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Pineapple Express (SE)
DVD disk
01.29.2009 By: Sturdy
Pineapple Express (SE) order
David Gordon Green

Seth Rogen
James Franco
Rosie Perez


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A stoner process-server accidentally witnesses a crime boss committing murder. Scared for his life and fearing that he may have incriminated his drug dealer, they team up and go on the run. But they quickly realized that being stoned and scared donít equate to an easy escape.
No matter how hard you try, sometimes you canít help but build up expectations for a film. I must admit that Iím guilty as charged when it comes to building up expectations for PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. I thought that we had achieved a perfect comedic destiny with Seth Rogen and James Franco reteaming after their Freaks and Geeks days. The thought of watching them act stoned and silly for two hours was very exciting. But after the movie was finished, I couldnít shake this feeling of disappointment.

So what did I do? I watched it again and I like it a little more. In fact, I think that this film will get better with repeated viewings. There are so many little jokes and bits of dialogue that itís nearly impossible to get it all the first time. Not only that, but most of the jokes are hidden in-between lines of serious, plot moving dialogue. Iíve also learned that people who have had relationships with drug dealers, or have known drug dealers, enjoy this film a little more than those of us who have never had any known contact with a distributor of drugs.

But even though the film didnít make me laugh my ass off, I still enjoyed it all the same. It had enough quotable moments (ďI had two ideas; Ďnowhereí and ĎQuizno'sí.Ē) that it merits a couple of viewings. I will say that the absolute funniest part of the film was Franco putting his leg through the windshield. The problem, of course, is that we saw that a hundred times in the preview so it wasnít nearly as funny when we saw it in the movie. The performances all around were top notch. Iím a huge Rogen fan and he continues to prove that he can handle carrying his own films.

There were also stretches in the film where we went without a laugh, which is always my barometer for measuring how funny a film is. When a comedy goes 20 minutes without making you laugh, it better be damn good when it does. In this case, the film couldíve been cut down about 20 minutes and it wouldíve done a world of wonder for it. But maybe I just need to fraternize with drug dealers more so I can better appreciate some of the jokes.
Commentary with Seth Rogen, James Franco, David Gordon Green and Judd Apatow: I think you know even before reading this that this is going to be one hell of a commentary. This is the reason you buy the DVD. It doesnít disappoint. They bust up and tell plenty of good stories and discuss various aspects of the film. There are plenty of jokes to go around and they even throw in some good facts. Well worth the listen, even if you didnít like the film.

Gag Reel (4:55): There are a lot of gags crammed into five minutes and you get the feeling they couldíve made this another 25 or 30 minutes. This isnít your typical gag reel because it avoids the normal line flubs. Instead, we get a lot jokes and accidents.

Making of Pineapple Express (21:08): This is where they talk about Brad Pittís character in True Romance being the inspiration for the whole film. They wanted to combine his character with a Bruckheimer-type situation. As with the rest of the features, itís funnier than your typical featurettes because Rogen, Franco and the rest of the cast keep the jokes flowing.

Deleted Scenes (3:27): Blah. These were a waste and itís good they were cut. They werenít funny and barely served to further the story.

Extended and Alternate Scenes (21:06): There were only a few scenes and they were pretty long. I didnít like the extended cut of the opening scene since I thought the scene dragged on as it was. However, the scene with the guys in the woods talking about Rogenís relationship was very funny, but probably best left to the DVD and not in the movie.

Phone Booth (6:25): Seth Rogen did a couple versions of the Phone Booth scene. On one of them, Judd Apatow is on the other line reading the lines of the girlfriend. It was a good scene and I liked the version in the movie the best.

Line-O-Rama (3:28): The only reason this works is because it moves along really fast. Itís a series of one-liners by the cast that was cut from the film. Theyíre all very quick and funny, especially if you put them into the context of the movie.

Direct-O-Rama (3:47): This is the same as the above featurette, but the lines are coming from the director. Unfortunately, this one is longer and not nearly as funny.

Item 9 (4:17): This is a strange extra featuring Justin Long. Itís set up like a military service announcement. Itís not really funny and just kind of weird.

Saulís Apartment (13:46): Saul and Red are in their apartment, talking with various characters from the movie and getting high. Itís pure improvisation and itís actually pretty funny. This would have been good during the end credits.

Raw Footage (32:43): This is a series of scenes from the movie with no background noise or music. If youíve ever been on a movie set, this is what it really looks like. Itís a really cool special feature, but you can only watch it for so long before you get bored.

Rehearsal Footage (5:40): This is Seth and the policewoman doing some takes of their scene in the car together. Sheís really funny and this was fun to watch as they came up with various lines.

First Table Read (8:36): Table reads are kind of like raw footage in the sense that itís nice to see for a minute or two, but watching people sit around and read a script gets old pretty quick.

Comic Con Panel (7:33): One of these days, Iím going to go to a Comic Con. When I do, I really hope Seth Rogen is there hawking a movie. His panels are classic and theyíre always a blast. I like it better when they field questions from the audience, but this one was still pretty good.

The Action of Pineapple Express (12:19): They talk about the action in the film to great lengths in the commentary and poke fun at the fact the action is spaced out and confined to a couple of scenes. I thought that was more interesting than breaking down the action sequences with behind the scenes footage, which is what this is.

Begleyís Best (5:43): Begley gives us a little informational featurette on his non-toxic stain remover. This is okay, but couldíve been wrapped into another featurette.

Red and Jessicaís Guide to Marriage (4:12): This had nothing to do with the film, but Red and Jessica improv some lines and give advice on how to make a marriage work. These kind of scenes are okay, but a little gratuitous.

Injury Report (4:56): Apparently, Seth Rogen is not very coordinated because he got hurt a lot. This just runs down the various injuries the cast had during the shoot.

Stuntmaster Ken (3:12): A couple of movie clips and some interviews with Ken the stuntman. Heís a funny guy and this was a nice, if not quick, featurette.

There are also some Previews
If you look at Express as a buddy-movie first and a comedy second, I think youíll enjoy it a little more. Even though I had too high of hopes for it, I still found it to be an enjoyable film thatís worth re-watching. But cautious fans should give it a rental first.
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