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Heroes (S3)
DVD disk
08.31.2009 By: J.A. Hamilton
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Hayden Panetierre
Milo Ventimiglia
Zachary Quinto


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Future Peter travels back in time to kill Nathan and prevent a hostile future where powers are sold to the highest bidder and our Heroes are being hunted down one by one. Another season and another ripple effect have everyone scrambling to get hold of a serum formula that when administered can give random powers to anyone.
The first season of HEROES aired back when I wasn’t watching much TV. That summer, my best friend Aaron told me I needed to watch this show, that it’s “Everything the X-MEN movies should have been.” That’s a bold statement right there. And clearly one I couldn’t ignore. I’m not sure HEROES is necessarily on the same level as X-MEN (Wolverine would make short work of most of these pussies), but I certainly LOVE the idea of bringing serious Super Hero action to TV. Now I’ll be honest and say that the catch phrase (Save the cheerleader. Save the world) didn’t exactly start a party in my pants, but needless to say, I was hooked after the first episode.

The cast are interesting bunch. Claire, Peter, Nathan, Suresh, Hiro, Matt, Noah and Sylar still pretty much lead the affair. Season two was...awkward to say the least, introducing many throwaway characters which began to slow the pace to a crawl. The writers learned their lesson though, and went back to the basics with season three. Ali Larter’s character seemed off to me, and her allegiance unclear. Getting rid of Mia and all that ridiculousness was a good move, and the Suresh “monster” arc gave the story a “play with fire and you’ll get burned” vibe that I totally dug. My favorite new addition is Danco (a refreshing antagonist) who I’m happy to say teams up with Sylar next season and as a result plays a much more vital role.

The villains department fell kinda flat for me (with the exception of Sylar). Arthur Patrelli was a shitty villain, plain and simple. I enjoyed his commanding presence, but his power (absorbing the powers of others), ummm, I think we kinda have enough of that going around as it is. I give this character’s lack of originality four thumbs down. I also didn’t care for Peter losing his powers so quickly, that was kinda dumb. The eclipse was a clever idea and I dug Nathan’s “turn” from good to evil (obvious as it was to see coming). That said, all three “main baddies” like Arthur, Linderman and even Nathan are one in the same. They’ll need a fresher approach next season to keep things interesting.

I wasn’t impressed by the news of new writers for season four, which came about because some people felt season three’s storyline suffered from “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” sickness (meaning it was too hard to follow). I guess the time line was just too complex a theory for some people to handle so next season will be broken down into “big dummy terms” making it easier to follow. Sounds exhilarating. Oops, a word with five syllables, I hope that didn’t confuse anyone. The good news is, THOSE types of people probably don’t do much reading, so I don’t have to worry about offending them.

HEROES is some of the most fun I have in front of the TV (insert tasteless joke here), and the biggest reason is due to one character: SYLAR! Zachary Quinto carries this show, and I can’t be thankful enough for the wisdom Tim Kring and his writers used in keeping Sylar an ongoing wild card in this world. He’s part good, part evil and at the end of the day he can be quite a monster, but dammit, he’s MY hero and that feeling only grows with each passing episode. I also enjoyed season four (a lot), and the Comic Con footage of season five blew me away. Despite a few bumps in the road (and what show doesn’t have a few of those) this TV series just keeps getting better and better. Long live Sylar...err, I mean, HEROES.
Of the many extras found over the course of six discs, there’s an audio commentary for all twenty five episodes. Tim Kring is around for a couple and Zachery Quinto does one as well, these three being my favorite of the bunch. The rest feature various writers, producers and cast members who all contribute their unique views and experiences on set. There are also some trailers and a Blu-ray commercial on the first disc.

Disc One:

Deleted Scenes: Ten minor scenes that average about thirty seconds a piece. I really liked Micca’s funeral bit, he’s one of my favorite “secondary” characters.

The Super Powers of Heroes: Stunt Coordinator Tim Gilbus gives a quick overview of how his limits are tested on set as he preps the various superpower based stunts. The airplane prep looked nuts.

Audio Commentaries: Chapter One: The Second Coming - with Creator/Executive Producer Tim Kring, Executive Producer/Episode Director Allan Arkush and Adrian Pasdar. Chapter Two: The Butterfly Effect - with Executive Producer/Episode Director Greg Beeman, James Kyson Lee and Brea Grant. Chapter Three: One of Us, One of Them - with Cristine Rose and Milo Ventimiglia. Chapter Four: I Am Become Death - with Greg Grumberg and Jamie Hector.

Disc Two:

Deleted Scenes: Eleven meatier scenes this time around clocking in at about a minute/minute and a half a piece. There’s a lot of Knox here, I especially love the Linderman offer. I’d say yes too.

Completing The Scene: Lead Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Grenaudian explains how they went for something cool, lifelike and different with each episode. Twenty five hours of deliberation per episode? Yeah, I’d say these guys did their homework and made things as real as they could be.

