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Snatch (SB)
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10.08.2004 By: The Shootin Surgeon
Snatch (SB) order
Guy Ritchie

Jason Statham
Vinnie Jones
Brad Pitt


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A mix of interesting characters fight amongst each other over such trivialities as fixed boxing matches, thousands of Pounds, gambling debts, their very lives and a glorious 86-carat diamond.
A four-fingered diamond crook with a gambling problem, a trio of hopeless black thugs, a gangster who feeds his victims to pigs, an out-of-luck boxing promoter and his gun-toting buddy, a New-York diamond reseller, a hit man with a giant gun a gypsy boxer no one can understand. What do all these characters have in common? Bingo! They're all part of Guy Ritchie's hilarious and entertaining follow-up to his hilarious and entertaining debut LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS. The Brits have really been coming on strong in the criminal comedy department over the last few years and the style won't go away as long as they keep coming up with great efforts that surpass one another in all the realms of good times. As with it's predecessor, Ritchie's second film features plenty of zany characters, lots of drinking, a bunch of wayward gunshots and a plot that will make your head spin until it all land together and joins in like the pieces of a great puzzle you wish you would never finish. Revolving around a huge diamond and an underground boxing circuit, the story is one of shady characters and people who live in the type of world that you think ca only exist.. well... in movies I guess, but if a world like this does exist somewhere, I want in!

The strength of SNATCH though, is it's fantastic cast; Benicio Del Toro, Statham, Pitt, Dennis Farina, Alan Ford, Jason Flemyng, the incomparably cool Vinnie Jones and a bunch more waltz across your screen and Ritchie manages to make the most out of each one of these guys' screen time. Pitt is the most recognizable face and his turn as an incomprehensible gypsy bare-knuckle fighter is another notch in what is perhaps the most versatile actor of his generation. Looking great as usual, even with a couple of weeks worth of beard, a couple of gallons worth of beer and some crazy tattoos, Pitt delivers yet another performance that will knock your boots off. Another highlight is Farina, who teams up with Jones to hunt down the lost diamond and provides his usual dry humor with enough gusto to make you look forward to every second he spends on screen. I could go on but this great ensemble cast would take pages and pages to fully consider. Think PULP FICTION, only fun and fast-paced and starring up and coming actors as opposed to wash-ups.

The film has the same slick type of quick pace, quick cut look as LOCK, STOCK with some really cool angles and some really innovative camera work. It looks a bit like a music video you'd see on MTV but without the crappy music you'd hear on MTV. It actually has an incredibly cool soundtrack, although it does feature a brief clip of one of Madonna's (Ritchie's hack wife) early hits and even though some may find the heavy English accents a bit hard to understand, you can always take comfort in the fact that even the English can't understand the gypsy! So pop this in, pour yourself and you friends a pint and get ready to laugh, worry, shake your head from side to side and most of all, get ready be very, very entertained!
Disc #2 contains the special features, some of which are pretty damn near priceless. It should be noted that the previous, non Superbit edition of a Snatch DVD contained roughly the same material, so no new stuff is added here. To begin with, a 25 minute long featurette on the making of Snatch cracked me up something fierce. Filmed during the shoot with a handheld camera, it's just a riot to listen to all these guys just go at it constantly. From Brad Pitt coming close to drowning in a water tank to Vinnie Jones being cool, you get all kinds of stuff that went on, including Jason Statham cheating in a chess game against Guy Ritchie. No fancy shmancy production values, just a bunch of cool people making a cool film.

Following that is a storyboard to film comparison featuring three scenes in the film. I usually like these things on any DVD but even more so when the scenes are actually fun. Snatch is characterized by really quick cuts and edits and some of those fast-paced scenes are used in this. Very slick. In addition, you can see more coolness in the video photo gallery. It's your basic photo gallery but you don't have to manually scroll through, it does it on it's own, thus the "video".

As far as deleted scenes go, you get six in here, each funner than the rest, including one where Vinnie Jones takes a whizzer in one of Brick Top's goons' pocket. That same scene also features some pretty cool interaction between Alan Ford and Dennis Farina, two guys you don't want to mess around with longer than you have to.

Promotional material is also included in the form of two trailers, one US and one UK and three US TV spots. Cast filmographies are also on the menu.
This movie kicks some proper ass but aside from the Superbit enhancement, there's nothing to set it apart from the "regular" edition. If you don't have that previous one, then you should definitely consider investing in this delightful (and veeery rewatchable film) but if you do, unless you're a tech freak who flips stuff like Superbit, I don't see where it's worth it but regardless which edition you have, the film itself is worth owning.
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