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Seed of Chucky
DVD disk
Once again, the infamous killer doll Chucky is back in this, the fifth film in the Chucky franchise. You didn’t think he actually died in the last installment, ‘Bride of Chucky’ did you? And now not only is he still with Tiffany, his lovely bride, but they now have a son, or is it a daughter? What will this most dysfunctional family do to get a human baby? Go to Hollywood and Jennifer Tilly, naturally. Warning: Contains scenes of Chucky performing a lewd act on himself.
This type of horror-comedy is not for everyone but I’m one of those viewers who enjoys some cheesy, and gory, horror-humor now and then. Especially if it’s a Chucky film because Chucky rocks, as he has since ‘Child’s Play’ came out years ago. Since then, this franchise has only grown and improved, if you ask me. In ‘Seed of Chucky’, we have the newcomer of the series, Glen or Glenda, (voiced by Billy Boyd of LOTR fame) who’s Chucky’s (Brad Dourif voiced) and Tiffany’s (Bride of Chucky, voiced by Jennifer Tilly) offspring. Glen is British, he’s polite and shy, and he misses his parents whom he has never known. He goes to search for them, and the trek is a wild ride through Hollywood, and through some endearing family moments and a few murders thrown in for good measure too. There are even a couple of homages to other films in here, such as ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Shining’, and a handful of great one-liners as well as a few not-so-clever ones.

The dolls are amazing, especially the newest addition, Glen/Glenda, as he has an eerily life-like looking face, big haunting eyes with a great British accent and he’s quite a change from his murderous parents as well. The idea of the film, and the child of Chucky, was a great one you can really make fun with. Jennifer Tilly really mocks herself perfectly here, as she plays a great parody of herself and let’s not forget, her famous voice and assets, she is cool. She’s the kind of actress who plays dumb, but you know she’s not. She plays Tiffany and herself and she’s talented as both. Brad Dourif as Chucky is, as always, perfectly voiced. I was impressed by all the special effects and puppetry, it seems effortless but it’s very hard, time-consuming work. It comes out so good that we never once see these dolls as anything but real. This film includes Redman, who’s very cool as the director in the film, trying to do a re-make of a Bible story starring Tilly as the Virgin Mary, but most importantly to me, John Waters who plays a scummy paparazzi stalker dude. Mr. Waters is a genius to me, and seeing him play this part was a thrill. He’s a Chucky fan, of course, was there ever any doubt? The question is will he survive Chucky? I won’t give it away. The only problem I had with the film was that they left me wondering how Glen ends up in England at the beginning of the film. It would’ve been nice to get cleared up on that and a couple of other small questions I had, but besides that and a few boring one-liners, I can’t complain. Last but not least, although not ‘Exorcist” scary, this film did include a few really gory moments I loved. I laughed some, and didn’t feel scared once.
Chucky’s Insider Facts on Demand:These little pop-up notes, containing over 150 cool Chucky facts, come on while watching the movie, option to have it on or off. Not a bad feature but could get tedious too.

Slashed Scene with Actress Debbie Carrington with Commentary: Actress Debbie Carrington discusses her deleted scenes from the film. A cool but too short feature, only three minutes long.

Heeere’s Chucky:A revealing interview a la Charlie Rose or Inside the Actors Studio starring Chucky himself. Features several early Chucky screen tests for such films as Scarface.

Family Helli-Day Slideshow:A short, unfunny feature with the three dolls enjoying some home movie slides together as a family. The one-liners delivered here were stale.

Conceiving the Seed of Chucky:A cool, almost twenty-minute featurette about the whole Chucky phenomenon and the evolution of this originally frightening horror film into the realm of horror-comedy. Includes interviews with most of the cast and crew such as Redman, Jennifer Tilly, John Waters, Don Mancini, Chucky and many more.

Jennifer Tilly on the Tonight Show:A very funny two-minute spoof sketch on Tilly’s supposed Tonight Show appearance.

Fuzion Up Close with the Seed of Chucky Stars:Chucky, Tiffany and Jennifer Tilly get interviewed on this pop show. A so-so five-minute feature.

Storyboard to Final Feature Comparison:As one scene from the storyboard is placed below the final shot scene from the movie, one can easily compare the two. Contains five murder scenes dissected with their storyboard images. I enjoyed this feature, even if somewhat technical. Around a quarter of an hour long.

Audio Commentaries:One features the director/writer Don Mancini and actress Jennifer Tilly and the other features the director again, but this time with puppet master, Tony Gardner. As far as audio commentaries go, these two weren’t half-bad and were quite enlightening actually. I don’t see the point of having two different commentaries though, it’s annoying to have too many extra features sometimes.

Theatrical and Teaser Trailers:The teaser trailer has a cool catch-line ‘Deliver Us Some Evil’.

Cast and Filmmakers:A written list of the entire cast and crew of the movie.

Jennifer Tilly’s Diary:The worst feature, a written one page out of her diary about the film. Not even funny.
With an all-star cast, creepy supernaturally possessed killer dolls, an exciting story-line and some cool one-liners, you could do worse than to check this movie out. It may not be the scariest, but it does have some gore in there. The quantity of bonus features is enough to keep any Chucky fan satisfied, I believe, and they’re cool features too, give or take a couple. This film, obviously geared toward the Chucky fanbase, is also for non-Chucky lovers to watch because it offers them some light, funny entertainment that although scary, is not scary enough that you won’t be able to go to sleep later that night. It’s horror-comedy at its best.
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