Audio Commentaries: Chapter Five: Angels And Monsters - with Episode Director Anthony Hemmingway and Co-Executive Producers Adam Armus and Kay Foster. Chapter Six: Dying Of The Light - with Sendhil Ramamurthy and Co-Writers Christopher Zatta and Chuck Kim. Chapter Seven: Eris Quod Sum - with Director of Photography Charlie Lieberman, Editor Scott Boyd and James Kyson Lee. Chapter Eight: Villains - with Executive Producer/Episode Director Allan Arkush and Jack Coleman.

Disc Three:

Deleted Scenes: Down to six here, and back to the thirty second ratio. I love anything with the Haitian, and it was good to see Molly again as well.

The Prop Box: A five minute look at the show’s many props with Assistant Set Propmaster James Clark. Somebody somewhere is making a pile of cash selling this stuff on eBay. I’d love to get my hands on a prop of Hiro’s sword.

Tim Sale Gallery Of Screen Art: A one and a half minute peek at some of the “sketched” paintings like the ones Isaac and Matt draw. Very brief, but very cool.

Pinehearst Commercial: A (terribly misleading) forty second infomercial explaining the Pinehearst Company. The left out the part about an underground prison facility and their stellar abduction program. How convenient.

Audio Commentaries: Chapter Nine: It’s Coming - with Director of Photography Charlie Lieberman and Blake Shields. Chapter Ten: The Eclipse: Part 1 - with Executive Producer/Episode Director Greg Beeman and Sendhil Ramamurthy. Chapter Eleven: The Eclipse: Part 2 - with Cristine Rose and Greg Grunberg. Chapter Twelve: Our Father - with Masi Oka and Brea Grant.

Disc Four:

Deleted Scenes: Down to two, and quite frankly, they’re a waste of time. Very slack.

Alternate Stories: Now THIS is interesting. There’s two separate stories, the first has a new hero and villain pitted against one another (loved it). And the second is a look into Doyle “the puppet master’s” new life and how he’s trying to fit in and be normal. It doesn’t work out so well, and I can’t say I blame him for snapping. I would have too.

Audio Commentaries: Chapter Thirteen: Dual - with Zachary Quinto and Special Effects Supervisor Gary D’Amico. Chapter Fourteen: A Clear And Present Danger - with Creator/Executive Producer Tim Kring, Milo Ventimiglia and Greg Vaitanes. Chapter Fifteen: Trust And Blood - with Executive Producer/Episode Director Allan Arkush and Writer Mark Verheiden. Chapter Sixteen: Building 26 - with Art Director Sandy Getzler and Production Designer Ruth Ammon.

Disc Five:

Deleted Scenes: One twenty three second clip. Yay.

Genetics Of A Scene: Here we go into four (five minute) breakdowns of how the special effects work in four different scenes. The explanation of Claire’s exposed brain is pretty sweet.

The Writer’s Forum: Creator/Executive Producer Tim Kring and two of the Writers talk shop about HEROES season three. Again, I’m just glad as hell they didn’t kill off Sylar. Otherwise, they’d be getting daily hate mail from me.

Audio Commentaries: Chapter Seventeen: Cold Wars - with Jack Coleman and Sendhil Ramamurthy. Chapter Eighteen: Exposed - with Milo Ventimiglia and Greg Grunberg. Chapter Nineteen: Shades Of Gray - with David H. Lawrence XVII and Script Coordinator Oliver Grisby. Chapter Twenty: Cold Snap - with Writer Bryan Fuller and Masi Oka.

Disc Six:

Deleted Scenes: The last six scenes are back to the meatier one minute average. Again, I always enjoy more Micca. I can’t help but notice however, for being the resistence leader “Rebel”, he was kinda underused this season.

Audio Commentaries: Chapter Twenty One: Into Asylum - with Director of Photography Nate Goodman and Co-Producer Joe Pokaski. Chapter Twenty Two: Turn And Face The Strange - with Writers Mark Verheiden and Rob Fresco. Chapter Twenty Three: 1961 - with Editor Jon Koslowsky and Director Adam Kane. Chapter Twenty Four: I Am Sylar - with Director of Photography Nate Goodman and Co-Executive Producers Kay Foster and Adam Armus. Chapter Twenty Five: An Invisible Thread - with Director of Photography Charlie Lieberman and Editor Donn Aron.
HEROES is unquestionably one of the best written, original and thoroughly engrossing shows to hit mainstream TV. With a slew of interesting, tragic and down right lovable characters on both sides of the table, there really is something here for the “good vs evil” fan in everyone. This set is packed full of solid extras and is a must have for fans of the series.

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one who hasn’t forgotten about Future (ninja assassin) Hiro? When are we gonna see more him? He’s a f*cking badass!
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