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Lost (S2)
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10.04.2006 By: Jason Adams
Lost (S2) order

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After surviving 44 days on the mysterious island during Season One, the former passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 now have more on their minds then just getting rescued—namely a new group of survivors from the tail end of the plane, a hatch that could save or destroy the world, a monster made of black smoke and a war brewing against the malevolent Others.
LOST is a show that understandably frustrates people. It has a rich, character driven mystery that, in spite of the nonchalant pace, sucks in viewers like a Paris Hilton vacuum. And even though it’s highly addicting, the showrunners are perfectly happy to not give away its secrets too quickly. That may sound like thinly veiled criticism, but I assure you it’s completely a testament to the show’s quality—that an hour of pure entertainment can elicit such rabid, visceral reactions from its audience. (And I personally take pleasure getting aggravated IMs every Wednesday night from friends squirming helplessly in LOST’s grasp.)

The general gist of the show remains the same from the first season; there’s a fun mix of adventure, comedy, romance and science fiction to please everyone. You can be engrossed by the human drama, entertained by the action and stunts, or engaged in the philosophical debates on science and faith or fate and free will. People may get frustrated by all the flashbacks, but the characters are really the core of the show—whatever happened in their past plays as big a part on the island as do coconut shells and cursed numbers.

The cliffhanger at the end of the first season finale opened up a slew of possible directions for the show to take and the second season doesn’t disappoint. What's revealed to be in the hatch is pretty ingenious and not something anyone was expecting. The Others remain just as sinister once they’re revealed as when they were an invisible entity. And the emergence of the Tailies brings about arguably the show’s most dynamic and interesting character in Mr. Eko. At this point, LOST pretty much has a deeper mythology and backstory than most third world countries. However, I still hear a lot of fans complain that nothing happened this season. Are you joking?? If you told me a year ago that at this point in the show we would learn the history of the island, lose three major characters, actually see the Monster, find out what the numbers mean and discover what caused the plane to crash—I would've called you a ninny-faced liar and slapped your mother. (And if you had told me Hurley would be the first to kindle an on-island romance....)

The 24 episodes included in this set are overall very solid and hold up to multiple viewings. There are a few filler eps (as far as the island’s plot is concerned), but thanks to the great writing and characters it’s never boring or pointless. I think watching the show on DVD without the six week breaks in between makes it a lot easier to follow and appreciate the slow build. So there…now there’s no excuse to not jump on the LOST bandwagon. We won't make fun of you for being late and lame.
24 episodes on six discs plus one disc of bonus materials. And sweet merciful crap! Will you look at all these extras?!

Commentary by various writers, producers, directors and actors on five episodes—“Man of Science, Man of Faith,” “What Kate Did” “The 23rd Psalm” “The Whole Truth” and “Dave”: There’s a few interesting tidbits thrown out here, but you can tell everyone’s holding back for fear of revealing too much. It’s still entertaining for fans of the show, and at the very least it’s comforting to know that the actors (at least claim they) are just as clueless as us regarding the show’s final endgame. But no commentary on the season finale? I call shenanigans.

Phase 1: Observation
Fire + Water: Anatomy of an Episode (31:45): A detailed look following one episode (the one where Charlie loses it trying to baptize Clare’s baby) from conception/writing through shooting and then post-production. After seeing exactly how much work goes in to forty minutes of show and how quick the turnaround is (a month of work for an output every seven days), I might now be a little less angry when having to wait three weeks between episodes. But just a little.

Lost: On Location (44:43): Mini behind-the-scenes docs for ten episodes. Since the majority of the show is shot on location in Hawaii, it may look like a beautiful vacation but doing stunts for eight hours a day in the heavy rain or intense sun doesn’t leave you must time to enjoy the beach. By the way, did anybody else know that Sayid and Mr. Eko are both British? That turns my entire world upside down.

The World According to Sawyer (4:31): A montage of Sawyer’s penchant for giving everyone insulting pop-culture nicknames. (You also get to hear from other cast members and whether or not they were grossly offended.) The best IMO are the ones for Hurley (Stay Puft, Lunchbox, Deep Dish and Mongo). Sawyer must watch a lot of movies.

Phase 2: Conditioning
The Lost Flashbacks (3:26): That’s a clever title, huh? Three rightfully deleted flashback segments, two Shannon-centric and one about Locke’s father. I miss Maggie Grace. Can we have zombie Shannon haunt the island in her bikini?

Deleted Scenes (19:16): Fourteen altogether; nothing of major consequence, just small character moments. I liked the extra stuff with Libby and Hurley. Their relationship didn’t get as much face time as it should have. And any extra Hurley is time well spent: ("I’ve had a bunch of jobs, mostly dealing with chicken.”)

Lost Bloopers (4:06): There’s a surprising amount of homo-eroticism at work in these bloopers (including a Brokeback reference between Sayid and Locke). Also, Hurley makes a baby-eating joke.

Channel 4 U.K. Promo (1:06): A weird and trippy commercial directed David LaChapelle that has the cast slow dancing in the wreckage of a plane crash. Well worth a look.

Phase 3: Conclusions
Lost Connections: First, you’re treated to an intro that highlights the show’s unusually high rate of coincidental meetings between characters in conjunction with the theory of six degrees of separation. You’re then turned loose on this enormous interactive map with each character, no matter how minor, getting their own node. From there you can navigate between them and watch clips of how their paths have crossed in the past. You could easily spend hours with this and it really shows how much the producers have planned everything out. There were a lot that I didn’t notice while watching the show, such as Locke’s boss at the box company is later Hurley’s boss at the fast food joint.

Mysteries, Theories and Conspiracies (10:17): Cast, crew and fans alike speak about the enormous cultural phenomenon the show has become and give us their theories about what’s actually happening on the island. My favorite is that the entire show is taking place on the back of a giant sea turtle swimming in the ocean. I think at this point there’s a very slim chance that the final reveal five years from now can live up to all the hype.

Secrets From The Hatch (15:47): A look at the creation of the hatch, both physically and conceptually. Hearing the producers talk confirms my fear that the way the show is being written is someone saying, “Hey, cool! They can find a hatch! We can worry about what’s inside later on!” It’s a pretty easy way to write yourself in to a corner. The show has done a good job of avoiding that so far; let’s hope it continues.

There’s a delicious Easter Egg on the bonus disc, as well as some Previews for a variety of movies and TV shows, including the essential sixth season of GOLDEN GIRLS.
Now that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is off the air, I have no qualms saying this: LOST is the best show on television right now. If more programs treated their viewers (and their DVDs) with as much respect as this show does, maybe I’d be more inclined to turn my TV on more than twice a week ( the other time being for THE OFFICE).

Extra Tidbit: The beeping sound of the countdown inside the hatch comes from a supermarket barcode scanner.
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