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Sons Of Anarchy (Season 4)
BLU-RAY disk
09.21.2012 By: J.A. Hamilton
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Ron Pearlman
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The boys return home from their stint in prison to find that change has finally come to Charming. The heat's still on, the stakes are even higher now that they've added coke to the game and Clay is slowly losing his mind over JT's letters. Trouble is brewing for Sam Crow, both inside and outside the club.
As a fan of adult themed action dramas I've been hooked on SOA from day one. But as a writer, I'm a little thrown by some of Kurt Sutter's choices for the show's direction. I loved the first two seasons, they gave us lots to explore and many well drawn characters to love. Season three wasn't terrible, but it felt long and tedious. I loved the opening episode of this season with Jax getting revenge for the shiv on the inside (this prison scene takes place between the third and fourth seasons and can be found on the S3 Blu-ray and DVD). I was also happy with the addition of Rockmond Dunbar (C-Note from PRISON BREAK) as well as the interesting relationship that spawns between his wife and Gemma. This season has an edge, but gets more and more damaged as it progresses.

My biggest problem is the formula Sutter uses, which is not unlike many shows before this, such as THE SOPRANOS for example. I loved THE SOPRANOS until they started running out of scenarios to pit the crew against so instead starting pitting them against one another. In the case of Sam Crow, this season starts doing the same (in all truth, it happened last season as well just not with our main guys). I didn't like the storyline they gave Juice, they whole thing sucked and just shouldn't have happened. I'm sure every fan out there is tired of hearing about those damn letters, but they shouldn't have had Clay go rogue and try to take out Tara. I don't buy that. Piney, I can see, but not Tara. Also preposterous. As far as newcomers go, Lincoln Potter's endgame was quite a letdown. And the way they played the RICO end of things was copout city all the way.

I loved Opie's run this season and to be honest, he's probably the most well rounded, detailed character of the mix. What a champ this guy is! He's been to jail, had his wife murdered by his own club (who also planned to take him out), married a stripper, had that fall apart and now his dad gets blown away. Damn bro. Damn. The only thing I called bullshit it was Clay not dying. I mean c'mon guys, what the hell!? You pit him as the villain from Jump Street, you make us hate him and you pretty much insinuate that he's got to go for all this to work out...and then he doesn't. WTF. I get it of course, Sutter wasn't willing to lose a heavy hitter like Ron Pearlman and I don't really blame him, the dude's been the shows anchor from day one. But how about you don't play with our emotions like that only to flip the script and bitch out at the last minute.

SONS OF ANARCHY SEASON 4 had quite a few cool moments don't get me wrong, I loved the buried Mexican in the desert, loved the addition of Danny Trejo, the head chili bit was hilarious and it was cool to see Kosik join the crew...until they had him step and a f*cking landmine (sigh). Sure guys, you can kill him, but Clay just had to live didn't he? The marketing committee might want to write this down: if your season's plot revolves around Jax "getting out", maybe you shouldn't break the news of being green lit for two more seasons after the first couple episodes because seriously, the show won't be going on without Jax so it was pretty damn obvious he wasn't leaving Sam Crow. The season five premier was fun (and deeply emotional) so here's hoping for a brighter future for SOA.
Commentary: There are four commentaries brought to life by our cast and crew. They're fun and the boys have quite the synergy. I just hope more of them don't turn against one another this coming season as this is a great team.

Deleted Scenes: There are some extended episodes (which add the equivalent of dick-all) and then there are some very short deleted scenes that won't add anything to the overall experience. Shame on you Lincoln for that neck break joke.

Gag Reel: Three or four minutes of goofy fun, a couple laughs, lots of F-bombs, but other than that nothing special.

Farewell To Piney: This feature explores Piney's character throughout the series (not just this season). I liked Piney but I knew his days were numbered cause he just didn't know when to shut up and let things go.

Fans Of Anarchy: I really dug this one. Creator Kurt Sutter held a contest which featured two lucky schmoes getting the chance to see the show live as well as attend a meet and greet with the cast. I'd have loved a piece of that action.

Anarchy at House of Blues: The cast and crew hold a special fund raiser for the family of a recently deceased friend. This is very touching and seeing Katey Sagal sing is worth the price of admission right there.

SOA Special apps: There's some fun stuff to do via your mobile devices as you sync them to the Blu-ray. Breaking Bad had this feature as well. Pretty cool.

Previews: There are some movie trailers, show trailers and some BD-LIVE content if you're connected to the web.
Despite its shortcomings this was an entertaining season overall (a big step above season three). A good writer needs to be able to kill off some of his darlings though (not Kosik ya bastards) and it appears Kurt Sutter's not willing to play that kind of ball. I just hope the boys don't rot from the inside out as the story moves forward because I love them as a tight group and it'd be a shame to do more damage than what's already been done.

Extra Tidbit: My ringtone is the SOA theme song. Love that tune.
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