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Seinfeld (S5)
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11.25.2005 By: JaneBlo
Seinfeld (S5) order

Jerry Seinfeld
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SEINFELD was a popular 90’s TV show that has seriously impacted pop culture and some of North-Americans’ expressions. This show, about a stand-up comic and his friends and their quirky, funny adventures in New York City, ran for nine years and now the complete fifth season is available on a four–disc DVD set for our viewing pleasure. So let’s take a look inside the 22 hit episodes that many of us have grown to love as Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), George (Jason Alexander) and Kramer (Michael Richards), along with a host of talented guest stars and supporting actors, crack us up some more.
One of the reasons I always enjoyed the Seinfeld series is because the writing is top-notch. The ideas the writers have dreamed up are really funny and usually a little loopy too. My favorite episode, “The Stand-In” contains a great scene between Elaine and Kramer where Kramer asks Elaine , “How was your date with so and so?” She replies, “He took it out.” Kramer freaks at this and replies, “Maybe it needed some air. You know, sometimes they just need air.” I don’t have to tell you what they’re discussing here, do I? There are a number of great one-liners and hilarious scenes in this season, no worries about a lack of humor.

The episode guest starring Jami “I simply can’t spare a square” Gertz is a classic, without a doubt. Elaine is all out of toilet paper and requests from the stall next to her some help from Jami Gertz, who just happens to be dating Jerry. The conclusion of this show is good on revenge. “The Wife” show in which Courteney Cox guest stars as Jerry’s fake wife in order to get dry-cleaning discounts is only one of the many shows in which very cool guests help out the Seinfeld cast. Others who appear in this season are: Lisa Edelstein (the Rizotto girl), Bryant Gumbel (as himself in the puffy shirt show), Marlee Matlin (the deaf lines-woman), Jennifer Coolidge (as a masseuse but won’t give her boyfriend Jerry a massage), Dan Cortese (Elaine’s “mimbo”), Carol Kane, Danny Woodburn, Judge Reinhold (the close talker), and even Jon Favreau as the clown in the episode “The Fire”. It would be a shame to leave out the two sets of parents: Liz Sheridan and Barney Martin as Helen and Morty Seinfeld, Jerry’s folks, and of course, the very funny and beloved Estelle Harris and Jerry Stiller as Estelle and Frank Costanza, George’s folks. Jerry Stiller is fantastic as George’s hyper, strange but oddly sweet father. His mother is a basket case who screams loudly, and often. It’s a real thrill to have the parents acting in any of the shows, they only make it funnier.

But, before we move on to discussing the special features on this DVD set, let’s take a short look at the most famous, infamous maybe, show of the entire fifth season: The Puffy Shirt. Some editions even come with a tiny personal “puffy shirt” for you to enjoy along with the DVD. Mine didn’t. So in this show, Kramer’s girlfriend, the low-talker, asks Jerry to wear her latest fashion creation on the “Today Show”. Since he can’t hear her, he simply nods and ends up wearing the most ridiculous, puffy pirate shirt ever on national TV. Hilarious, especially the comments that Bryant Gumbel makes to Jerry as they chat on the show. For fans of the show, the “puffy shirt” has become a very well-known piece of clothing, my friends. It’s enough to say that this show and some of its classic lines have certainly infiltrated popular culture in many ways and that’s saying a lot (shrinkage anyone?) I would also like to add that it’s good the show ended when it did, we’ll always remember it so fondly.
Jason + Larry = George: How George Costanza’a character was created, by taking a bit of Larry David and some of Jason Alexander and voilà! I thought this was a worthwhile extra as the character of George is very important and so’s Larry David to the success of the show.

Yada, Yada, Yada: Audio commentaries by the cast and crew on different episodes offer us a variety of takes on the making of the shows and on where the ideas came from. A very interesting feature.

Master of His Domain: Jerry Seinfeld never before seen stand-up comedy routine is too short, that’s my only complaint. When it’s that funny, you want more than 8 minutes.

Notes About Nothing: This is a feature we can switch on or off and it includes the production notes written over the episodes as well as behind-the-scenes scoop. An interesting feature, quite informative.

In the Vault: Deleted scenes from many of the fifth season’s episodes, saved from the cutting room floor, are actually very enjoyable and funny.

Inside Looks: Short video commentaries by cast and creators about the behind-the-scenes aspects of most shows. Worth checking out if your interest is piqued.

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That: Twenty minutes worth of actually funny bloopers unlike the so-called bloopers I’ve seen lately, which were not funny at all. These bloopers are great fun and laughing that hard, it’s healthy. The second best feature after the stand-up routine.

Sponsored by Vandelay Industries: A bunch of NBC promotional ads and trailers.
All fans of SEINFELD will want to own this DVD and I guarantee they will love it. Even if you did not grow up with this hit show, as most of us in a certain age group have, you will still love and enjoy these classic episodes because they are a good time to be had by all and they’ll make you laugh. The fact that there are tons of really funny bonus features is simply the icing on the cake and will keep any real fan of the show occupied for hours of fun. So whether or not you’re a Seinfeld fan or you simply want to laugh, buy this one to enjoy for years to come and you won’t need to wonder why this show has become such a popular and beloved hit. And beware the puffy shirt…
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