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05.21.2009 By: J.A. Hamilton
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After a brief summer encounter, two High School seniors try to figure out if they really are meant for one another. Which consequently involves a lot of singing and dancing.
I’ll be honest here, I don’t get all hype surrounding this flick. This was the first time I’ve watched GREASE and I didn’t really care for it. I’m not saying it’s a bad movie (I know it has a crazy fan base), I’m just not much for musicals, so naturally a bunch of guys and gals dancing around to cheesy tunes ain’t exactly my thing. Had I seen this as a kid, I may have been able to come back and relate to it somehow, but the best I can do is compare it to HAPPY DAYS (which I did like as a kid). And on that note, GREASE wins the prize, because I actually caught an episode of HAPPY DAYS awhile back which looked and felt horribly dated. This flick however, looks great for it’s age, the Blu-ray treatment breathing new life into this timeless classic.

I’d hoped after getting a feel for the layout (consequently, these peeps look a little old for High School) I’d see some DEUCES WILD action between Danny’s boys and the scorpions, but all I got on that front was a lame ass drag race at the end which I couldn’t take seriously due to the “Grease Lighting” song playing in the background. As for the cast, well I’ve always liked John Travolta and it’s nice to see where Vincent Vega got his pimpin dance moves, but despite the fact Danny was clearly a man’s man (and there was great chemistry between he and his crew), I still think the tone could’ve been a bit more serious.

The story was cool if you’re into DIRTY DANCING meets THE SOUND OF MUSIC, but with all these differently pitched songs, the pace kinda felt all over the place. I won’t knock director Randal Kleiser’s work though, as he did go on to direct one of my favorite childhood flicks FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR. The effects were rather laughable; smoke, strobe lights, and the tricked out spinning car spike (priceless by the way), and I’m still not sure what in hell was going on with all the cartoons and the painfully tacky “guardian angel” scene. That said, this IS a PG-13 film from the seventies so I guess it’s understandable.

Admittedly, there were more than a couple things going on in the background of this film that I did remotely enjoy, like how Danny appears to be a cross between Elvis and the Fonz for example. I also found the “no rules” undertone entertaining as they promoted smoking, drinking and driving, and even street racing, thus making the seventies look like a ton of fun. And Sandy WAS looking pretty hot in all that leather after her make over. Again, I don’t care much for musicals or dancing, but a couple of these songs ARE catchy, and those dance moves (ridiculous as they may seem these days) were well choreographed and no doubt fun to do. So yes, GREASE is a far cry from being my kind of flick, but I CAN appreciate how this became the highest grossing movie musical of all time.
Commentary by Director Randall Kleiser and Choreographer Patricia Birch: The two of them joke about Travolta wanting a reshoot for the first school scene so they could get his “good side”. I also got to see Lorenzo Lamas in the background. Yay!

Introduction by Randall Kleiser: A brief word with Randall where he explains how proud he is of Grease's success. I would be too.

Rydell Sing-Along: Choose between eleven songs and sing along karaoke style with the corresponding movie scene. A teenage girl slumber party moment just waiting to happen.

The Time, The Place, The Motion: Remembering Grease: Cast and crew explain how Grease came to be and how delicate the transition was from Play to film. It’s funny to hear Travolta admit to having a teenage crush on Olivia in real life before they did the flick.

Deleted/Extended/Alternate Scenes: Ten minutes worth of long lost scenes that only exist in black and white. Randall says they were trimmed due to time, but they weren’t bad and what’s an extra ten minutes?

Grease on DVD Launch Party: A studio party for the 2002 release of the DVD. It was worth it just to see Travolta and Olivia singing these songs so many years later.

Grease Memories from John and Olivia: The two co-stars reflect on the movie and being reunited with the cast. That said, most of this was covered in the launch party.

The Moves Behind the Music: Choreographer Pat Birch was originally with the Play and tried to remain faithful to the dancing found there. Travolta came up with some of his own dance ideas to help add a bit more depth to the routines.

Thunder Roadsters: The cars used in the drag race were 48 Fords, and here we find out that many people today still obsess over this brand of car.

John Travolta and Allan Carr “Grease Day” Interview: A short two minute clip from an interview with Travolta when Grease first premiered. Damn he looks young!

Olivia Newton-John and Robert Stigwood “Grease Day” Interview: Another back in the day interview from the premiere. Olivia is happy to hear her performance was well received by her fellow Aussies.

Photo Galleries: A pile of pics from the Rydell High year book, production, premiere and Grease day. I think you’ll find every Grease pic ever taken here.

Theatrical Trailer: They sure don’t make em like this anymore! This is by far one of the oldest trailer I’ve ever seen.
My opinions aside, this Blu-ray is armed to the teeth with cool extras making this a GREASE fan’s dream come true! And if the singing is what you loved most, rest assured these songs have never sounded better than they do in HD. So if you’re a fan, you’ll wanna pick this one up.
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