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Hot Fuzz
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07.31.2007 By: JimmyO
Hot Fuzz order
Edgar Wright

Simon Pegg
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When the best cop in London makes all the other Police Force look bad, he is relocated to the lovely town of Sandford. Once there, he realizes something dark and bloody is going on, but trying to convince the other officers and the local townsfolk seems to be an impossible task. Heads will role, guns will blaze and you will laugh.
What can I say about Hot Fuzz that hasn’t already been said? Well, there really isn’t much to say at all, aside from what a fantastic piece of cinema it is. Edgar Wright happens to be one of the top directors working today, he creates some amazing images by making the generic seem extreme. And in the case of Hot Fuzz, he transforms some of Michael Bay’s slick, over-stylized direction into clever filmmaking. It’s one thing to say that a film is clichéd, but when you use almost every cliché in the book and use them in exciting and inventive ways, now that is something special His use of key moments in both Bad Boys 2 and Point Break by tweaking them just a little is fantastic. Just check out the scene where Sergeant Nicholas Angel runs to the roof of a church in need of repair after one of the most stunningly cool gore shots of late, the camera circles above him as he finds nobody to blame for the “accident”. This scene in particular is a terrific example of how Edgar not only writes clever dialogue, he has a knack for some fast-paced and superb camera work.

So in case you don’t know, this is the story of Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), the best cop in London who is given a Sergeant position in the lovely town of Sandford, because he makes all the other members of the police force look bad. When he arrives, he is quick to make several arrests for loitering, underage drinking and some dude hoping into his car and driving while intoxicated. But when he arrives to work the next day, he seems to be consistently reminded of the “greater good“. And he is also assigned to his new partner, Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) who also happens to be the son of Inspector Frank Butterman (Jim Broadbent) and Danny is also the drunk driver Nick arrested the night before. He finds himself frustrated by the lack of professionalism and seriousness as a swear box and a runaway swan seem to be the most important things going on in this rough little town. That is until folks start dying off in some Argento style murders. When they begin, nobody seems to believe Angel as they are all convinced that the deaths are unlucky accidents.

Hot Fuzz works on many levels. It works as a comedy, as a horror film and as an action-adventure flick. Credit that to strong writing from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, and also Mr. Wrights fluid camerawork and a slick editor. This looks and feels like a big budget action movie but the unique way each of the characters are brought to life and the way the clichés are explored, it feels fresh and exciting. Although it is a bit long, it makes sense as it seems to be using the Lethal Weapon or Die Hard idea that each main villain deserves a good, drawn out bloody fight. And speaking of baddies, Timothy Dalton is bloody brilliant as the could be killer whom Nick Angel suspects, because he always seems to be aware of the accidents before the information is released. He, along with other great character actors including Edward Woodward, Billie Whitelaw and Bill Nighy only add to the fact that this is one of the best films of the year.
I will say this, I don’t understand why we get the single disc edition of Edgar Wrights films but you across the pond get a sweet double disc. What the funk?

Anyway, it still includes some top-notch special features including some really brilliant Commentary from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. They talk about Cate Blanchett and her lovely cameo and a mask fetish that Simon has. They also spoke of the wealth of talent on screen with Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton and many more. These guys do some of the best commentary around yet it seems that Simon’s voice is an octave lower in these things. And it was fun hearing about “Roger Ebert’s Big Book of Clichés” and how they tried to include ALL of them in the film.

The Man Who Would Be Fuzz includes the scene where Nick brings Danny home, but they act it out as Michael Caine and Sean Connery. Funny, but short. (:30)

Next up we have Outtakes that are actually funny. Love the peace lily references. Lots of doors that won’t open and lines that get lost, but as I said, it’s funny as hell.

With the Storyboard and Fuzz-o-meter (Trivia Track) you can watch the film and see storyboards or trivia regarding where they shot or get the skinny on what goes on in the British Police Force. Makes it easy to watch the film again and again.

The Inadmissable: Deleted Scenes (20:30) can be watched with or without commentary. There are 22 total, and they are actually fun to watch. I loved watching it with because you get to hear how honest Mr. Wright is in his view of the film. He openly discussed why certain scenes should be cut, even if he dug them. And how happy was I to hear Edgar make a reference to The Star Chamber… I love that movie.

The Trailers include the Theatrical Trailer (2:27), two UK TV Spots (:30) and (:56), I really dug the second one. And finally there is Director’s Cut Trailer (:32) which is pretty short for a Director’s Cut.

Remember Danny’s little notebook fun and he mentions that you should see the other side? Well, that is exactly what Danny’s Notebook: The Other Side (:20) gives you. I may even like this one better than the one in the movie.

And finally, the most fun is to be had with The Fuzzball Rally: US Tour Piece (27:24) explores the joy of cake-flushing and doing press interviews on the phone in your underwear. This is so entertaining that I wish it had been longer. Really funny shite is pretty honest as they come to the end of the tour. Good stuff.

You want a fudging set of funking scenes and silt that edit out the naughty bits of language and change the words so they aren’t so funk ugly? Hot Funk (3:32) is for you.

Previews? For some other films? Sure. We got “Balls of Fury”, “White Noise 2”, “Heroes Season 1” and “The Office Season 1, 2 and 3”.
Even though we are screwed out of the 2-disc version, Hot Fuzz is a must have DVD. One of the best films of the year and I have a feeling it’ll still be damn high up there come December. It’s funny, witty, bloody and loaded with action. Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Timothy Dalton along with the rest of the cast are bloody brilliant. But I recommend that if you have not seen it, do not watch the trailers, they give too much away and try not to read too much about it. You have to experience it for the first time without any preconceived notions. This is a must see tribute to Michael Bay, Dario Argento and classic action flicks like Bad Boy’s 2 and Point Break. Here comes the Fuzz.
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