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Lost (S1) Blu-Ray
BLU-RAY disk
06.30.2009 By: Jason Adams
Lost (S1) Blu-Ray order

Matthew Fox
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Oceanic Flight 815 mysteriously crashes in the south Pacific, leaving 48 survivors stranded. And as if trying to survive on an island without food and shelter wasn’t hard enough, the group soon finds themselves subject to killer monsters, crazy French women, mysterious hatches, and the possibility that the island may have “other” inhabitants.
By the time Dominic Monaghan’s Charlie Pace asks, “Guys, where are we?” at the end of LOST’s pilot episode, it was obvious this television show was going to be something different and something special. I still count LOST’s first episode as one of greatest, most effective hours of entertainment I’ve enjoyed, be it TV or film. You’ve got intriguing characters in a dire situation, plus polar bears and unseen monsters. Sounds good to me.

All those factors continue en masse throughout the series’ first season. LOST manages to be a successful mix of genres and thematics that have a wide appeal, while still maintaining a coolness factor with limited “fanboy” appeal. Whether it’s adventure, drama, romance or comedy you want, LOST has it. More importantly, there’s a long list of engaging characters and their very different personal histories that is the centerpiece of the series and helps root the fantastical with the realistic. The show’s flashback format gives it a much longer shelf life than it would’ve had otherwise simply telling the story on the island. Best of all, it’s entertaining no matter what genre it’s exploring or story it’s telling.

Even in the first season you could tell that LOST was building upon and hinting at a deep mythology. Going back and rewatching it now after season five began to finally give us some answers shows just how much was planned out from the start to pay off later. And that experience of digging a little deeper for clues and answers has been part of the fun from the beginning. And that’s just on the surface. For the die hard fans there’s a ton of subtext to the show as well, be it literary references, religious symbolism, or historical allusions that will send you to your computer. It’s just one part of LOST that would continue to evolve

Season one is still one of my favorites out of the five so far, just because of the fun of the set up and the introduction to many of the great characters and classic episodes. “Walkabout” is definitely up there, maybe because Locke is a favorite character, but also because of its powerful shocker of an ending. Other highlights include the culture shock and surprising love story between Jin and Sun, the fun look at Charlie’s depressing rock star life, and the curse of poor Hurley. And of course who could forget the season finale and its brave blue balls of an ending. A bold way to end the first part of a bold new show.
While the seamless menus and Season Play feature is nice, pretty much all of the special features are simply carried over from the DVD set. Luckily, there’s some fantastic stuff here. Although it's weirdly missing any kind of insert or guide to tell you which episode is on which disc. Maybe it was just my copy.

Commentaries: You get five tracks here including Terry O’Quinn on “Walkabout” and Dominic Monaghan on “The Moth.” All are fun and informative (except maybe the one with Maggie Grace and Ian Sommerhalder), especially the pilot episodes, though I still would love to hear what Lindelof and Cuse had to say about the season finale.

The Genesis of Lost: A nice feature on how the show came to be. It’s definitely not as straightforward as you’d think, which make s it a fascinating watch for fans.

Designing a Disaster: See how the production crew stage a realistic airplane crash on a beach.

Before They Were Lost: A look at the impressive cast that was assembled for the show. You also get access to everyone’s audition tapes, which makes it fun.

Welcome to Oahu: An in depth look at the filming of the pilot episode, which at $2 million is one of the most expensive TV programs ever shot. It’s fun to see how everyone has evolved and become more comfortable since this first episode.

The Art of Matthew Fox: A gallery of photos Fox took during the season. Eh.

LOST @ Comic Con: A surprisingly short look at how fanboy audiences reacted to the pilot episode that aired at Comic Con.

Tales From the Island:
LOST: On Location: Always a favorite on the season DVD sets, this amazing featurette lets you go behind the scenes of ten different episodes. A comprehensive addition.

On Set with Jimmy Kimmel: A less detailed version of the above, with the sometimes funny shtick of the late night host.

Backstage with Driveshaft: This could’ve been a throwaway feature, but is surprisingly funny. Learn about putting together Charlie’s band and how they came up with their hit song.

LOST Revealed:
Lost Flashbacks: Only two, one of Claire and one of Sayid. Nothing too exciting.

Deleted Scenes: Fifteen in total. Most of these scenes work well, but were obviously just cut for time. Definitely worth a look.

Bloopers: Entertaining. Evangeline Lily is adorable.

Live from the Museum of Television and Radio: This panel is a nice way to see the cast interact off the set, with a few tidbits thrown in.

Flashbacks and Mythology: I’m pretty sure this is the only new feature on the Blu Ray. It’s mostly crew discussing how the inclusion of flashbacks were the “aha!” moment and how much work goes in to filming the flashbacks and all the different locations (all Hawaii). You also get some vague discussions of the show’s mythology—what gets set up and what gets paid off.
One of the greatest shows ever forged by man. LOST is a fantastic mix of great storytelling, varied characters and genres, and creative, smart ideas, all wrapped up in an entertaining, well-produced package. I don’t think you’ll find a more unique or rewarding show on television. The Blu Ray is a step up in quality, although I’d skip it if you’re just looking to double dip for new special features.

Extra Tidbit: Before Hurley’s past was finally revealed in episode 18, my friends and I thought it would be hilarious if all his flashbacks were just him sitting on a couch eating Cheetos and watching TV.
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