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She's the Man
DVD disk
07.18.2006 By: Quigles
She's the Man order
Andy Fickman

Amanda Bynes
Channing Tatum
Laura Ramsey


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A modernization of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", where a girl disguises herself as her brother. This time though, she does it in an attempt to prove herself in soccer.
Amanda Bynes = hot. Amanda Bynes as a boy = not hot. After some simple deductions and mathematic calculations, I quickly realized that Ms. Bynes' presence in this movie was not going to be as fulfilling as I had previously hoped. Fortunately enough though, the movie itself isn't that bad, making the partial lack of Bynes-quality hotness more endurable. Sure, the flick is dorky and cheesy and not just a little bit lame at times, but at least it doesn't try to hide it. In fact, the movie tends to flaunt these traits, and just lets the audience have fun with the whole experience. And as much as I'd like to deny it, I actually did enjoy myself watching this. It's a dorky, stupid, over-the-top, ridiculous movie... and hey, as long as the "fun" is always present, is that really such a bad thing?

Of course the main people who are going to get a lot out of this film are the teenage females, but since I doubt they go to this site all that often, I'm not reviewing this film for them. I'm reviewing this movie for the people who are going to be stuck watching this, whether it be because of your girlfriends, parents, kids, or whoever else. If, on the other hand, you actually WANT to watch this, then you have nothing to worry about - it should match (and likely even exceed) your expectations. But back to everyone else... as long as you ignore some of the "lamer" aspects of the movie (stupid teen drama, obnoxiously loud female bitches, buff guys being sensitive, etc.), this movie shouldn't leave you wanting to stick knives in your face. It's also important to get over the fact that this picture ISN'T believable in any way shape or form, and I'm not just talking about Amanda Bynes trying to pass off as a boy. I'm talking about the character interactions, the gags, and pretty much everything else as well. Once you just ignore that obvious problem, hopefully a cloud of relaxation should swarm over you. It took me half an hour to just let my aggravation disappear - save yourself the trouble and don't let your aggravation build at all.
This a slightly above average teen flick, and as such, it should come complete with a set of above average extras for this type of film... luckily enough, it actually does.

Audio Commentary (with Amanda Bynes, director Andy Fickman, co-writer/producer Jack Leslie, and actors Channing Tatum, Laura Ramsey, Robert Hoffman and Alex Breckenridge): An energetic and informative track, despite being loaded with non-stop laughter and a number of bland spots. Amanda Bynes is fun to listen to, and Andy Fickman does a great job discussing some of the more interesting pieces concerning the film. The other members don't really talk all that much.

Audio Commentary (with producers Jack Leslie and Lauren Shuler Donner): This commentary isn't bad, per se, but it's not particularly great either. The two speakers discuss the ins and outs of the movie, and do so in rather standard form. Personally, I was satisfied with the first commentary.

Trivia Track: Features random tidbits about the play by Shakespeare, soccer, filming, and more. Some of the trivia items are obvious and stupid, while others are genuinely interesting. This is cool to have on while listening to the commentaries.

Making the Man (15:07): A relatively short but decent making of featurette, filled with plenty of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. There's actually some interesting information here, like how the scriptwriter originally put a fake name on the script (previously called "Dude Looks Like a Lady") because he didn't want people to think he was awful. How many DVD featurettes would actually reveal something like that?

The Troupe (7:52): Another featurette, this time dealing with the cast and crew behind the movie. Most of this is just the predictable "praise everyone" bullshit.

Inspired by Shakespeare's... (4:26): Short, but incredibly interesting. This featurette goes into detail about how the filmmakers modernized the original story, but still loaded with the film with non-stop Shakespeare references. Very cool.

Deleted Scenes (11:17): There are 10 of them, each with optional commentary. A few of these are worth watching, mostly because several of them contain the hilarious David Cross.

Gag Reel (3:25): Parts of this are actually funny, while others are just the cast goofing around trying to be funny. What struck me the most about this extra, though, was how well made it was - it looked like they actually put a bit of effort into it (as opposed to just slapping a bunch of clips together).

Also included are a Cast Photo Album, a Music Video entitled "Let Go" by Dave Lichens, the Theatrical Trailer, and 4 Previews.
I have something to confess: I love Amanda Bynes. She is adorable, sweet, and just plain enjoyable to watch on-screen. Her chemistry in the film is easily enough to help disregard the movie's other problems, like the story being completely implausible and even quite stupid at times. But this movie isn't really about being believable - it's about being entertaining and having an onslaught of comedic gags thrown your way. The movie succeeds at this seemingly simple task, which is more than can be said for about 90% of the other "teen" trash that comes out. Good work filmmakers, you've done a decent job - pat yourselves on the back (but not for too long - the movie wasn't THAT good).

Oh, and also worth noting - David Cross gets a few precious moments in this film, and, as usual, he's just awesome. So even if you hate the movie, at least David Cross will be there to ease your woes.
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