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Orgazmo (SE)
DVD disk
04.08.2005 By: Scott Weinberg
Orgazmo (SE) order
Trey Parker

Trey Parker
Dian Bachar
Robyn Lynne Raab


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It's about a kind-hearted Mormon dork who (sort of unwittingly) ends up as ORGAZMO, a superheroic worldwide porn sensation. And now the meek and pious Joe Young from Utah must distract his wholesome girlfriend, find a way to get his paycheck, and get himself out of the seamy smut-world once and for all! But there IS something tempting about remaining Orgazmo - the world's horniest hero!
If you like your yuks broad, goofy and as raunchy as a strip-joint floor at 3am, then Orgazmo is a slapstick farce you'll most likely enjoy. And if you're already a staunch and loyal fan of the South Park cartoon, then you certainly owe it to yourself to at least give Orgazmo a try. Brainchild and pet project of South Park co-creator Trey Parker, Orgazmo is as happily vulgar and painfully silly a flick as you've ever seen, but it's also surprisingly lighthearted about its smutty ways, which helps a whole lot in the "likability" department. With the same sort of material and a nastier disposition, Orgazmo would come off feeling a little bit creepy, but there's an aw-shucks nuttiness to the flick that helps to keep us smiling -- even through the more disgusting bits.

If Orgazmo feels a bit like a one-joke concept (Mormon discovers the world of porn!), it's a testament to Parker's "anything-for-a-laugh" ensemble that the movie holds your interest for 80-some of its 90-some minutes. (The thing really does run out of steam towards the end.) Particularly amusing are Dian Bachar, a gifted little physical comedian, as Orgazmo's sidekick, Choda Boy, and (yes) Ron Jeremy as a porn star not named Ron Jeremy. Sure, Orgazmo is a scattershot little comedy; and some of the jokes hit the dirt with a thud, but others hit you right in the silly bone and stick there. Parker's longtime cohort Matt Stone delivers a scene-stealing little performance as a mullet-haired weirdo who like unicorns.

Note: Two different versions of Orgazmo are offered on disc 1 of this DVD: the NC-17 theatrical cut and an unrated version, which runs about two minutes longer. I watched the unrated cut, and it's about as sincerely "offensive" as that harmless dirty joke that your uncle told you when you were 16.

First off (and the only extra features on Disc 1) are a trio of nearly worthless audio commentaries. The "drunk" track features Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Dian Bachar, producer Jason McHugh, and (seemingly) a half-dozen others as they play drinking games to the movie. A few stray bits of behind-the-scenes information are offered, but mostly it's just drunk babble. (Which is precisely why they called it the "drunken commentary!") Next up is a cast commentary that's all but un-listenable. Not only is it an uninteresting and wholly chaotic commentary track, but the audio quality is so bad ... you can hardly even hear it! Not-half-bad (if only for its weirdness) is the third and final commentary track, which is known on the DVD menu as the "Wild" track. This track begins with a few South Park writers as they babble indecipherably, and just when it all seems too terrible to even continue...in pops Weird Al Yankovic! And then Dave Foley and Kevin Smith! Sure, their collective comments have very little to do with the movie onscreen, but hey, it's just goofy enough to enjoy. Barely.


Deleted Scenes (29:17): Available with or without crew audio commentary (one that also suffers from fairly rotten audio quality), this is a generous collection of excised scenes. Some are extensions of existing scenes, while several others are entirely new. One suspects that Orgazmo was edited frequently and haphazardly, because there's some cutting room floor material that's really very funny. Even on the commentary track Parker often yells "Why did we cut that scene?" and you start to get the idea that even HE has no idea. And he's the director!

The Book of Orgazmo (39:06): Easily the highlight of the special features department, this retrospective featurette includes interview segments with several of the cast & crew members, clips from earlier Parker/Stone collaborations, and even some amusing comedy schtick. This is definitely the first place the fans should go after watching the movie for the 81st time.

Dragon Con Interview (33:40): It seems like "wretched audio quality" is the unintended theme of this DVD release. Here we have an interview between Trey Parker and an unseen room full of comic-con-goers. Once the questions start pouring in, things get pretty good, but we're forced to contend with reprehensible sound quality and frequent technical glitches for our efforts.

Trailers - Red Band Trailer (2:10) & Original 16mm Trailer (3:25): The former is the trailer you might have caught in theaters. The latter is a trailer used for promotional purposes, which means it's full of footage you won't see in the final product. Lots of the costumes (and some of the actors) are quite different from the movie.

Outtakes (41:37): Can't remember the last time I saw 40-plus minutes of outtakes in one sitting, but here they are. Lots of line-flubbing and cracking-up stuff that grows weary after a while, although Stone & Parker together manage to screw up in somewhat hilarious fashion. Maybe a quarter of these outtakes generate any laughs. Perhaps the DVD producers should have added an "deleted scenes from the outtakes" section.

Behind the Scenes (17:43): Guy-with-a-video camera footage of the set during production. This material feels pretty much the same as the Outtakes section. I guess Universal just wanted to throw literally everything they had in their vaults on to this Special Edition.

EPK Interviews (7:52): Parker, Stone, McHugh, the lovely pornstress Juli Ashton settle in for a few very brief questions. Surface-deep material here, but still a worthwhile inclusion for the hardcore fans.

Stills Gallery: 40-some snapshots from the set, plus a few pieces of production artwork thrown in for flavor.

Worthy of mention: Nearly all of the extra features on disc 2 come with optional subtitle capability, which is always a cool thing to see. There's also a few easter eggs strewn about and the trailers for Half-Baked, Seed of Chucky, Unleashed, and Assault on Precinct 13.
This is a DVD created for those of you who already LOVE this movie, and there's not a damn thing wrong with that. I might complain that over 50% of the extra features are virtually worthless, but a more passionate Parker/Stone fan might be thrilled over the extra clippings. So if you're one of those fans, consider this Special Edition a must-own; if you've never seen Orgazmo before, be sure to make it a rental first. And hide the kiddies.
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