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Seinfeld (S6)
DVD disk
11.25.2005 By: JaneBlo
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Jerry Seinfeld
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SEINFELD was a popular 90’s TV show about nothing, no but seriously. This show, about a stand-up comic and his friends and their bizarre adventures in New York City, ran for nine years and now the complete sixth season is available on a four–disc DVD set for our viewing pleasure. So let’s take a look inside the 24 hit episodes that many of us have grown to love as Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), George (Jason Alexander) and Kramer (Michael Richards), along with a host of talented guest stars and supporting actors, crack us up some more.
The sixth season of this very popular comedy show is just as funny and enjoyable as the previous five seasons have been. Not only are the four main characters of Jerry, his best friend George, his ex-girlfriend Elaine and his zany neighbor Kramer very talented and humorous individuals, but there are, as always with Seinfeld, a great many wonderful guest stars that come on the show as well. In this season, my favorite guest star was Jon Voight, without a doubt. He was in my all-time favorite scene of Seinfeld ever: the scene where he bites Kramer’s arm. Fantastic! The episode in question, entitled “The Mom & Pop Store” is by far the funniest one and the fact that Jon Voight and Bryan Cranston (Dr. Tim Whatley) are in it, is an added bonus for me. I always loved Bryan Cranston, most known for his father role in the popular hit show “Malcolm in the Middle”, where he shines.

In discussing the earlier season I didn’t mention a very important talent in the show since its beginnning: Wayne Knight in the role of Jerry’s arch-rival, postal employee Newman. Newman is perfect in the role as the beady-eyed, over-weight postman with a chip on his shoulder who’s always out to frustrate Jerry. The episode “The Switch” is a crucial one, and one that got high ratings as it’s the show in which the audience finally, after years, finds out what Kramer’s first name is. I won’t give it away for those of you who don’t know but let’s just say it suits him. Another recurring character appearing here is one of Jerry’s comedian acquaintances, the wide-eyed manic Kenny Bania played by Steven Hytner. Bania rocks, he’s just so in your face. Larry David, the show’s co-creator, also appears in some short cameos that are fun to look for. He also supplies the voice of George Steinbrenner on the show.

With a multitude of talented actors, a great many witty and twisted story-lines, and mega watts of humor, conventional and bizarre, this show which was originally supposed to be about nothing is actually about the wacky things humans will do in relationships, in jobs, and in life in general. Now, that said, humor is a personal thing and not everyone will relate to the kind of humor in this show, I call it New York humor, but I personally really related. Being a big city dweller (and a huge lover of NYC), a pop culture junkie and a big TV watcher throughout my life, the show contains many, many references that I could totally relate to. This show has majorly infiltrated our western culture with its many expressions and made-up words to explain human quirks and weaknesses (low-talker, close talker, among others) but my favorite one, which came about in “The Labelmaker” is “re-gifting”. All of us have done that at least once in our lives, I think. And who commits this terrible faux-pas in the show? You guessed it: our beloved dentist Tim Whatley. There are just so many classic lines and scenes that are included in this sixth season of Seinfeld, that to name them all would be too much, so I hope this gives the reader an idea of what they might get when renting or buying this DVD set.
Running With the Egg – Making of Seinfeld: A two parter featurette that gets into all the intricate details of creating a Seinfeld show from beginning to end. Cool to check out if this kind of thing is your bag, around 30 minutes long.

Yada, Yada, Yada: Audio commentaries by the cast and crew on different episodes offer us a variety of takes on the making of the shows and on where the ideas came from. A very interesting feature.

Master of His Domain: Jerry Seinfeld’s never before seen stand-up comedy routine is very funny, too funny to be only 8 minutes long. Should have been much longer.

Notes About Nothing: This is a feature we can switch on or off and it includes the production notes written over the episodes as well as behind-the-scenes scoop. An enjoyable and educational feature.

In the Vault: I usually don’t like the deleted scenes, I might even skip them, but these were funny enough to check out. It’s a good thing these were saved from the sixth season’s cutting room floor to be added on the DVD.

Inside Looks: Short video commentaries by cast and creators about the behind-the-scenes aspects of most shows. Informative and cool.

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That: Twenty minutes worth of actually funny bloopers unlike the so-called bloopers I’ve seen on other DVDs, which aren’t funny at all. This was the second best feature after the stand-up routine. Very funny.

Sein-Imation: Classic Seinfeld episodes are re-imagined as cartoons. A great new feature that I really loved. On here, “The Big Race” is animated as well as “Kramer vs. The Monkey” and “Seinfeld Noir”. A neat idea to add to the DVD.
All fans of SEINFELD will want to own this DVD and I guarantee they will love it. Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, you will still enjoy these classic episodes because they’ll make you laugh and laughter is a good thing. The fact that there are tons of really funny bonus features is simply the icing on the cake. Every episode has many different features attached to it, so a variety of extra material is there for the viewer to check out, if he/she so chooses. The overall content of the DVD package is amazing, it’s almost like everything they could have used to pad this season with, they have. Plenty of material to keep any comedy fan busy for many hours of comedy. Rent or buy this one today to add to your comedy collection at home.
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