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Not Another Teen Movie
DVD disk
10.06.2004 By: The Arrow
Not Another Teen Movie order
Joel Gallen

Chris Evans
Chyler Leigh
Mia Kirshner


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This shameless hour and a half parodies the recent onslaught of teen movies by taking the basic premise of SHE'S ALL THAT and filling it with disgusting sight gags, lots of female tits 'n ass (yummy), tasteless pokes at the physically handicapped (ugh?) and every other toilet “yuck-yuck” joke that you can think of. But is it freaking funny? Rev up the vibrator and find out…
My main problem with this oeuvre is that the underlying themes in terms of the complexity of the characters are...just kidding! Look, this is a parody of dinky/gross-out teen movies and depending on your sense of humor, you’ll either piss yourself laughing or you’ll frown like Burt Reynolds losing his toupee. What we basically get here are obvious sly nods to AMERICAN PIE, SHE'S ALL THAT, 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, CRUEL INTENTIONS, etc..., but the film even takes a stroll down John Hughes' lane by ridiculing PRETTY IN PINK, THE BREAKFAST CLUB (funny ass scene) and FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. Pokes at ALMOST FAMOUS (whatever) and AMERICAN BEAUTY (had me on the floor) are also found in this jamboree of fun. Apart from the horde of references, this baby not only showcases many clever moments that wooed me (the Perfect Girl entrance, for example) but also had me giggling with disgust at the more crass sequences (the two girls kissing scene…”puke”…you’ll see).

The film definitely wouldn’t have been as effective with a lesser cast. Here, everybody is so on the ball! From the popular Freddy Prinze Jr-like jock (Chris Evans), the criminally sexy Cruelest Girl In the World (Mia Kirshner), the side-splitting Token “plang-plang” Black Guy (Deon Richmond) to the scary/obsessive “Best Friend” (Eric Jungmann), they all had me going. The cast is too vast to fully mention here but I’ll say this: ALL of the actors are obviously having mucho fun with the material. On the downside, some jokes do miss the mark. I didn’t find the VARSITY BLUES dude, the physically handicapped ladies (kind of cruel) or the turret syndrome gal humorous at all. But my biggest beef with this puppy is that during its last half hour, it stopped bringing the laughs and basically just felt like what it was parodying in the first place: a corny teen movie. But I was eventually won back with by the “Grease/She’s All That” sing and dance number and a kool Molly Ringwald cameo. I HADE A BLAST!

Best dressed (8 minutes): A discussion on the various sets and how they pulled them off on a limited budget. We also get some insight on the locations, the costumes and the whip cream bikini. Some of the cast members come in to say their two cents. Very pleasant and informative.

School Clown (9 minutes): We get a montage of the film’s more outrageous gags and the special effect designer brings us on set to explain how he accomplished them (the toilet crash). Director Joel Gallen also steps up to the plate to talk about the shit-spraying scene. Jamie Pressly talks about the cheers and the film’s choreographer blabs about the massive dance sequence. Again, info up the wazoo!

My Freshman year (12 minutes): We learn how the director got the gig, the changes that were made to the script once he was attached to the project, the casting process and we also witness the first day on set. Way kool!

THE YEARBOOK (6 minutes): Here we get a very slickly produced montage of pictures of the whole cast and the director, set up in a yearbook type of motif. We also get to see some of the cast members’ own personal pictures. Harmless and fun.

JOEL GALLEN’S CAR RIDE (3 minutes): Jenny McCarthy and Jack Plotnick star in director’s Joel Gallen’s short flick about a cutie who hitches a ride with a nice serial killer. Somewhat amusing but way too short to be fully satisfying.

MEET THE CAST PROMO (30 seconds each): Here we get 7 promo reels for 7 characters talking to the camera. It’s pretty funny at times and ho-hum at others. Overall though…I dug it.

AUDITIONS MONTAGE (3 minutes): Here we get a very kool montage of the audition sessions for most of the teen players. Engaging and funny.

TEST YOUR TEEN MOVIE IQ: A well-put together quiz that tests our knowledge of today’s teen films and the 80’s gems. This feature is good to kill time while you wait for the pizza to arrive. Fun stuff!

COMMENTARIES: Here, we get three full-length options including:

Filmmakers Commentary: Director Joel Gallen and screenwriter Mike Bender give us plenty of info on the production, the casting and the many script stages they went through. Dead time is seldom and the commentary is mostly engaging.

Cast Commentary: Chyler Leigh (Janey), Chris Evan (Jake), Jaimee Pressly (Priscilla), Eric Jungmann (Ricky), Eric Christain Olsen (Austin) are all together and give a chaotic yet interesting in a “we’re at a party” kind of way commentary. We do catch some tidbits of info here and there, but it’s mostly them kidding around. Still amusing though.

Teen Movie Factoids: Think Pop Up Video, a little square appears at the bottom of the screen giving us insight on the movies that are referenced throughout Not Another Teen Movie…. I love this shite!

This jam-packed DVD also slaps 10 deleted scenes, Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love" music video and theatrical trailers our way. Are you exhausted yet? I know I am!
Wow! Now this is a quality DVD! I’m very impressed. Is the flick itself a cure for cancer? No! Is it cure for the blues, well it just might be, all depending on what cranks your chuckle dial. I for one love this kind of tasteless humor and find that the flick not only managed to cleverly parody teen movies but it also “surprise, surprise” deconstructed some of its conventions, putting their silliness on display. Tag all that with an energetic directing approach, female flesh galore (you gotta love those exchange students) and a soundtrack that kicks major ass and you get a flawed but still very enjoyable chunk of celluloid. I wanted to laugh…I LAUGHED! That’s all that I was asking from it.
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