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08.05.2011 By: Stephanie Cooke
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A teenage surfer girl (AnnaSophia Robb), based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, summons the courage to go back into the ocean after losing an arm in a shark attack.
Before getting this movie for review, I hadnít really heard too much about the film. I saw that it was playing at the theater a while back when I went to see something else, but other than that, I went in virtually blind. I will say that I knew who was in it and I knew that it was the true story of Hawaiian surfer Bethany Hamilton. Iím going to honestly come forward and say that these touchy-feely heartfelt movies are far from my favourite movies to watch. Iíd seen AnnaSophia Robb in a few things before and obviously Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid. Plus country star/American Idol alumni Carrie Underwood makes her feature film debut in SOUL SURFER.

Now, anyone even slightly familiar with Bethany Hamilton will know that this girl was a 13-year up and coming surfing star when she was out practicing and had her arm bitten off by a tiger shark. Hamilton kept her shit together and had the shark bitten off just two more inches, she wouldíve lost her life instead of just her arm. Needless to say, the story is a pretty bleak one around this point in her life and I spent the first twenty minutes or so of the movie wondering when the shark was going to get her while the theme music from Jaws kept running through my head.

After the deed is done, we see a lot of the Hamilton family trying to keep it together and support their daughter. This is where the film gets sort of heavy on the religious (although the presence of religion is heavily implied before this and after this) theme. Carrie Underwood plays Bethanyís youth leader and sort of Bible school teacher and she plays a minor part in helping to support the family and Bethany as she copes with her loss.

The film from here takes on this whole ďrah-rah-rahĒ we can conquer anything together tone as Bethany, less than a month after her ďaccidentĒ, gets back on her surfboard to begin training for surfing regionals and nationals. She struggles with having to adjust how she does things and we see her learn how to live a normal life. Then the tsunami hits in Thailand and we see more of Bethanyís goodwill when she travels overseas to help the people there.

I can really see the appeal of this movie for people who enjoy a good inspirational story. I mean, seriously, Bethany Hamilton is kind of incredible, but as someone who had religion shoved down my throat from years of Catholic school, I had a lot of trouble hearing all about how the shark biting off Bethanyís arm was a sign from God that she needed to spread the Lordís good word. The surfing in the movie was well done; Iíll definitely give them that Ė especially since AnnaSophia Robbís stunt-double was almost always the real Bethany Hamilton. The acting from the rest of the cast was sub-par at best. If you do pick up this film for yourself or a younger member of your family, another thing I can say for the film is that the setting is stunningly beautiful, as itís all filmed right on set in Kauai, Hawaii.
Deleted Scenes: Several deleted scenes, but nothing that took away or really contributed too much to the movie. They were all short and brief and again, you donít miss out on much by watching them or not.

The Making Of Soul Surfer: Basically, this was just going through the special effects behind AnnaSophia Robbís missing arm, the shark that attacked her and we meet the actual Hamilton family and hear everyone talk a little bit about the casting process for the film. The real Bethany also takes a moment to talk about how she actually believes that sharks are beautiful and how she knew that the shark that bit her was not something that ordinarily happens.

Surfing for the Screen: Inside the Action: Apparently the Hamilton family was adamant about the way surfing was portrayed in the film. They had said that it had never been filmed quite right, so all of the cast went through surfing lessons and worked really hard to get it all right.

Becoming Bethany: This feature is more or less pretty straightforward. Basically it just goes through how AnnaSophia Robb prepared for her role as Bethany. Kind of interesting little feature on what the young actress did to prepare her better and to help improve the role.

Heart of a Soul Surfer Documentary: This is the story of the Hamilton family and their lives surfing. Honestly, this little documentary was pretty preachy to start with and the Hamilton family lays it on pretty thick about religion and God. For someone who isnít heavily religious, this was a bit much. ďMaybe it happened [being bitten by a shark] so I could tell others about GodĒ. Seriously, a ton of the footage is actually provided by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Bethany Hamilton on Professional Surfing: Basically this is all about the real Bethany Hamilton and thereís just a lot of footage of her doing her thing, surfing.
Iím gonna have to say that while I didnít love the movie as a whole and I found the special features to be way too preachy for my style, I would still recommend this movie to a younger audience or just families with kids. While the story isnít pitch-perfect and the acting sometimes comes off a bit hokey, the message is still there for people to see and learn from.

There are many worse role models for kids these days than the then 13-year old girl who had her arm bitten off and got back on her surfboard less than a month later.
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2:34AM on 08/07/2011
Great review!
Great review!
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