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Mission: Impossible III (SE)
DVD disk
10.30.2006 By: Quigles
Mission: Impossible III (SE) order
J.J. Abrams

Tom Cruise
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Ving Rhames


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Ethan Hunt is back, but this time he's moved on from IMF and is looking to get married. But of course, he gets pulled back into action, of which there is TONS.
This film will rock your balls clean off. It's that good. Not only is it easily the best in the series, but it also manages to capture the essence of great action: making the audience give a shit. Lately it's taken cigar-smoking mutants with claws and men of steel that wear their underwear on the outside to entice the action fans of the world, leaving the DIE HARD-esque popcorn pictures to die a slow and painful death. But then here comes M:I:III, proving there's still plenty of fun to be had with good ol' fashioned action fare. This movie's intense, incredibly well made, and tops out at being 2 full hours of non-stop adrenaline-charged ass-kickery. Cruise's off-screen antics may annoy me, but his on-screen antics prove him to be one helluva badass. It's hard to dislike somebody who looks this cool.

Also helping the film along is Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays the devious evil-doer with mucho subtlety, nary showing an emotion except to politely tell you how little it would phase him to put a bullet through your face. Quite the versatile actor. As far as Ethan Hunt's team goes (Ving Rhames, Maggie Q, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers), they still have limited screen time, but I was glad that they actually had something worthwhile to do this time around (as opposed to Super-Cruise doing all the f'n work, and then some). Adding even more quality to the production are Billy Crudup, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Monaghan (the hottie from KISS KISS BANG BANG), Keri Russell, and the complete awesomeness that is Simon Pegg (from one of my all-time favorite flicks, SHAUN OF THE DEAD). Damn, what a cast!

Aside from a couple of sappy scenes, there is not one bad thing about this sequel. It's everything you could want and more. J.J. Abrams (creator of one of the best shows ever, LOST) took what could've been just another bland summer popcorn flick and blasted its entertainment factor through the roof. Right off the bat, the film kick-starts with an opening so captivating and intense that your only focus will be on not blowing your movie-loving load too soon. The movie eases you through from there with some cool but standard action sequences, topping things off with a ridiculously amusing helicopter segment (the end of that scene... not so amusing). The next big action set piece that follows just oozes with classic MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE goodness, and from that point onward the film continues full-throttle with edge-of-your-seat craziness. So if you're looking for a kick-ass action movie to ease your woes, then here it is. Enjoy.
This 2-disc set is positively loaded with special features, giving all fans out there a nice taste of the effort that went into making the film. This one of the few Special Editions out there that fully delivers what it promises (unless of course you despise Tom Cruise - in that case, get the single-disc, because he appears in practically every special feature).

The single-disc edition only houses the extras listed from "Disc 1" below.


Audio Commentary (with director J.J. Abrams and actor Tom Cruise): An energetic and entertaining track that gives some nice bits of information about what went on behind-the-scenes, as well as a few too many compliments (that aspect got annoying fast). Surprisingly enough, Cruise is a lot of fun to listen to here, and alongside Abrams they create a very fun atmosphere. They don't stray too far from the normal DVD commentary discussions ("This was shot...", "For this scene...", blah blah blah), but that's where the featurettes come into place.

The Making of the Mission (28:41): This is a nice featurette for those people not interested in extensive making-ofs, allowing for a sort of overall look at how the film was put together. Of course, people like me are just interested in popping in the second disc and seeing the nuts and bolts of the production.

Deleted Scenes (5:33): There are five scenes in total, all of which were appropriately cut. They aren't bad, but they don't add anything to the film. The scenes include a bit more action, a bit more depth for some of the characters - but not enough to make up for the amount of interest the segments entail.

Tribute Montage: Excellence in Film (9:14): Shown for the 2005 BAFTAs, where Tom Cruise was given the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award. This is basically a montage of highlights from Cruise's movies, showing off just what an amazing actor he is and how practically all of his movies have been great. I wish I had never seen what this dude was like off-screen, because he really is a phenomenal actor, and it's hard for me to like him when he acts like a total bag of doucheyness (it's a word, wanna fight about it?).

Rounding out the disc are a few Previews.


Inside the IMF (21:15): This featurette is all about the cast, one by one going over Cruise, Hoffman, Rhames, Meyers, Maggie Q, Crudup and Fishburne. Having already known exactly who everybody was in the production, I didn't really care for this.

Mission Action: Inside the Action Unit (25:41): A cool featurette detailing how the action shots were set up and then filmed with Cruise doing all his own stunts. Worth watching.

Visualizing the Mission (10:42): A very interesting featurette that could've been even better had it used some side-by-side comparison shots. As is, it's still worth watching, going over how the real effects were enhanced by visual ones (such as the now-famous shot where Cruise gets blasted against the car).

Mission: Metamorphosis (8:12): Seeing as how MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (both the TV and movie series) has always included spy scenes where characters wear these incredibly life-like masks, J.J. Abrams wanted to show how they were made in M:I:III. And that's what this featurette is about - the mask-making mechanism. Definitely worth watching.

Scoring the Mission (5:02): Strangely enough, Tom Cruise appears yet again in this featurette, visiting the orchestra as they're preparing. I liked the music in the film, and this worthwhile extra gives some insight into it. Check it out.

Launching the Mission (14:02): This 5-part featurette follows Tom Cruise as he promotes M:I:III around the world. He goes to New York, Rome, Paris, London and Japan. It's worth watching for a bit, but get your fast-forward button ready.

Moviefone Unscripted: Tom Cruise/JJ Abrams (8:03): Take the audio commentary, subtract all actual information, and you get this. They supposedly are taking questions from viewers, but it felt more like an 8-minute session of them awkwardly complimenting each other. I'm surprised they didn't just start sucking each other off.

Tribute Montage: Generation: Cruise (3:39): Much like the "Excellence in Film" tribute from disc 1, except this time Tom Cruise is given the “MTV Generation Award” for the 2005 MTV Movie Awards. The montage is very similar to the first, just shorter and featuring much more MTV-appropriate music.

Finishing off this loaded set are numerous Theatrical Trailers, TV Spots, and five easily accessible Easter Eggs.
As completely outrageous as MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III is, it fully works due to the uber-awesomeness that is team Cruise and Abrams. Instead of just being one or the other, the flick manages to incorporate two types of action movie styles: the brutal and intense curl-your-toes type, and the fun and silly popcorn-munching extravaganza type. Both aspects work tremendously well, making the movie as entertaining as it is thrilling. Hands down, it's one of the best movies of the year, and easily the best non-comic based action movie of the year. The 2-Disc Special Edition only furthers the movie's greatness, so be sure to pick it up.
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