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Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
DVD disk
10.05.2004 By: Scott Weinberg
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Kevin Smith

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Kevin Smith
Shannon Elizabeth


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It’s about 100 minutes of the silliest, raunchiest and most unapologetically profane collection of gags ever committed to celluloid! Legendary View Askew duo Jay and Silent Bob set off on a bizarre roadtrip from New Jersey to Hollywood in an effort to thwart a new movie baring their likeness. Along the way they meet up with a truly insane assortment of characters and take part in some decidedly off-color movie parodies.
If you’re even a mild fan of Kevin Smith’s movies, you’ll have a great time with this nutty little flick. While it’s never going to be mistaken for an art film or something you’d want to watch with your mother, for the most part Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a damn good time. Those with an aversion to non-stop dick jokes and overpowering torrents of gleeful profanity may want to look elsewhere, but the millions of immature movie fans (myself included) who think that farts are funny (and the word ‘cock’ too) will be picking themselves up off the floor. Much like any ‘rapid-fire’ comedy, there are numerous gags that sort of flop, while certain sections of the movie are absolutely hysterical. Sure, Mark Hamill’s strained cameo at the end is nothing spectacular, but on the other hand we’ve been given the supremely hilarious Will Ferrell for nearly 90 minutes. George Carlin and Carrie Fisher are given very little to do with their bit parts, but then Jon Stewart and Chris Rock pop in and offer up something classic.

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek deserve some praise for their gloriously self-mocking appearances. Particularly luscious is a latex-clad crew of lesbian jewel thieves! Not only do these ladies look supremely HOT, but they’re portrayed with a joyous sense of devilish sexiness by Eliza Dushku, Ali Larter, Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer (Mrs. Kevin Smith) Schwalbach (OK, Shannon Elizabeth kinda stinks as an actress, but she sure is nice eye candy!). Seann William Scott, Shannen Doherty and Diedrich Bader also earn solid laughs in their rather tiny roles. Despite an abundance of consistent chuckles, the movie as a whole avoids classic status mainly because it’s simply TOO MUCH of an “inside joke”. Those unfamiliar with Kevin Smith’s earlier films (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, DOGMA) will undoubtedly feel lost amidst all the arcane goings-on and overt potty-mouth. But perhaps that’s not really a fair criticism, as it seems fairly obvious that Smith made this movie specifically for his longtime fans. Online movie fanatics should also have a good time, as Smith sets his sights on the fanboy community with shockingly amusing accuracy.

I remember being a bit disappointed after first seeing Jay and Silent Bob, but after a second look I enjoyed it a whole lot more. The ‘road flick’ concept works well for this foul-mouthed vehicle, and the numerous familiar faces that pop up will keep you interested. Boasting a solid 6 or 7 on the “belly laugh” meter, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back is a wonderfully immature and sinfully entertaining comedy, one that succeeds in large part to its staunchly “anti-PC” dialogue and sensibilities. It’s an NC-17 version of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.
Like nearly all of Kevin Smith’s DVDs, JSBSB is absolutely STOCKED with extra features. Say what you will about Kevin Smith, but he always gives his fans lots of cool goodies! So plentiful are the supplements that it’s probably best to separate them by disc.

Disc 1 contains the feature (of course) and a full-length audio commentary with writer/director/actor Kevin Smith, actor Jason Mewes and producer Scott Mosier. Though a bit more laid-back and mellow than Smith’s previous commentaries (probably due to the absence of Ben Affleck), this track is a must for fans of View Askew. The trio discuss everything from cut scenes to hidden inside jokes to whom among the cast they like best. Often overpowered in previous commentaries, Mosier shines in this commentary and his devotion to the View Askew films has never been more evident.

Although the feature and the commentary make up most of Disc 1, this is also where you’ll find DVD-ROM access and a collection of movie trailers (40 Days and 40 Nights, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Clerks Uncensored, the Jay and Silent Bob soundtrack, and a clip for Dimension Home Video's seemingly unending string of horror sequels).

Disc 2 is a literal treasure trove of extra toys, the most entertaining of which is a massive collection of extended and deleted scenes. There are 42 (!) scenes in all, each of which are preceded by an intro by Smith, Mewes, Mosier and some surprise guests. No lie: a few of the deleted scenes are funnier than most things left in the finished film! A small (but always welcome) feature allows all the deleted scenes to play in succession. Including the intermittently entertaining intros, the deleted scenes run over 93 minutes long!

In the same vein as the deleted scenes is an extra entitled The Secret Stash. This is a collection of four hilarious clips: Judd Nelson in “Let’s Go Back to the Station House”, Will and Jon and the Clit, Ham Affleck and The Genius of Will Ferrell. Played together (also with intros), the Secret Stash footage runs just over ten minutes. There’s also a very funny Gag Reel (8:37) that highlights some of the best bloopers and outtakes. Three short documentaries are included: “Behind the Scenes” (13:38), which is an enjoyable promo piece put together by Smith’s own crew. You can tell because there’s cursing in it. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the Comedy Central show “Reel Comedy: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” special (21:55), which is not much more than a few interviews and lots of movie clips. The last short film, “Learnin’ the Moves” (1:55) is a brief bit of candid video in which Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith desperately try to dance well for their big musical finale.

What else, you may ask? We have a large Stills Gallery, which is broken up into three sections: On the Set, Birth of a Poster, and Jay & Silent Bob Comics. Two music videos: Afroman “Because I Got High” and Stroke 9 “Kick Some Ass”. Both internet trailers are on here, as are 6 TV spots, extensive storyboards, cast/crew filmographies and even a lengthy bio on Jay and Silent Bob’s favorite musicians, Morris Day & The Time. Easter egg hunters beware: There’s one hidden somewhere on Mewes’ bio page…and it’s not pretty!
While it’s not a movie to show your mother-in-law, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back is a raunchy, messy hoot. Kevin Smith treats his hardcore fans very well, and this fantastic DVD from Disney (?!?!) is proof positive. While the film will appeal most to the View Askew faithful, those unfamiliar with Smith’s flicks will probably have a great time too…provided that they have no problem with curse words.
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