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Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Unrated)
DVD disk
06.14.2006 By: Quigles
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Unrated) order
Doug Liman

Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
Vince Vaughn


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Two assassins become husband and wife, unaware of each other's occupation, or the fact that their working for opposing companies.
Ever after numerous viewing, MR. & MRS. SMITH still holds up amazingly well each time. There's something about seeing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie going at it on-screen that just filled me with happiness (in more than just my pants, I mean). The movie has some terrific writing, and the comic timing is outstanding. About halfway through the proceedings, the action tends to over-take the comedy a bit, but the entertainment never lets up. This is one of those rare summer popcorn blockbusters that actually turns out to be more than just a "fun time". Now I'm not trying to say this movie is deep and meaningful or anything - it's just that it's so entertaining, labeling it as nothing more than a "fun time" seems almost insulting. A much more appropriate description for the movie might be, "a f*cking fun time". The "f*cking" gives it that extra kick.

This UNRATED release of the movie feels more like a "Director's Cut". Not only have a few scenes been added and extended, but there's even some other scenes that have been switched around and one that has been removed. In the end, it doesn't make a huge impact on the movie (there's only a five-minute difference between the two), but it does change things significantly enough to make you think twice about whether you should stick with only the original release, or if you should get this version as well.

Personally, I think that you should base your opinion on how much you like extras. That way, if you decide to double-dip, then the alternate version of the movie will play as a special bonus (because, as with most "Special Editions", the movie's not the main feature being focused on). As for which version of the film is better, I can't really say, but I'm going to go with the UNRATED version simply because they removed a scene that I thought was unnecessary to begin with (and it also made the small "surprise" at the ending way more obvious). Plus, the other added bits never diminish the movie in any way - only enhance it. If you really love the movie, then I'd say you're best off pawning the original release to a friend, and then using whatever other extra cash you can muster to pick up this 2-disc UNRATED cut.
All the original extras from the first release have been dropped, which really isn't that terrible, unless you're a big fan of commentaries. The prior release contains 3 commentary tracks, 3 deleted scenes, an eight-minute "Fox Movie Channel: Making A Scene" featurette, and two theatrical trailers.

The new set of extras, however, more than make up for what's missing (which wasn't that spectacular to begin with). There's a brand-spanking new commentary, much better deleted scenes, tons of interesting featurettes, and more. Lets check them out, shall we?


Audio Commentary (with director Doug Liman): Liman goes solo this time, and he really takes advantage of his extra talking time. There's hardly a single quiet spot throughout the entire commentary, as Liman is always either discussing changes between the two versions of the movie or simply discussing the making of it. A very strong track - worth listening to.


Confidential Files (15:53): Featured here are 11 deleted scenes, an alternate ending, a gag reel, and a screenplay alternate ending (which allows you to use the "chapter skip" buttons to switch between pages). The deleted scenes featured here contain some of the more basic cut footage, while the following extras contain some major cuts you don't want to miss. However, these are still fun to check out (especially the gag reel). Also, look out for the easter egg located here, which holds some of the wedding footage shown briefly in the background of the film.

Domestic Violence (33:04): This is a nice, in-depth featurette which pretty much contains two sections: a discussion of the screenplay (and how it had to be constantly shopped around to various studios), and a making-of featurette featuring loads of great behind-the-scenes footage. I especially enjoyed how this extra showed numerous different angles and cuts of scenes, all on-screen at the same time. Very cool.

Doug's Film School: Almost each one of these contains a lengthy introduction/mini-making-of discussing what's being presented, followed by the actual scenes, etc. They are all quite interesting, and really show how much a movie can change while going through various production stages.
  • Framing Device (6:00): Shows a different way the movie was almost presented; through the voice of Adam Brody as he tells a woman the story of the two assassins while trying to pick her up. Interesting to watch, but I'm really glad they didn't go along with it - it's just a bad idea.
  • Mother and Father (10:09): Features Terrence Stamp and Jacqueline Bisset, and Keith David and Angela Bassett, both playing "Mother and Father" characters, respectively. It's not quite what it sounds... "Mother and Father" refers to John and Jane's bosses. Interesting to watch, but I'm glad they didn't go through with this idea. It's unnecessary.
  • Snowy Ravine (19:39): This section is all about the scene where John and Jane meet on the job for the first time (without even realizing who they're fighting). Originally, the setting was supposed to take place at, as the title implies, a snowy ravine. Included here is a previs of the sequence combined with a bit of footage that was shot for it, featurettes discussing shooting both versions of the scene, and two screenplay options featuring both scenes. Very cool.
  • Hood Jump (3:47): Includes animated storyboards showing how a scene is planned out. Also included is a script excerpt for this scene. Interesting stuff.
  • Underground Garage (3:57): This is the same thing as above, except it's about a different scene and its location.
  • HomeMade (11:49): This extra features a very different version of the shoot-out in the home-making store. Also included are two storyboard sequences and a screenplay excerpt. Check it out.
  • Previsualizations (7:46): There are 7 of them, all showcasing different scenes in their pre-planning stages. A few of these didn't even make the film, so they're cool to check out.
There are also 3 Galleries, entitled "Director Doug Liman's Album", "Producer Lucas Foster's Album", and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith Crew Photo Album".
The original DVD version of this movie came out no more than 8 months prior to this 2-disc Unrated release. This means that the people who are reading this review and are considering whether to buy this DVD probably, (a.) decided not to buy the prior version because they knew there would be a Special Edition in the future, or (b.) already bought the prior version, and are trying to decide whether to double-dip.

Firstly, I'd like to say "smart move!" to all of those who fit into the "a." category (not me, by the way - I couldn't wait to blow my load... of cash on the first release). Now then, I know how much of a bitch double-dipping can be, but in this case, you might just wanna do it. The extras are great, the UNRATED version of the movie is just as good if not better than the theatrical cut, and the movie consists of a scene where Pitt and Jolie get it on like circus monkeys. What have you got to lose? (Well, aside from $20 and your dignity for actually buying the same movie twice.)
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