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Little Fockers
BLU-RAY disk
04.01.2011 By: J.A. Hamilton
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Paul Weitz

Robert DeNiro
Ben Stiller
Owen Wilson


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Greg Fockerís life has had its share of ups and downs but learning to juggle a beautiful wife, two kids and a job promotion finally has him feeling like heís living the dream. That is, until father in law Jack Byrnes decides to crown him King of the family, a title that Greg soon discovers comes at a ridiculously high price, especially when misunderstanding after misunderstanding land Greg back on Jackís radar.
MEET THE PARENTS was and still is a hilarious comedy. For me, itís the ďbe all end allĒ of impressing the in-laws films (and trust me, thereís more of them out there than you think). Ben Stiller captured the hilarious aspects of THEREíS SOMETHING ABOUT MARY (a comedy that isnít as re-watchable as Iíd like it to be) and raised it up a few notches with MEET THE PARENTS making a more stable romantic comedy effort that feels grown up without going overboard and out of the comfort zone like THE HEARTBREAK KID. MEET THE FOCKERS was no more than watchable, expanding on the life of characters that I donít feel needed more attention (Iíve only watched it the once). LITTLE FOCKERS was somewhat more entertaining than the second film but much like that film, comes across as a painful cash grab conveniently showing up just in time for Christmas.

Ben Stiller is a mixed bag for me when it comes to comedy lately. While not as lost a cause as Jack Black (my film choices to review this week were LITTLE FOCKERS or GULLIVERíS TRAVELS and my girlfriend wouldnít even debate it, she hates Black so much) or Will Ferrell, heís cutting it pretty close. Iíd all but given up on Stiller until TROPIC THUNDER, where I felt that he and Black both brought the funny which begs the most obvious question, are these dudes only funny when challenged by top notch writers and surrounded by A-list co-workers or can they be funny on their own? I want to believe the second one but my mind always drifts back to Martin Lawrence and how well he works alongside Will Smith in the BAD BOYS films. Lawrence kicked all sorts of ass in BLUE STREAK but not much else since (case in point being that BIG MOMAíS HOUSE 3 is coming...sigh). So whether or not Stiller got lucky with MEET THE PARENTS, suffice to say, itís time to retire Greg Focker.

The one saving grace this film had for me was Robert De Niro and the gut busting relationship that his character has with Stillerís. For me, itís the only thing that makes these films even remotely engrossing. Iím not overly impressed by yet another lean on Viagra-esque medicine and boners, I mean seriously guys, it was funny in TOMCATS but that was 2001. Weíre a week from being a decade later, so in my humble opinion itís time we gave those things a rest as well. Joke-wise thereís a lot of recycling here, some things work, some things I just sighed and shook my head at but the one truly impressive use of this came about with Gregís speech and then the YouTube remix Jack finds at the end of the film. That much, was at least funny.

LITTLE FOCKERS was without a doubt strategically aimed at the Christmas season in hopes of meeting little resistance at the box office and losing out to the boredom of those on holiday with nothing else to do but hit the theatres. For this reason it made money and though I hope it wasnít enough to merit another instalment, I wonít hold my breath. Thereís an overabundance of newcomers here that although didnít overly hinder the story (with the exception of the Wolf, who in this case shouldnít have been called) just felt oddly out of place. Dustin Hoffman was wrote in at the last minute and it shows, Jessica Alba was an annoying waste of a character and despite the fact that I like Owen Wilson, nobody stays that close with their exís, nobody. Please God, let them leave it at this.
Alternate Opening/Ending: The opening was mildly entertaining (at least DeNiro has a good sense of humour) but I can see how it may have come off racy to family audiences. The alternate ending was definitely good for a laugh or two.

Deleted Scenes: As per usual these added scenes did nothing for the plot so they got the kybosh. All these scenes were good for was squeezing in extra cast members (Wilson, Keitel, Streisand and Hoffman), which just adds to the sense that this was a rushed and messy collaboration.

Gag Reel: Seven minutes of PG-13 laugh attempts which will make you want to cry instead.

The Making of Godfocker: Behind the Scenes of Little Fockers: Here the cast and crew debate a decade of Fockers, saying that they never intended to see this become a trilogy. Uh, huh, funny how that just seems to ďhappenĒ these days.

Bob and Ben: This is a short little piece with DeNiro and Stiller talking about how it all began with the first film. Thereís also one with Stiller and Owen Wilson doing more of the same.

Bout Time: This is a closer look at the fight scene between Jack and Greg in and around the ball pool.

The Focker Foot Locker: This is an annoying play on words where they say ďFockerĒ in every which way possible. This was one of the sad attempts at humour with this entire series but this latest film took it way too far.

Previews: There are a couple trailers that play before the feature as well as some BD-LIVE content if youíre hooked up to the net. This Blu-ray bundle also includes a DVD COPY of the film as well as downloadable bonus film, a choice between JUNIOR and SGT. BILKO.
In the special features the crew behind the film and franchise claim they never intended for this to become a trilogy but I donít buy it for a second as the second film left these characters is a good enough place. A third film wasnít necessary just as the fourth one (that we all know is coming) wonít be either. You gotta love Hollywood.
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