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Scary Movie 4
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04.06.2011 By: Jacob Riley
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For this fourth installment in the Scary Movie franchise they take a crack at movies like War of the Worlds, Signs, The Grudge, The Village and Saw for some cheap laughs. Yup, it is pretty much what you would expect.
I want to go on the record stating the first Scary Movie isn't bad, for the most part it is a pretty good time, but it spawned a completely unnecessary series of gradually more inferior sequels and knockoffs that anyone older than Justin Bieber should not be interested in.

That said Scary Movie 4 when looked at for it's own merits really isn't that good. In fact it is pretty damn awful and doesn't stand the test of time. Sure, it is chock-full of cameos and, at the time, topical and maybe relevant humor but coming up on six years later this is probably one of those movies that shouldn't have seen a Blu-ray release.

Let me start with one of my biggest beefs, director David Zucker. The man is (or at least was) a comedic genius and has given us some of the funniest movies that you will ever see (Top Secret!, the Naked Guns and BASEketball) but he just seemed to phone this one in. It is almost like the man isn't even trying anymore, we need more real screwball comedies in this world and he is more than capable, it sucks that he is content to abort out this crap. Speaking of the Naked Gun flicks the late, great Leslie Nielsen makes an appearance as a bumbling president and although it is one of the bright spots in an otherwise infuriating movie it just makes me want to watch some classic Nielsen flicks and turn off Scary Movie 4. The man is a legend and I would rather forget his involvement in this movie and remember him from the films I grew up watching, so I am just going to move on.

As far as the story goes Scary Movie 4 is convoluted as all hell. If this franchise was ever a decent spoof of the horror genre that must have been at least two films prior because this one can't decide what it wants to be. They take a crack at a couple of Shyamalan movies like Signs and The Village which, admittedly, have some basis in horror but then they go and saturate the movie with an insane amount of pop-cultural references for cheap laughs at the expense of any semblance to effectively mock horror movies. In fact I think the greatest joke about this whole movie is that is still bears the title "Scary Movie", like it is still trying to exclusively parody horror movies or something, as at this point it the elements that made the first one effective and even genuinely funny take a back seat to how many celebrities they can pack in. Admittedly I laughed at the Shaqille O'Neal/Dr. Phil bit, but only because I kept imagining Kazaam trying to shoot free-throws.

So yes, you will find some of the jokes laughable and some of the parody effective but taken as a whole Scary Movie 4 is easily the weakest in an already mediocre franchise. I think the greatest redeeming quality is that it works as something of a comedic time capsule from 2006, with so many jokes and cultural references that I had honestly forgotten completely about cheaply exploited for this movie. Like Tom Cruise going crazy on Oprah (the only part of the movie that had me near to tears in laughter), it almost makes you feel nostalgic if you weren't already nauseous.
This "Unrated & Uncensored" Scary Movie 4 Blu-ray comes with a pretty impressive abundance of special features and some of them are pretty enjoyable.

14-minutes of deleted scenes and alternate scenes with a few new gags, complete with optional director commentary.

The Scary Truth: A Conversation with the Filmmakers (35:10): A look behind the veil with David Zucker, producer Robert K. Weiss and writer Craig Mazin, at least it looked like these three thourougly enjoyed themselves.

The Man Behind the Laugh: David Zucker (3:44): The cast and crew take the time to bring attention to David Zucker's unique laugh, a laugh which can be heard clearly throughout almost all of the 4-minutes of this featurette.

Bloopers (6:59): Don't let the movie fool you, these are professional actors but even the best screw up sometimes and some of the cameos are well worth the watch.

Zany Spoof Humor: Zucker Style (2:53): David Zucker has given us some classics, and this is a quick tribute his style, even the late Leslie Nielsen pops in for a quick word.

The Visual Effects of Scary Movie 4 (8:30): Due to the increasing sci-fi nature of the this movie some special effects wizardlry was employed, now you can have a closer look at exactly what went into those fx.

"YoungbloodZ" (3:26): There is a rapper duo that appears in the movie, thank God this quick extra gives us more of them.

Rappers. . .Actors (2:38): Oh yeah, those two weren't the only rappers turned actors in this affair, some highlights include Lil Jon and Chingy.

The Cast (16:01): Take a closer look at the cast involved, some old and some new.

Improvisation of Craig Bierko (7:09): This dude has some talent that creates the most memorable scene in the movie, Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch, it is really brilliant actually.
If you are a fan of good horror/sci-fi parody I recommend the first Scream or Slither, to name just a couple of the top of my head, but if you are just looking for some cheap laughs Scary Movie 4 will probably get the trick done. But if you choose to simply pass this one over though you won't be missing much.
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