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Sex and the City 2
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11.12.2010 By: J.A. Hamilton
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Two years after getting married, Carrie’s starting to feel a little restless with Big and it looks like all the girls could use a break from the grind. When Samantha lands an all expense paid trip to Abu Dhabi for the four of them, the gang jump at the opportunity to get away for some girl time.
I am without a doubt one of the biggest fans of HBO entertainment. I won’t go as far as saying HBO can do no wrong but they’re pretty damn close. SEX AND THE CITY made sense to me, after all with the countless shows out there catering to men, their sense of humour and what they do and talk about behind closed doors; it was about time women got their due. My girl loves this show, so naturally I’ve ended up watching far more episodes than I wanted to but in all fairness I enjoyed it most of the time, mainly because of the dialogue and bond between the four friends. The first film was bound to happen and having a “Big” wedding also made sense to me. There really was no need of a sequel which becomes very evident when the girls end up in Abu Dhabi for a rather pointless adventure.

The first hour of this film was fine and actually felt like what a SEX AND THE CITY movie/episode should feel like. The wedding was hilarious and touching, beautiful to a fault and a fun way to expand and squeeze in some of the show’s key sub-characters. Liza Minnelli’s version of Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” was cringe worthy (I hate that song with a passion) but other than that I enjoyed it. I also dug Alice Eve as the braless nanny but then again, what guy wouldn’t. As far as the men of the series go, they were downplayed here. Big got the better part of this spotlight but even then he was put on the back burner. Smith’s part was barely mentionable, ending up being nothing more than a gateway for the trip and Aidan? Well, I found his whole presence here unnecessary.

Our girls themselves certainly haven’t lost their camaraderie (on set anyway, this film was a hissy fit nightmare of egos and estrogen led mainly by Kim Cattrall which was ironic to me considering the hormonal edge to her character) and pick up exactly where they left off. Their endearing friendship is what makes the show/films enjoyable and I will say that this magic was definitely still there but a trip to Abu Dhabi just wasn’t the answer. Everything about the country, hotel and scenery was breathtaking don’t get me wrong but it felt like a stretch and far too much of the film was spent there. I get that they all wanted and needed a vacation but whatever positive energy this place created is immediately squashed by Samantha’s recklessness which I suppose goes hand in hand with character but still came off as foolish to me.

SEX AND THE CITY 2 could’ve been a decent film had they not strayed so far from the beaten path and added senseless drama and ridiculousness as they went along. Carrie’s character has always bothered me; she’s a whiny, two timing retard who’s never satisfied with what’s she’s got; a fact that hits home yet again in this sequel. Samantha’s sex obsessed persona is getting tired, especially considering she by no means looks the part these days. Beyond that, the essence of what people know and love about this show is here, albeit it’s buried under the sand so to speak but it‘s here on some levels and for that reason this film is watchable to those who love the show. If you don’t love the show, or know very little about it, this will become two and a half hours of your life you’ll never get back.
Commentary: Director Michael Patrick King takes us through the film solo which I found a bit odd. It’s clear he’s totally loving the Abu Dhabi theme but why not have the four girls present to bounce off of? I think that would have made for a much more interesting sit down.

So Much Can Happen in Two Years: Director Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker exchange stories and their favourite moments from filming SEX AND THE CITY 2. Again, I dig where they’re going with this but why not have all the girls her to make it complete?

Styling Sex and the City 2: Designer Patricia Field takes us through all the fashion featured in the film. This is every woman’s dream.

Marry Me, Liza: This is another quick re-hash look at the wedding scene and Liza’s song, nothing really new.

Revisiting the 80’s: This is yet another re-hash from the film featuring another look at the 80’s garb the girls were sporting in Carrie’s trip down memory lane story. They sure look funny.

The Men of Sex and the City: Director Michael Patrick King and Mario Cantone take us back through the various men that got the girls going over the years on the show. I was always rooting for Big.

Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack: Here we get a backstage pass to see Alicia Keys working the theme song for the film and expressing her love for the show and films.

Previews: There are some trailers, a Blu-ray commercial and very out of place non-smoking commercial. This Blu-ray package also features a DVD and Digital Copy of the film.
I’ve always considered SEX AND THE CITY to be the woman’s equivalent to ENTOURAGE and by that rational considered it valid entertainment. The first film was cool as I’m hoping the upcoming ENTOURAGE film will be but if the boys land a second sequel that takes them half way around the world for nothing, I’ll be forced to accept the same kind of criticism that I’m giving out.
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