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How High
DVD disk
10.05.2004 By: The Arrow
How High order
Jesse Dylan

Method Man
Jeffrey Jones


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Before hitting a University admittance test, hardcore stoners Jamal (Redman) and Silas (Method Man) smoke a potent mix which the latter cooked up with the ashes of his now RIP homie Ivory (Chuck Davis). For some whack reason, Ivoryís ghost eventually pops up and gives them all the correct answers to the test. With their new found good grades, the boyz hit the very white school of Harvard and hilarity is supposed to ensue with ďfunnyĒ fish out of water scenarios. Yeah, right!
I never wanted too see HOW HIGH because the trailer made it look too idiotic, even for my stupid ass. On a drunken night with the boyz, JoBlo got me to agree to review it (he paid for the lap dances) so here I am, with my two cents. Now please take into account that I toked up pretty heavily before viewing this effort, figuring that the film is about weed so Iíd likely appreciate it more fried up the ying-yang. WRONG!!! So what was it about this joint that put me out? Was it the inane plotline that somehow managed to get snowed in by many useless, "out of left field" subplots? Was it the lame and non-credible love story (how can I buy that Silas is in love when heís nailing every other dame on campus)? Was it the all-around awful comic timing? The badly written gross out gags that wound up being way too infantile to be funny? Or maybe it was the grade school level racial stereotypes (the characters in here are beyond pathetically written)? Well, it was all dat and then some.

Narrative-wise, the flick feels more like a collage of amateurish, and un-funny scenes than the real thang. This script is way too all "over the place" for it to be digestible and its half assed resolution of all its subplots near the end really pissed me off. Tag to that, the addition of a puke inducing ďgoody-goodyĒ moral (studying is good) and you get a bad trip and a half. Barf!! I did learn a few things from this beeyatch though: like did you know that all white people at Harvard are pricks and become black wannabees once they smoke the herb? I sure didnít. And of course, did you know that chicks dig being called hoes and love it when guys bark at them? I sure didnít, Iíll try that whole bark/hoe yelping shtick next time I go out, let's see how it plays out. The only positive things that I can think of saying about this film are that Method Man and Redman have some "aight" chemistry together and sometimes made me smile. They sure know how to swear, thatís fer sure. Cool ass band Cypress Hill also shows up, the tunes are bang on (if you like hip-hop) and we do get a couple of hot chicks. Other than that, this flick is a dud. Iíd rather smoke pepper spray than watch it again.
WTHC: The Making Of How High (21 minutes): Redman and Method Man talk about their characters, Danny Devito shows up to say the word hoe (heís the filmís producer), some of the actors blab about their characters (damn...they took this shite seriously, you would think they were shooting Godfather 4 or something). We also get some behind the scenes footage, Cypress Hill saying a few words and some more cast 'n crew chitchat. It all ends with some clip from the How High music video. This feature looks very flashy but we donít get much in terms of information about the film. WhateverÖ

Feature Commentary with Method Man and Redman: The boyz start toking early on and talk shop. They comment on specific scenes, the chicks in the flick, the actors they worked with and little insights about what was going on in their minds while shooting (they loved the hoes). If you dig these dudes and want to hear them be themselves, have a blast, if itís an informative commentary youíre looking forÖskip itÖ

Deleted Scenes: Here, we get 22 individual clips of deleted scenes edited together. That makes for a 28 minute ride (thatís a long fucking time). Unfortunately, the scenes (much like the movie) are not funny and I couldnít wait for this damn feature to end already!

Outakes: We get over 2 minutes of outtakes from the movie. Itís always funny to see actors flub their lines. I laughed more here than I did while watching the entire feature. Itís dope shite!

Hide the stash: Method and Redman tell us that thereís a hidden stash on this DVD and we have to find it (I assume itís an Easter Egg). I didnít find it because I was too high to look for it. I also heard that thereís another Easter Egg on the DVD. I didnít find that one either but I did eat lots of Doritos. This Easter Egg business ain't my bag. You look for it!

Music Videos: We get the videos for Part 2 (by Method Man and Redman) and Round and Round Remix (by Jonell and Method Man). We also get the soundtrack spot here. Part 2 is a gnarly song yo!

Add to that the Theatrical Trailer, Production notes, Cast and Filmmakers notes, Now Showing (trailers for American Pie 2, Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Half Baked) and Universal Showcase (trailers for Undercover Brother and 8 Mile) and you get a packed DVD that will satisfy the fans (and I stress fans) of the movie.
HOW HIGH just didnít make me laugh. Its narrative was too choppy, its comedy was too uneven and its tone constantly went from boring crass to an unappealing 8-year-old child's level. The DVD itself does have lots of extras but since I didnít care for the movie, I didnít give a ratís ass for most of the goodies either. To make things worse, I personally have never seen a film waste the talent of so many good comedians in one shot: Fred Willard, Obba Babatundť, Jeffrey Jones (he looked so lost, poor guy), Hector Elizondo (what the fuck was he doing in here?). All wasted Now like I always say, comedy is the most subjective of all genres and what makes one chuckle might turn off the other. So check it out for yourself if you like and maybe youíll dig. For all I know, I just had a bad patch of weed and this flick is a freaking masterpiece! Too bad I donít really care to find out. Iíll stick with ZOOLANDER, HALF BAKED and NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE for my cinematic marijuana rides thank you very much.
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