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Mötley Crüe: Carnival of Sins
DVD disk
For this 2-disc DVD package, top-selling heavy metal band Mötley Crüe are featured live on location at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan in April of 2005. Filmed during their sold-out Red, White & Crüe world wide tour, and featuring their hit songs as well as a bunch of new songs, this live concert footage will definitely amaze any fan of the band’s. Including all kinds of bonus footage, such as behind the scenes stuff, and a few music videos too, this DVD package contains enough material to entertain any fan of hard rock.
The boys are back, and they’re as wild, energetic and talented as ever. Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars of the amazingly cool L.A. band that’s been around since the early eighties entertain us with their latest project, this live DVD set including some extras. There were some good elements here, but overall, it was not as cool as I expected. Firstly, I found the intro part of the stage show a bit annoying, with the sepia-toned screen and weird framing which made the image irritating to watch. The dancing girls on stage were very hot, to say the least, and there are quite a few shots of them doing their “thang” on stage with, of course, barely any clothes on. The Crüe open up with “Shout at the Devil” and follow that up with a whole bunch of other material which rocked, a total of about 23 songs. My favorites were played: Red Hot, Live Wire and Kickstart My Heart so I ain’t complaining. I didn’t enjoy hearing the new stuff as much simply because I don’t know those songs, just as I dislike hearing new songs at live concerts too. I realize the band want to introduce the audience to their new songs, which is fine, but I always prefer hearing the old stuff more.

One thing I found annoying, but again that’s me, was the solos. There is a Tommy solo as well as a Nikki solo. The solos are always way longer than we’d like them to be, it seems. What I enjoyed was the Tommy Cam, of course, attached to Tommy Lee’s drum kit. When Tommy is swinging around up there, high above the audience with all kinds of pyrotechnics going off all around him, it’s a sight to be reckoned with. It’s so cool that he gets a two-minute ovation from the crowd. The audience seems really into the show, as they should be. There are many crazy crowd shots, and many of them are of girls, girls, girls…again, often without much clothing on and flashing some topless action. This is Mötley Crüe after all, so expect no less. The special features were not that great. I would have liked to see more personal stuff on the band, even a mini-biography would have been cool, as well as seeing at least one music video from the old days, one from “Shout at the Devil” maybe? The extras were so-so mostly because they did not feature the band too much, which is a shame. They could’ve done so much more with the bonuses.

Now for the boys themselves: I thought Mick Mars was very stylish (he is best-dressed although Tommy’s Crow-like make-up was also interesting), with his black top hat and black suit and new hairstyle. He is a cool dude. I thought Vince Neil sounded not so hot, his vocals could’ve been louder. Was he drinking booze on stage? It looked like it. I thought he got clean? I really like Nikki Sixx, he was great and he could do no wrong in my eyes. But the piece de résistance was of course, Tommy Lee. One of the best drummers that ever lived, he is unbelievable. Is it just me or can people not get enough of this guy? He will always be extra cool to me. I think I watched him more than anyone else on stage.
Inside the Big Top: A Mötley Docrüementary: A look at one day in the life of a Mötley Crüe concert with much behind the scenes footage, some interviews with mostly crew, (very little talk by the band members) which is mixed with excerpts of the show. Around half an hour long and quite interesting. Not enough focus on the band members though.

Blow It Up: The pyrotechnics are a huge part of any Mötley Crüe concert. A very short, two-minute look at the pyrotechnics aspect of the show.

Mötley Crüe’s Greatest *its: Another very short look, this time into the Tittie-Cam” which Tommy Lee points at the girls (and their breasts) in the crowd. Mick Mars’ comments are great here. Some females will find this offensive. Around three minutes long.

Meet & Greet: VIP events, special fan promotions and the fans of the band talk about their idols and even meet them for a Meet & Greet after the show. Around five minutes long.

Disaster! The Movie: A short (2 min.) animation deal that I did not find funny. So what if no one in space can hear you fart? The animation could’ve at least contained some heavy metal elements. The lamest feature yet.

Music Videos: “Sick Love Song”, “If I Die Tomorrow”, “On With the Show” and “A Time Lapse View”. Not a bad feature, but I wish an oldie had been included too.
This great concert DVD’s live show was energetic, loud and hot with a whole bunch of eye candy thrown in for our viewing pleasure. Pyrotechnics, colors, visually arousing images and more for you to enjoy in all the glory. However, let’s be clear that the boys will enjoy the visuals of the dancing women, their gyrations and close-up body shots a lot more than the girls, unless the girls are lesbians.

This is the opposite of a chick flick so bring your testosterone. It is the band at its best, although Neil’s vocals weren’t. If you’re a fan of the band or of hard rock music in general, you’ll really enjoy this DVD set and should add it to your music collection. However, if you’re looking for cool extra features on the band, look elsewhere as the extra features are lacking here. All in all, the show and the band rocked. They still have it after all these years. Very entertaining and in terms of music, very good stuff!
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