you can call it that!) scene with Covert and a Lara Croft doll. It’s actually funnier then the bit in the film. Wry, dry humor seems to be the forte of both Covert and Dante, who knew?!

Monkey (5:48): All about the monkey, with Dante forming an unlikely bond with the furry guy. (Guess they both have the same brain function!) Plus look for a two second (literally!) Sandler cameo, his only in this entire set.

Scenes That Went Up In Smoke (6:54): Up in smoke is right, it’s not just a play on words, as you may have to be stoned to laugh and appreciate this one! Unfortunately, I was a sober as a heart attack.

Deleted Scenes: There is no play all feature on this one and it’s definitely a blessing, one which even Grandma would approve.

Table 6 (1:45): Our hapless hero Covert starts the scene in a button up shirt with the sleeves ripped off for some unknown reason that is never given. That and the fact that his eyes are severely red like he’s supposed (yeah, right, he’s method all the way!) to be stoned, are the only memorable things about this overwritten scene.

Chuck Made This DVD (0:32): This looks no different then the scene in the film already and it wasn’t funny then either!

”Not Too Promising” (0:40): Not funny, not funny, not funny. Nuff said!

Granny Made A Snack (0:40): Only the sassy Shirley Jones saves this one. Poor Shirley Knight, Director Goossen should be strung up for reducing her to unfunny poop jokes!

”Hot Chicks” At Work (0:33): Forget unfunny, why, oh why, does this scene even exist?

Diarrhea And Blood (0:40): Again, saw this whole damn scene (are these really scenes that are deleted or a cruel joke?) already and I’m trying to forget it.

Waaay Drunker Than You (0:37): Last thing anyone needs is more scenes of Moore doing his robot voice. Kill me, immediately.

Get Out Of My Head (0:42): I spoke too soon, Moore’s back and its worse. Much worse.

Jeff’s Mom’s Hot (0:18): Well at least Covert’s right about one thing, Jeff’s mom is hot!

”Original Ending, Better Than Nothing?” (7:22): The really sad thing is, I actually like this ending! Shouldn’t have scrapped it guys! (But I still don’t buy the whole Covert and Cardellini thing!)

Unsmoked Material (4:08): A collection of little bits and pieces, a lot of which seem improvised, of film that didn’t make the grade. Some of this stuff is actually funny, including some great boy-stuck-on-tit witticisms and greater Covert and Dante car stuff. Unfortunately, there is also more Moore robot crap, but that’s why the DVD gods invented fast forward!

Smoke This (1:43): A collage of all scenes weed related, not really funny but it knows it’s audience, as you have to be stoned to appreciate this!

Fox Movie Channel Presents “Casting Session” (8:07): A look at the casting, focusing a lot on the older women in the film. It is interesting to see why these classy ladies would take on such a base script. Most disturbing image – Covert with long Yanni style hair and a fu-man-chu moustache, just plain creepy!

Music Video: “Another Day” By The Twenty Twos (3:04): Just what it says, a music video, that ends with Grandma smashing a guitar, so you be the judge on this one!

Making Another Day (2:15): A look at the shooting of the video (is there anything they won’t make a featurette about?), with plenty of funny stuff to keep things interesting.

There is a Trailers section, some Baked Music for all those who lose ability to use the remote buttons due to the herb, plus an Inside Look at the new OMEN film, via quick trailer that doesn’t even have the film title!
A few laughs do not a comedy make and you shouldn’t have to smoke a bowl just to get the jokes. (Even UP IN SMOKE is funny without the herb!) Not that there aren’t any laughs here, they’re just lost in a big mixing bowl of too much story, jumbled scenes seemingly thrown together in no particular order, and a heap of clichés that would make a parody film blush. And the extras here mirror the uneven nature of the film, some funny, some not. Having loved both lead Covert and his goofy pal Dante in most of the Adam Sandler films, it’s a shame that this Laurel and Hardy team, these two Grandma’s Boys if you will, couldn’t carry a film of their own. I guess being second fiddle is better then being no fiddle at all.
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